Sunday, December 11, 2011


William Moura with Babu

Dr. Liz in session
Sadili Oval Sports Academy, in Langata is the center of attraction for the next ten days, as star-studded professionals work with locals to develop some of the region’s best talent in Football, Dabce and Tennis.
Bill Murray, former coach of Venus and Serena Williams and 19 national junior stars is in the country to work with Dr. Liz Odera training 34 select upcoming juniors from the region. The players, aged between 10 and 15 years, have ben selected from 77 applicants and will receive video analysis, power production, improvement of stroke production and tactical training at an international performance level. Selected players are from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Norway, UK and Scotland.
Former Brazil international player turned coach, William Moura, is also at Sadili Oval, courtesy of the Embassy of Brazil, to run a soccer training camp that began on Monday 5th December 2011. The camp, which is part of an ongoing partnership between the Embassy of Brazil and Sadili Oval Soccer Academy, will see a talented squad of 80 boys and girls, mainly from poor communities of Kibera and Korogocho, receive expert training. 

Sadili will also be introducing Dance as a new discipline, with the arrival of reknowned dancer and choreographer, Ofelia de la Mola of New York -based Dancescores, where she is the Artistic Director, will run the Dance Camp together with her partner, Rebecca Woods. She is expected to work with 62 local girls and boys, and prepare them for a dance show that will take place on 19th December at Sadili. She will also run two dance workshops at Riverside Katwekera Village in Kibera.
Bill Murray interview with Press
Ofelia was born and raised in Mexico. She moved to NY in 1995 thanks to a scholarship from Mexican Foundation FONCA. She received her MFA in choreography and BFA in Dance Performance from Purchase College, State University of New York. Ofelia established the NY based danscores by Ofelia Loret de Mola in 2003. Since then, the company has taught a two-week workshop in Kosovo and has performed in Spain; The states of Yucatan, Campeche and Oaxaca in Mexico, and in New York at venues such as Joyce SoHo/Celebrate Mexico Now Festival, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dancenOw/NYC at DTW, WAXworks at University Settlement, Wave Rising Series, the d.u.m.b.o. Dance Festival, The COOL NY Festival, The Puffin Room, and HERE Arts Center. She has choreographed for Theater under the Direction of Dean Irby, and was a speaker at Hunter College during their Exploring Opportunities. In 2006, internationally known concert pianist Tian Jiang commissioned her to create a work for touring. She is Co-Founder and Curator of the annual Reverb Dance Festival, which takes place at the Ailey Citigroup Theatre. Her work has been reviewed by the New York Times, Gay City News, the Village Voice, CNN International, Telemundo, Fieldwork by Eva Yaa Asantewaa, El Milenio, and Por Esto! Mexico. As a member of ArtistAccess, she has performed at the Woodhull Medical Center and has been featured in CNN International, Dance Magazine, The Daily News, Telemundo, and El Diario, La Prensa. She was invited to represent Hispanic Artists in a publicity campaign for Infiniti Cars that took place in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. As a performer she has had the pleasure of working with Aszure and Artists, Julian Barnett, Stefanie Nelson and the Wendy Osserman Dance Company.

Rebecca and Ofelia in warmup session
Rebecca Woods received her training from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and Marymount Manhattan College where she graduated with a degree in Dance and Communications. She has performed with the Juilliard Opera Company, LKB Dance, Chasla, Stephen Kaplowitz, Ali Kenner dance, and Eidolon Ballet in Concert. She is working with Adele Myers, and is grateful for Ofelia's friendship. Rebecca teaches Kundalini yoga throughout the city. She is on faculty at Ballet Academy East.

Friday, November 4, 2011

First Rugby School To Open In Nairobi Soon

Grenoble University Rugby Team were the first to visit and run training for aspiring young players, when the Kenya’s first Rugby School was opened today, Friday 4th November 2011, at Sadili Oval Sports Academy in Langata. With initial support from the Embassy of France and French nationals in Kenya, the partnership is expected to develop a strong grassroots rugby that will feed into the Kenya Rugby Football Union’s national programmes.  In addition, training will be carried out under experienced coach, Jérôme Afonsi, who is based at the French School, and 6 locals will receive training to become youth coaches. All training will be offered free to those who are successful applicants. This becomes the first full-time rugby academy in Kenya. France is a strong rugby nation, and recently reached the finals of the World Cup, losing narrowly to New Zealand. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 November 2011 Sadili Junior, Henry Ayesiga To Play African 14 Masters

Henry takes his fitness seriously
Sadili Oval Tennis Academy's Henry AYESIGA has been selected to take part The African 14 & Under Masters, of the Confederation of African Tennis, which brings together Africa's best eight boys and eight girls tennis players in 2011, following their results in all African 14 & under circuit including the African Junior Championships 2011.
The Masters will be hosted by the Kenyan Lawn Tennis Association and will be held at the Nairobi Club from 4 to 10 December 2011.
For those who perform well, the CAT will offer further assistance by providing travel assistance in order to participate to ITF junior events Grade 4 & 5 in 2012 as follows:
Winner of the Masters 2011 – Boys & Girls: 1,000 $ Travel Assistance for each player.
2nd ranked at the Masters 2011 – Boys & Girls: 600 $ Travel Assistance for each player.
3rd Ranked at the Masters 2011 – Boys & Girls: 400 $ Travel Assistance for each player.
Henry Ayesiga, who is trained and sponsored by international tennis professional, Dr. Liz Odera, has been at the academy for the last four years, growing his game progressively, while schooling at Malezi School. Ayesiga played four ITF/CAT events in Kenya and Burundi, reaching finals in two and winning two legs, earning him 6th place overall. Sadili Oval Tennis Academy has produced some of East Africa's best, including Hassan Ndayashimiye (Burundi), who now trains at the ITF Centre in Pretoria and played his first Wimbledon and US Open this year and Amadi Kagoma (Burundi), currently number 2 in East Africa.

Meanwhile, Dr. Liz Odera, has just announced interviews for the next candidates to enter the high performance Sadili Oval Talent Training Academy to take place between 12th November and 18th December 2011. Candidates (boys and girls) should be between 12 and 16 years to be considered, and interested in specialising in tennis, basketball, soccer and rugby, as well as quality schooling. 

30 October 2011 Smashers Challenge Cup Ends On A High Note

Egill Sirgudson

Despite the challenge of continuous rain throughout the weekend, The 5th edition of the Smashers Challenge Cup ended today at Sadili Oval Sports Academy, with new champions in all categories, a sign of new and exciting 2012 season. 
In the Boys singles U-12, Nigel Odhiambo beat Davis Matanda and Ronald Omondi 6/2 and 6/2, respectively, to set up a final against Antony Owita, winning  6/2 to take the crown.
The boys U-14 singles saw tight matches at the group stages, with David Mukhwana, Olivier Kigotho, Ricky Omondi and Egill Sigurdson reaching the semi-finals. In the semis:  Olivier Kigotho beat Ricky Omondi narrowly  2/6,7/6 7/2, while Egill Sirgurdson won against David Mukhwana 6/3,7/5
In the finals: Egill Sirgurdson commanded the match, punishing Olivier Kigotho  6/4,6/2 to win.
Boys U-16 singles finals saw Amon Muinde  beat his twin bother,  Robert Kasombo  6/4,6/3, after an easy semi-final win against Egill Sirgudson, who retired early in their match. 
The boys under 18 singles was dominated by upcoming player Frank Kinyanjui, who beat  Dennis Gakuro  6/4,6/0 and Joseph  Ooko   6/1,6/1. Dennis Gakuro beat Joseph  Ooko  7/6, 5/7, 10/2 to take second place.
The girls Under-14/16 saw winner Melisa Brown bt Sada Nahimana  6/3,6/3 and Matseka Kithinji  6/1,6/1, while Sada Nahimana bt Matseka Kithinji 6/3,6/1 to take second place.
The Smashers challenge is a Tennis Africa Cup ranking tournament which focuses purely on players who are of intermediate level B. It is recognised by partners UNEP, Professional Tennis Registry and Global Sports Alliance.                     
Summary of results:
BU-12:1.Nigel Odhiambo    BU-14:1.Egill Sirgurdson
          2.Antony Owita                  2.Olivier Kigotho
          3.Davis Matanda                3.Ricky Omondi
BU-16:1.Amon Muinde         BU-18:1.Frank Kinyanjui
          2.Robert Kasombo               2.Dennis Gakuro
          3.Olivier  Kigotho                  3.Joseph Ooko
GU-14/16:1.Melisa Brown
               2.Sada Nahimana
               3.Matseka Kithinji

Monday, October 24, 2011

23 Oct 2011 Kigotho, Kinyanjui Show Their Talent

Frank Kinyanjui

Frank Kinyanjui, showed signs of things to come when he beat Kevin Mwangi 2/4, 4/0/ (10-8) to reach the semi-finals of the boys U16 in his first tournament in 4 years. Frank, who was busy with school, has made a come-back to tennis and joined the Sadili Talent Training Academy. His team mate and one of Kenya's fastest developing juniors, Olivier Kigotho, showed that he was not going to be cowed, also reaching the semi-finals of the Boys Under 14 after beating Dennis Moses 1/4, 5/4 (6) 11-9 and Emile Teja 4/1, 4/1, before losing in a tie-break to Petty Andanda 1/4, 4/1 (10/4). In the boys U18, Second seed Jamin Luvembe easily beat Peter Ndungu 4/0, 4/1 to reach the semi-finals, where he met and lost to surprisingly unseeded team mate, Yasin Lila 2/4, 4/1 (10-8). Yasin went on to win the category, dispensing with Allan Atole 4/1, 4/0
Yasin Lila

22 October 2011 RVA Meet Sadili "C" Strike Team

Rift Valley Academy was once again, hosted at Sadili Oval Sports Academy on Saturday 22nd October, a fresh crisp morning, with the courts bsuy with eager boys and one girl (Kira) getting ready for both singles and doubles. This time round Sadili fielded their C team, which is composed of upcoming Under  11, 12 and 13 year old talented boys from the Kibera slums. The teams were well-matched, though Sadili had the edge, just barely taking a couple of matches more than RVA, while dominating the singles.

 Results were as follows:
Wycliffe/Ronex (Sadili) vs. Andrew/Jitton 2/4
 Byron/Victor (Sadili) vs. James Hamut (RVA) 4/2
Davis/Antony (Sadili) vs. Ryan/Andrew (RVA) 1/4
David/Sylvester (Sadili) vs. Mathew/Sky (RVA) 4/3
Wycliffe/Ronex (Sadili) vs. Luke/James (RVA) 4/3
Ronex/Antony (Sadili) vs. Mathew/Ryan (RVA) 4/2
Victor/Wycliffe (sadili) vs. Hamut/James (RVA) 4/0

Ateka (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/3
Ronex (Sadili ) vs. Luke (RVA) 4/2
David (Sadili) vs. Luke (RVA) 4/0
Sylvester (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/2
Victor (Sadili) vs. Jihoon (RVA) 4/3
Byron (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/2

Overal Wins: Sadili 11 RVA 2

Congratulations to both teams for the hard work and for staying positive and supportive all morning!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

25th September 2011 Strathmore Invitational Basketball Tournament

Venue: Strathmore University Grounds
Teams: 1. Malezi 2. Strathmore University A 3. Usiu 4. Strathmore B 5. Multimedia University 6. Kenyatta University 7. Daystar University 8. Kemu  9. Cuea 10. Kenya Polytechnic University.
Format: Two Pools A&B
                -Top Two Teams Plays In The Semis
                -Winners Of The Semis Plys In The Finals.
Results                 1. Malezi    Vs   Kenya Poly
                   17/19-36               19/14-23
                  2.Malezi    Vs    Strathmore A
                       09/07-16               21/15-36
                  3.Usiu          Vs      Malezi
                     15/10-25                06/10-16
                  4.Dayster    Vs    Malezi
                        15/09-24              14/15-29
                 5.Malezi       Vs    Kemu
                    21/14-35                 09/10-19
Strathmore And Usiu Proeded To The Finals, As The Top Two From Our Pools.

17 September 2011 Malezi Win The Sprite 3 On 3

Venue: Nyayo Stadium
Teams: 1.NIS 2.Malezi.3.Aquinas 4.Laiser B  5. Lenana A 6. Laiser A 7. Lenana B 8. Moi Forces Academy
Format: Two Pools A&B. Top Two Teams, Plays In The Semis, Winners Of Semi Plays In The Finals
Results:1. Malezi -12  Aquinas -06
             2. Laiser  B-07  Malezi  -13
             3. Lenana-A-05 Malezi-17
   Semi: Malezi-15 Nis   07
   Finals: Malezi -11  Aquinas-05
Awards: A Set Of Uniform And 3 Sprite Balls 

16 Oct 2011 Malezi and Loreto Top In Schools Event

Amadi Kagoma, Yasin Lila Shabani, Jamin Luvembe and Dennis Lutaaya overcame Malezi School “B” of Henry Ayesige, Frank Kinyanjui, Shabani Kabura and Dennis Gakuru grabbing the boys’ category while girls’ honours went to Loreto Valley Road School ‘A’ Team comprising Paige Mbugua, Nicole Wandera and Haiyat Shariff.
Dennis Lutaaya
The winning boys teams paraded experienced players who are some of the best in the region.
They include Kagoma, Ayesige, Kabura and Mbugua who are all common figures in regional tennis tournaments. Malezi School, who is trained by the top regional tennis centre, Sadili Oval Sports Academy in Nairobi, have been national KSSA champions for the last 11 years, defending it again in August 2011.
Malezi ‘A’ dominated the group stage, winning all their matches to top their pool with maximum eight points. They beat Oshwal ‘B’, Narok and Lenana with uniform 6-0 scored in first singles round and repeated the same in round two, beating the same opponents with yet another 3-0 point scores. Malezi “B’ lost only one point to top their group and make the finals. Narok Secomdary were third.
The KLTA said they are making efforts to ensure that the championships run annually and involve more schools across the country as a way to spread the sport nationally.
The KLTA officer Neil Mwombe said: "This is the only way to ensure that tennis stands to grow and spread." Participants lauded both the KLTA and Safaricom for organising the event, saying the tournament was important as it comes at a time when there is not much happening in the tennis calendar.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sneha Kotecha
The 4th Smashers Tennis Challenge ended today at Sadili Oval Sports Academy, with newcomer, 9 year old Saada Naeemah (Burundi) reaching the finals in the girls under 12, where she finally lost to Sneha Kotecha (Kenya) 1/6 . In the boys U12, Antony Owita (Kenya) lost to Davis Matanda (Kenya) 4/6 to take second place, Lusweti Kiai (Kenya) was third.
In the boys Under 16, Shabani Kabura (Burundi) beat Shiel Kotecha (Kenya) 5/6,7/6,10/4, while Henry Ayesiga (Uganda) beat John Lutaya (Uganda) in the semis  6/1,6/7,10/4 to set an exciting finals that saw Ayesiga triumph over Kabura 1/6,6/3,10/8. In the boys Under 14, Ricky  Omondi (Kenya) beat Ronex Otieno (Kenya) 6/7,6/2,10/5 in yet another tight match that had spectators glued to their seats. Olivier Kigotho was third. The boys Under 18 saw left-hander Jamin Luvembe (Kenya) play a close match against Richard Ooko (Kenya), winning 6/2,7/6,(3).  In the girls Under 16, Sneha Kotecha surprised Melissa Brown (Tanzania), 6/4, 6/2 before losing to Lorna Mbwejje (Kenya) 2/6,2/6 to take second place.
Other results were as follows:
Charles Ochieng v/s Davis Matanda 1/6
Charles Ochieng v/s  Antony Owita  1/6
Ronald Omondi v/s  Davis Matanda  1/6
Ronald Omondi  v/s Lusueti Kiai   0/6
Antony Owita  v/s Davis Matanda 4/6
Antony Owita  v/s Lusueti Kiai  3/6

Carmine Mindi v/s Sneha Kotecha 6/0
Elizabeth Owuor v/s Carmine Mindi 3/6

Ricky Omondi v/s David Mukhwana 6/3,6/4

Sneha Kotecha v/s Melisa Brown 6/4, 6/2
Sneha Kotecha v/s Lorna Mbwejje 2/6,2/6

Wycliffe Okenye v/s Frank Kinyanjui 3/6,6/4,10/6
Henry Ayesiga v/s Frank Kinyanjui 6/1,6/1
Henry Ayesiga v/s Dennis Gakuro 6/0,6/0
Sheil Kotecha v/s Robert Kasombo 6/3,6/1
Sheil Kotecha v/s John Lutaya 6/6,3/7,6/6,4/7

Jamin Luvembe v/s Richard Ooko 6/2,7/6,(3)

Shabani Kabura beat Shiel Kotecha 5/6,7/6,10/4
Henry Ayesiga beat John Lutaya 6/1,6/7,10/4

Ricky Omondi beat  Olivier Kigotho 8/10,6/3,10/5
Ronex Otieno  W/O Josephat Garo

Sneha Kotecha beat Sada Naeemah 6/1
GU14/16  RoundRobin
Lorna Bweje beat  Matseka Kithinji 6/1,6/1
Lorna Bweje beat Sada Naeemah 6/1,6/1
Sneha Kotecha beat Matseka Kithinji 6/3,6/1
Lorna Bweje beat Melisa Brown 6/1,6/3
Melisa Brown beat Matseka Kithinji 6/2,7/5
Ricky  Omondi beat Ronex Otieno 6/7,6/2,10/5

Henry Ayesiga beat Shabani Kabura 1/6,6/3,10/8
GU-12                                                             BU-12
1.Sneha Kotecha                                  1.Davis Matanda
2.Sada Naeemah                                   2.Antony Owita
3.                                                           3.Lusweti Kiai

1.Ricky Omondi
2.Ronex  Otieno                                                                   
3.Olivier Kigotho

 GU-16                                                          BU-16
1.Lorna Bweje                                             1.Henry Ayesiga
2.Sneha Kotecha                                          2.Shabani Kabura
3.Melisa Brown                                            3.Wycliffe Okenye 

1.Jamin Luvembe
2.Richard Ooko
3.Joseph Ooko   

Sunday, September 18, 2011

14 Sep 2011 NBA Africa partners with KBF/Malezi/Sadili To Offer First Coach Workshop

Court time: Coach Wright Elaborates On A Point

The Sadili Oval Sports Academy on 14th September 2011 hosted a world – class basketball clinic in conjunction with Kenya Basketball Federation, NBA Africa, Malezi College (Department of Sports, Recreation and Physical Education) and the famous basketball brand- Sprite.
Sadili boasts of having been the development platform for some of East Africa's basketball players who now play in the NBA and in the NCAA, honed their skills. The Malezi College also stands tall in being one of the premier institutions offering sports coaching and sports management courses in all sports at an affordable rate to coaches nationwide. Kenya Basketball federation, the nation’s basketball managing body is credited for having brought competitive basketball back into Kenya and as a result turned the sport into semi- professional. KBF’s resilience and hard work has attracted the corporate world into the game with  teams in within the major leagues.

Manyo chats with Nellie of Brookhouse School
The clinic at Sadili was run by re-knowned NBA Coach Wright and his South African-based NBA Africa counterpart John Manyo-Plange, and attracted a total of 48 coaches and referees. With 38 of the coaches being male and the other 10 being women, the facilitating coaches lauded the KBF and Sadili for having brought in women in a male dominated sport. Among the key skills taught by Coach Wright were offensive performance, defensive performance, player and coach attitude. Perhaps to note the main ingredient of their teachings was work ethic. In this segment of the clinic delivered by Coach Wright, coaches were exposed to a module that developed their mindset and also worked on their players’ mindset towards the game. ‘The main aim is winning, a player who is not interested in winning is as good as the bench’- Coach Wright. He went ahead to explain the reason for proper organizing of training sessions, prevention of injury and player conditioning within his module. In concluding their presentations both Toby Wright and Manyo-Plange expressed optimism in the local coaches being able to nurture more youngsters with the learn the skills and as a result provide the much needed new crop of players for the international basketball scene. They also expressed their interest in exploring ways to work with Sadili Oval and Malezi College, in the near future, as partners in developing basketball in Kenya. They were impressed by the commitment to sport, player, and facility development in 21 years.

Hot weather, long hours, but no-one is complaining!
Sprite has been in the Kenyan Hoops circles since 2003, creating basketball links between Kenya and the outside world and also offering an avenue for graffiti artists and Kenyan Hip- hop artists to showcase their skills. It is in August 2009 that the Sprite Slam series was officially launched in Kenya and ever since, players and coaches alike have been made to realize that basketball should be approached from a more sophisticated angle. The best of shows was put on display at the University of Nairobi courts on 16th August 2011.  Despite the rain coming down and soaking the courts, the top 40 players as selected by KBF worked extensively to showcase their 3 on 3 skills in front of a charged spectator presence.

Happy Faces Of Enlightened Coaches: "We Want More" they all say...a challenge to the organisers!

18 Sep 2011 Celebrated NBA Coach Joby Wright Visits Sadili

Celebrated NBA Coach Joby Wright was at Sadili Oval Sports Academy today on his second training session for select players of Malezi School and Sadili Talent Training Academy. Coach Wright, who has been in the country on a coaching mission under an NBA Spriteball camp and tournament at Nyayo Stadium from Thursday, and in which Malezi won the Schools category over the competition weekend, said that he decided to take time to work with the boys because he had noted their committment to basketball and school, and that he hoped to follow their progress for the next few years. Players who were selected for special mentoring included Zack Okong'o, Lino Manyiel, John Madol and Emmanuel Atega. 
Coach Wright is best known as Head Coach/Director of Competitive Play 2000-2001 for the famous Harlem Globetrotters, when they won vs. Metro State University-NCAA Division II National Champion and Purdue University-3 Time Big Ten Champion (in the 90's). 

Joby Wright with Lino Manyiel (S.Sudan) and Zack Okong'o (Kenya)

Amongst other top jobs coaching at NCAA Division I level for many years, are Head Coach at University of Wyoming Cowboys, and Assistant Coach at Indiana University (where he worked under famous Coach Bob Knight). Coach Wright was Head Basketball Coach, Miami University, Oxford Ohio for 3-years, where he posted an excellent overall Record at Miami: 61-29. He took the Miami Valley Championship, beating Xavier, Cincinnati, and Dayton (3-0) for the first time in 25 years,  was third placed, Mid-American Conference in 1990-91 after making an NCAA First Round Appearance 1990-91. They then took first place in Mid-American Conference, Conference Co-Champs, NIT Final 8, 1992-93, beating Ohio State- First for the time in 93 years, first round NIT at OSU, 1992-93. He was voted mid-American Conference Coach of the Year 1992-93 1991-92 with a record: 23-8, Coach Joby Wright holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, a Masters of Science, Recreation and Administration and Master of Science in Athletic Counselling/Recreational Sports Programming at Indiana University.

He is currently on contract with the NBA Africa to develop basketball in the Royal Bofakeng Province in South Africa. On this visit, he was accompanied by John Manyo-Plange of NBA Africa

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Sep 2011: No Surprises At 8 Series Event

Sascha Taylor goes for a win

The 6th edition of the 8-Series tennis tournament (the level D tourney for beginner and intermediate level players) took place at Sadili Oval this weekend, with a strong showing from 35 juniors from around the city. In the Under 8 Girls, Lourdel Adera beat Faith Mueni and Belinda Awino 11/4 and 11/4 respectively, to take the winners prize. In the Girls U14, Sasha Taylor overcame initial nervousness which saw her lose 2/4 to Tottie Ball, but acquiring enough points from Carmine Muinde 4/1 and Natasha Tsimininsky 4/0 to lift the winner’s prize. Tottie Ball took second place after just dropping 1 point aggregate. Mary Monari lifted Pool B, after winning 4/1 and 4/0 against Elizabeth Adhiambo and Mary Appalyne, respectively.
Nigel Odhiambo won the Boys Under 10, beating Clyde Adera 11/7 in the finals. Cylde had to go past Hilary Atsango 11/9 to reach the finals. The Boys Under 12 was a tough match, which saw Billy Douglas fight it out with David Mukhwana in the finals, eventually succumbing ¾ to runner up position. The Boys Under 14, Ronex Otieno beat Sylvester Juma 4/1 lift the trophy, while Amon Muinde had to battle it out with Robert Kasomombo to win 4/2, 4/0. Final results were as follows:
Girls Under 8
Winner – Lourdel Adera
Runner-up: Faith Mueni
Boys Under 10
Winner: Nigel Odhiambo
Runner-up: Clyde Adera
2nd runner-up: Hilary Atsango
Girl Under 12 Group 1
Sasha Taylor
Runner-up: Tottie Ball
Girls Under 12 Group 2
Winner: Mary Monari
Runner-up: Elizabeth Adhiambo
Boys Under 12
Winner: David Mukhwana
Runner-up: Billy Douglas
Boys Under 14
Winner: Ronex Otieno
Runner-up: Sylvester Juma
Boys Over 14:
Winner: Amon Muinde
Runner-up: Robert Kasombo


Sunday, August 21, 2011

13 Aug 2011 Malezi School Are National Tennis Champions 2011

Richard Ooko in perfect balance
Captain Amadi Kagoma led Malezi School and Nairobi Province to successfully defend their Boys and Girls titles at the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association Games, which ended on the 13th August 2011. Amadi overcame the biggest opposition, pushing Tony Orwa of Central Province to second place. Malezi's Yasin Lila Shabani was third. In the boys doubles, Jamin Luvembe and Richard Ooko proved themselves worthy for the second year running, lifting the title with ease. Says Jamin, "We have been working hard all year, we just needed to keep doing the same".

At the nationals in Kisumu last year, rookies Lorna Bhwejje and Melissa Brown had difficulty keeping it together, and lost the doubles to Central Province at the semis, and it fell to Sakina Nshimirimana and Teresa Odera to work to win the championship trophy. This year, the more determined and confident pair, Lorna and Melissa took every match without dropping a single set, to keep the trophy at Malezi and earn valuable points for Nairobi Province for yet another year.

Captain Amadi's comment was "The standard of tennis has improved a lot, especially amongst the boys. But we have also improved, putting in a lot of effort, and it has paid. Being part of Sadili Talent Training Academy is also a big boost for us, giving us the confidence we need to play at any level. I am very proud to be part of Malezi School, and our team spirit will definitely carry us to perform well again next year". Amadi takes over captaincy from Terry Odera (2010), and will be leading the team into 2012 season. Teresa is a freshman playing varsity tennis in Iowa, USA.

Malezi School have been national champions for 9 years running and now taking their 10th, with successful teams ensuring that they keep winning the championships for Nairobi Province and their school.

20 Aug 2011 Sadili Talent Training Academy Perform At ITF/CAT Event

Henry Ayesiga
8 months into its inception, Sadili Talent Training Academy team comprising of Henry Ayesiga (UG), Shebani Kabura (BDI), John Lutaya (UG), David Nesbitt (USA) and Olivier Kigotho (KE), beat all odds to leave a positive mark at the just ended African 14 and Under Circuit tournaments held in Bujumbura, Burundi. In the 1st tournament, David Nesbitt won his first round match against Iranyumva Jeze (BDI) 6/2, 4/6, 7/6(3) and was then stopped in the second round by seed 3 Shabani Kassalo (BDI). Team mates John Lutaya and youngest team member Olivier Kigotho were unfortunately, drawn against each other in the first round, with Lutaya winning 6-1, 6-0. Kigotho moved on to the backdraw where he won Iranyumva Jeze 7/6, 6/2 to take position 21, while Nesbitt lost to Bill Makoyi (TZ) 3/6, 4/6 to take position 16. Lutaya moved on to second round, where he met and beat Jules Ndibwami (RWA) 6/0, 6/4. In the quarters, he met and lost to top seed Saidi Nkurunzinza quarters, 6/0, 7/5 following a nervous start. Shebani Kabura (seed 2) played John Njau (TZ), a tough encounter 6/3, 1/6, 6/4, then faced Ernest Habiyambere (BDI) 3/6, 6/0, 6/4 to set up a semi-final clash against Henry Ayesiga. Ayesiga (seed 8) overcame Muhamed Omar (BDI) 5/7, 6/4, 6/4 to meet seed 3, Shabani Kassalo (BDI), upsetting him in a close encounter, 2/6, 6/4, 6/3. Team mates Kabura and Ayesiga had to fight it out, with Kabura taking the win 6/7(2), 6/4, 6/2, but losing in the finals to top seed Saidi Nkurunzinza 6/7(5), 3/6. Kabura finished second, Ayesiga 3rd and Lutaaya 8th. In the doubles, Nesbitt/Kigotho beat Ntatangwa Kempt/Cedric Muyire 5/7, 6/3, 11/9 before losing to second seeds Kassalo/Omari 2/6, 0/6 in the quarters. Ayesiga/Lutaya (3) beat Makoyi/Njau 6/2, 6/3, then lost to Nkurunzinza/Kabura (1), 5/7, 2/6. Nurunzinza/Shabani won the doubles, beating Kassalo/Omari 6/4, 6/3

In the second tournament, David Nesbitt lost in the first round to Ibrahim Kessy (TZ) 1/6, 3/6, and went ton to reach the semi-finals of the backdraw, losing to Keith Wakatama (ZIM) 1/6, 1/6. Kigotho also lost in the first round and reached the quarters of the backdraw, losing to Musa Juma (BDI) 4/6, 3/6. Lutaya met and beat Ibrahom Kessy 6/1, 6/3 before, once again a quarter-final meeting top seed Saidi Nkurunzinza (BDI) and fighting hard to push him, finally losing in the third set 1/6, 6/4, 4/6. Second seed, Sadili player, Shabano Kabura, beat Aiesha Chikanda (ZIM) 6/1, 6/0 and John Njau (TZ) 7/6(4), 6/4 to meet a revived team mate, Henry Ayesiga, to whom he lost 2/6, 6/3, 1/6 in the semi-finals. A determined Ayesiga, mauled over Djuma Hakizimana (BDI) 6/0, 6/1, Mohamed Omar (BDI) 6/3, 3/6, 62 to get to the semis. In the finals, he worked patiently through the match against Shabani Kassalo (who had also upset top seed Saidi in the semis) to win the crown 7/6(4), 6/1. In the doubles, Nkurunzinza/Shabani remanined unbeatable, grabbing the top berth after making short work of Wakatama/Chikanda 6/3, 6/3, Njau/Uwimana 6/2, 6/2 and Kassalo Mohammed 6/4, 4/6 (8). Lutaya/Ayesiga beat Nganyi/Hakiza 4/6, 6/3 (8) then lost in the semi-finals to Kassalo/Mohammed 2/6, 1/6. All in all, the STTA gathered an impressive number of points, placing them in lead positions from both tournaments.

The final rankings for the Sadili team was: Henry Ayesiga (1), Shabani Kabura (3), John Lutaya (6), David Nesbitt (18) and Olivier Kigotho (22).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

6 August 2011 Aicho Is Top Scorer At PEEPOOPLE Tournament

By Coach Odhis
Sadili soccer academy  featured in three categories at the tournament : U 17, U14 and the ladies U15 categories.
The U 17 having had to play in the school games were caught red handed and could not make it even to the quarters finals they lost their first match to Morefire FC 2-0 before going for a draw of 0-0 with Lexus which made them wave bitterly to the tournament.
The U14 category played three matches before landing to quarters where their journey ended in their first debut they beat red arrows 6-1 this was were Anthony Omondi made a heart trick before Dennis Isiau netted 2 goals and Eric Onyango had his name also in the score list. In the second match they beat Catalands 2-0 then drew 1-1 with Kigulu FC both goals being scored by Eric Onyango who was the captain of the side. In the quarter finals Sadili met with the resurgent home team Morefire who drubbed them 3-1 a match that saw the fans getting annoyed with the referee for being one sided causing the loss of Sadili however all the fans and officials appreciated the game that was displayed by Sadili from the start of the tournament to their exit.
In the ladies category Sadili queens shone out showing their pride and due to overconfidence lost in their finals in penalty shoot out to their bitter rivals Shofco Queens. In the first encounter Sadili met with Elimu girls whom they thrashed 2-0 goals .the second match Sadili were less players in the pitch with their confidence the hammered shofco queens 2-0 this led to them landing strait to semi finals.
In the semi finals Sadili met with Barcelona their home tough   with the pride to retain Sadili queens showered the home team 2 – 0 to reach the finals. In the finals Sadili being over confident and not knowing that shofco had gone for a long search coming with all guest players , the match ended  0-0 score. Even through Sadili displayed all the techniques swinging the ball left and right and all the tricks but schofos defence was a wall to crack  this led to penalty shootout where Sadili were send home  crying with a 5-4 score. However Sadili retained the best player of the tournament who was Jemimah Akinyi  alias “macheda”and the top scorer Eveline Aicho who is also the teams captain. Sadili was also congratulated for their discipline and for having clean and well kitted players. The tournament officials were also moved by the confidence of the teams coach who encouraged his players to face the challenge and play even though they were few.

8th August 2011 Sadili Soccer at Left Foot League Update

Sadili soccer is playing U 13 and U 15 categories at our first Left Foot Soccer League. In the ongoing U15 category Sadili team is in the "group of death", Group A. Sadili first played Shangilia from Kangemi, in a tough opening encounter, with Sadili requiring the magic of Eric Onyango who scored twice before Jesse Mwenda applied his swiftness and Kevin Owino, his intelligence, to thrash their opponents 4 – 1. In the second encounter Sadili Soccer Academy played Milimani Primary, a tactical game which worked for about 10 minutes, before the impatient and roaring Sadili team took lead with a culminating shot from Jesse Mwenda with John Peter closing the door, to end the match 2 – 0. The third match was a walkover since Lavington primary were unable to compose a team. 
        The U13 team is drawn in Pool B and, after playing two matches, they are lying 4th in the group with four points. In their first match, Sadili played Millimani Primary winning 4-2 from the artistic play of Levis Osena scoring a hat trick and Evans Otieno coming in from the bench to put his name in the score sheet with a clinical finish from a superb pass of Dennis Isiau. In the second match it was a battle of nerves where the unbeaten Victoria Academy had to take on a tactical Sadili Soccer Academy but it was Sadili who saw the net first. It took Antony Omondi used his swift left foot well to separate the two sides with a distance shoot that went straight into the far corner of the net thus giving Sadili the lead in the first half. Coming into the second half a controversial substitute player of Victoria academy destroyed the Sadili's organized midfield and went for an equalizer the match ended in a draw of 1-1 though it was under protest match and Sadili can be awarded the point if the organisers fail to approve the age of the substitute player who gave them the draw.

14 August 2011 NBA Star Glen Rice Visits Sadili Oval Basketball

NBA Star Glen Rice (in royal blue) with the boys after practice
Sadili Oval Basketball Academy players had a wonderful surprise when, world famous NBA basketball player, Glen Rice (rtd), landed at their court during a quiet Sunday practice session. LA Lakers supporter and Malezi School's 3rd Man, Zack Okong'o exclaimed, "Its unbelievable, who would have thought that such great people can come to see such simple people like us, now I know that anything is possible." Glen spent about 40 minutes at the simple court, training the players and giving each of them his thoughts on how to improve. Amadou Fall, V-P NBA in Africa said that he was impressed and hoped to get more linkages for the academy and players in the near future. Says Academy Director Liz Odera, "I was so excited to have such wonderful visitors, I forgot to take pictures! Seriously? I have talked about one day something like this happening years ago, and when it began to happen, I was swept up in the excitement like a kid". 
Rice played college basketball for the University of Michigan Wolverines for four seasons (1985–1989), where he became the school's all-time leading scorer with 2,442 points. He led Michigan to the 1989 NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Championship, scoring an NCAA-record 184 points in tournament play, a record that still stands. Rice played in 1000 games in the NBA from 1989-2004. He was a three-time All-Star who finished with career averages of 18.3 points and 4.4 rebounds in 1,000 regular-season games with the Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers. He finished with 18,336 career points. Rice peaked as a member of the Charlotte Hornets in the 1996-1997 season when he was third in the league in scoring behind only Michael Jordon and Karl Malone, averaging 26.8 points per game. Rice played in 55 career playoff games, averaging 16.1 points and 4.5 rebounds. He averaged 16.3 points in three All-Star games. Rice earned an NBA championship ring as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2000 NBA Championship vs. the Indiana Pacers. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sadili Players perform well at ITF CAT U14 circuit, Burundi. (1st leg)

Sadili players performed well at the just concluded first leg of the ITF/CAT (Confederation of African Tennis) U14 tournament held in Bujumbura, Burundi, with 13 year old Shebani Kabura reaching the finals after beating compatriot Henry Ayesiga 3/6 7/5 6/3 in a closely contested semi-final, and Rwanda's top junior Habiyambere Ernest 3/6 6/0 6/4.  Shebani later lost in the finals to top seed Nkurunziza Saidi of Burundi 5/7 3/6. Henry was winner at the last ITF/CAT U14 event in Nairobi in April this year, had caused an earlier upset in the quater-finals, beating seed 3 Shabani Kassalo (Burundi) 3/6 7/5 6/4.  Other Sadili players, John Dennis Lutaya and Olivier Kigotho met in the first round, with John taking the match 6/1 6/0. Lutaya went on to upset seed 4 Jules Ndibwami 6/0 6/4, advancing to his first quarterfinals this year, where he was stopped by tournament winner and top seed Nkurunziza Saidi (Bur) 6/0 7/5. Newcomer David Nesbitt (USA) won his first round match against Iranyuma Jeze (Bur) 6/2 4/6 7/6(3), then lost to seed 2 Shabani Kassalo (Bur) 1/6 1/6.
In other matches involving Sadili players were as follows:
1st round
Shabani Kabura seed 2 and Henry Ayesiga seed 5 got byes
Lutaya John bt Olivier Kigotho 6/1 6/0
David Nesbitt bt Iranyuma Jeze 6/2 4/6 7/6(3)

2nd round
Lutaya bt Ndibwami Jules seed 5 6/0 6/4
Ayesiga bt Mohammed Omar 5/7 6/3 6/4
Shabani Kassalo bt Nesbitt 6/1 6/1
Kabura bt John Njau 2/6 6/3 6/4

Nkurunziza Saidi (1) bt Lutaya 6/0 7/5
Ayesiga bt Kassalo(3) 3/6 7/5 6/4
Kabura bt Habiyambere Ernest 3/6 6/0 6/4

Kabura bt Ayesiga 3/6 7/5 6/3

Nkurunziza saidi bt Kabura 7/5 6/3

The second leg ends on Thursday 18th August 2011.
Picture: Shebani Kabura in action

19 August 2011 Malezi Are Unstoppable at Sadili Teen Basketball Event

The Sadili Teen Tournament ended today with Malezi Boys showing why they are the upwardly mobile school team to watch in Nairobi, beating Mennonites 51-39 to lift the Under 18 Boys. Malezi defended well, with Rogers Ochieng making a couple of important steals, and, by half-time they were leading 37 to 19 points. The post-players Lino Manyuel assisted by Emmanuel Atega 15 and 12 points, respectively. Assists from Point Guards Zack Okong'o made free throws to grab 7 points, and John Madol who came off the bench to score four vital points. A disappointed Mennonites Captain, Abdi Hakim Omar, said that they accepted defeat, but hoped to revenge this game again in the near future.

The Boys Under 14 was a round robin event:
Tom Munyama vs, Sadili 30 - 29
Mennonites vs. Sadili 20 - 19. Sadili came from down at half -time 14 -9, playing from defence and making use of their post player Isiah Ater, to score 12 points for the team.
Mennonites vs. Tom Mnyama 18 - 16
Tom Munyama fought hard but lost. By half-time it was 12-5 to Mennonites. Neville Ochieng of TM made 9 points for his team, but due to time, the game ended with them trailing by 2 points, giving Mennonites a win.

Under 12s:
Mennonites vs. Tom Munyama
Mennonites won 11-2, with top scorer Liban Hussein, tying with Abdi Rahman, 4 points each for their team, while Ian Otieno of TM scores 2 points for the losing team.

Overall results:
Under 18
Winner - Malezi School
R-up: Mennonites
Under 14
Winner - Mennonites
R/UP: Sadili Juniors
Under 12
Winner - Mennonites
R-up: Tom Munyama
The tournament marked the end of a one-week youth basketball camp, at Sadili Oval Sports Academy

Monday, August 15, 2011

15 Aug 2011 New Stars Born At The Sadili EA Junior Open

Sebastian Width (NOR)
Kenyan tennis is due to grow in leaps and bounds, judging from the results of the Boys Under 14s category, in the just concluded East Africa Junior Open which was dominated by Sadili's Kibera Tennis program. Wycliffe Okenye met Ronex Otieno in the finals after beating Moses Ateka 6/3 6/1 and Sylvester Juma 6/1 6/3, respectively in the semi-finals. Ronex won the final match 6/4, 6/0. In the boys U12s, Ricky Omondi of Victoria Tennis beat Billy Douglas (UK) 6/3 to set up a quick final against his team mate John Onyango, winning 6/2. Onyango played and won against Sebastien Width (Nor) 6/2 to reach the finals. The boys 12s doubles saw Billy Douglas/Ricky Omondi win against David Mukhwana/John Onyango 6/2.
The tournament which is sponsored by Carnivore, Sarova Hotels and Professional Tennis Registry amongst others, at Sadili Oval Sports Academy in Langata, saw Boys U16 dominated once again by Burundi players, with Ishaka Abdul grabbing a difficult win against Hashim Nintunga 4/6 7/5 10/4, but the most exciting result in this category was the upset of seed Zuberi Moussa, who lost to Kenya's own 14 year old Amon Muinde 0/6, 0/6. Amon, who later lost to finalist Hashim Nintunga 1/6 0/6 in the semi-finals, says that he is pleased with his performance, and expects to perform well next year. Martin Wambua of Mombasa Sports Club took 3rd place. It was a Kenya vs. Burundi boys U16 doubles final, with Martin Wambua/Frank Kinyanjui losing to Hashim Nintunga/Abdul Ishaka 2/6 4/6
The girls U16s saw a new star, 14 year old Aaliyah Bashir (KE), who beat top seed Katarina Karanja in a close 7/6 7/6 final, while Emily Stonewigg (UK) beat Linda Amondi of Kisumu 6/4, 6/3 in the girls U14 and Tottie Ball (UK) took on Annabel Shaw (KE) 7/6 in the girls U12. In a Kenya vs UK encounter, Annabel Shaw partnered with Linda Amondi to lift the GirlsU12 doubles, winning 6/4 against Emil Stonewigg/Tottie Ball 6/4.
Final Results were as follows:
Girls Under 8:
Winner: Lourdel Adera (KE), R-up: Faith Mueni (KE)
Boys U8:
Winner: Marcus Width (NOR), R/up: Lochie Stichbury (UK)
Girls U10:
Winner: Claire Muthoni (KE), R/up: Lourdel Adera (KE)
Boys U10:
Winner Tom Stonewigg (UK), R/up: Ben Stonewigg (UK), 3rd position: Marcus Width (NOR)
Girls U12:
Winner: Tottie Ball (UK), R/up: Anabelle Shaw (KE)
Boys U12:
Winner: Ricky Omondi (KE), R/up: John Onyango (KE)
3rd position: Billy Douglas (UK)
Boys U10/12 Doubles:
Winner: Billy Douglas/Ricky Omondi
R/up: David Mukhwana/John Onyango
Girls U14:
Winner: Emily Stonewigg (UK), R/up: Linda Amondi (KE)
Doubles Girls 12/14:
Winner: Annabelle Shaw/Linda Amondi, R/up: Emily Stonewigg/Tottie Ball
Boys U14:
Winner: Ronex Otieno, R/up: Wycliffe Okenye (KE), 3rd position: Sylvester Juma
Doubles Boys 14/16
Winner: Hashim Nintunga/Abdul Ishaka, R/up: Martin Wambua/Frank Kinyanjui
Boys U16:
Winner: Abdul Ishaka (BUR), R/up: Hashim Nintunga (BUR), 3rd position: Martin Wambua (KE)
Girls U16:
Winner: Aaliyah Bashir (KE), R/up: Katarina Karanja (KE), 3rd position: Matseka Kithinji (KE)