Saturday, September 7, 2019

The August Holiday Camp

A session on how to hold the racket
The holiday camp was carried out from the 20th  of August to the 31st at the Kibera tennis court.Most of our participants being children under the age of 10 years.Being the holiday season the turn up was great as most of the children were not going to school thus attending the August holiday camp.
Life skills sessions and sports sessions were the main activities being carried out during the holiday camp.Under life skills,the emphasis was on WASH activities and some of the sessions carried out in the two weeks camp included ;Hand washing(Steps of hand washing,When to wash hands and the importance of washing hands),Keeping the environment clean,Brushing teeth and Cholera.
In sports tennis was the main game being played and most of the players being new faces the coach had to start with the basics of tennis that is;How to hold the racket,How to swing backhand and forehand,How to hit and roll the ball.She was however impressed as most of the children were fast learners and were picking up the skills really fast,with the help of the older squad kids she was able to run her sessions with the large number of young ones who showed up.
Learning how to roll
Immediately the children saw coach Adongo carrying porridge and heading down to Kibera tennis court they  would immediately swarm up the place ready for the sessions with their cups and plates for porridge and sweet potatoes or 'KDF' which was being served after every session. ''I am really grateful for the holiday camp as it has really helped my children as she refers to them,some have even come and confessed how they used to use the same basin to wash their utensils and again shower with it but now they have a separate basin for doing dishes and showering which is a good thing .For my old players,their tennis skills have greatly improved and for the new players they have gained some skills and with consistency in training they will be as good as the others.Am also happy about the food that was being offered at the end of the session as it tremendously contributed to the huge turnout of children thus being able to teach life skills and tennis to many children",said Coach Adongo during a short interview with her.

Brushing teeth being demonstrated by one of the children

Time for Porridge

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