Friday, April 12, 2019

WASH competitions

The day started on a beautiful note with children coming in from Kibera and Kijiji ready to compete for the price to be won. Three schools were represented during the WASH competition held at Sadili Oval Sports Academy on the 9th of April. The schools were Ngei primary school, St Catherine, Nazarene and St Stephen.
The members of staff from Sadili and the WASH Committee club patrons present introduced themselves led by Kevin Ayuko who also introduced the schools present. Staff from Sadili started by cheering up the children and preparing them for the competitions Lorein Odhiambo teaching them a song on Hand washing and Felix Kipkoech presenting a short poem on the same which they actively engaged in doing the actions and singing along.
The children were then given time to prepare their different presentations which the judges were to choose from and the creativity from the children was mind blowing as they had amazing things to showcase. They came up with interesting dramas, poems, songs (raps) and Drawings all with the message on promoting WASH activities which they presented to the judges.
The children then presented four members from their respective schools that were taken through the hot sit where by questions around WASH were asked and they were given time to answer as the judges awarded them marks according to the way they answered the questions giving detailed information and tackling the questions exhaustively. The children confidently answered the questions with the winning spirit not letting anything put them down.
The schools were then awarded after compilation of all results and St Catherine emerged the winner followed by St Stephen, then Ngei Primary and Lastly Nazarene. There were also individual awards for the best pupils who showed exemplary results during their presentations and lastly schools were awarded for their participation. The pupils left happy promising to go practice WASH and come beat the winner next time.

What an awesome day of promoting talent and WASH.

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