Monday, October 9, 2017

Hand Washing Campaign Embraced at Sadili 8-Series Challenge 7

It was yet another fantastic tournament at Sadili Oval as we hosted the 8-Series Challenge 7 on Saturday, 7th October 2017. 59 kids drawn mainly from the Court of Dreams program and living in Kibera and Lang’ata’s Kijiji area gathered to showcase their skills at the half-day tournament. 

The event kicked off at 9:00am and Sadili staff, who were also the organizers took charge as the referees. The young kids kept everyone entertained as they all clearly struggled to win.

This particular tournament was out of the ordinary as Sadili staff set aside some time after playing to create awareness on proper hand washing habits. All the kids sat down with their coaches for a short but highly informative life skills session that touched on the importance of washing hands and the steps involved in hand washing. This was done in the spirit of the Global Hand Washing Day that is scheduled for October 15th. “Many kids in the Court of Dreams program already know how to wash their hands, but there are still a good number that do not. Besides, we have to keep reminding even the ones who know,” remarked Joy Akim, the staff who took lead in facilitating the session.

The Court of Dreams uses tennis to promote good health among children under the age of 10. One of its major focus areas is promotion of good hand hygiene practices- an idea that is globally accepted considered as the easiest and cheapest way of preventing many illnesses. 

The Sadili 8- Series Junior Tennis Challenge is a tournament for U6, U8, U10 & U12 kids (all levels), with Tennis Africa Cup ranking. It is great for kids who want to test their games, get out on the court and make new friends along the way. 

Run under a Sadili/International Inspiration partnership, this tournament was sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods, Sadili Oval and Comic Relief among others.


U-6 Boys
Red Team
Alfred Otieno vs Patrick Ogwato 7/4

Winner: Alfred Otieno
Runner up: Patrick Ogwato

U-6 Girls
Red Team
Janice Adatia vs Gladys Kayumbi 7/5
Janice Adatia vs  Beryl Ombulu 7/6
Janice Adatia vs  Rihanna Naliaka 7/3
Beryl Ombulu vs Gladys Kayumbi 3/7
Beryl Ombulu vs Rihanna Naliaka 7/2
Gladys Kayumbi vs Rihanna Naliaka 7/4

Winner: Janice Adatia
Runner up: Gladys Kayumbi

U-8 Boys
Blue Team
Linton Ochieng vs David Shaka 4/7
Linton Ochieng vs Stanley Muli 7/6
David Shaka vs Stanley Muli 5/7

Winner: Stanley Muli
Runner up: David Shaka

U-8 Girls
Red Team
Yvonne Atieno vs Celine Khavere 6/7
Yvonne Atieno vs Sallaypto Amhuma 3/7
Yvonne Atieno vs Ashley Atieno 7/1
Celine Khavere vs Sallaypto Amhuma 3/7
Celine Khavere vs Ashley Atieno 7/6
Ashley Atieno Vs Sallaypto Amhuma 2/7
Winner: Sallaypto Amhuma
Runner up: Celine Khavere

Green Team
Michelle Akinyi vs Abigail Asira 6/7
Michelle Akinyi vs Irene Natalia 4/7
Michelle Akinyi vs Melvin Munyasa 5/7
Abigail Asira vs Irene Natalia 5/7
Abigail Asira vs Melvin Munyasa 7/5
Melvin Munyasa Irene Natalia 7/5
Winner: Abigail Asira
Runner up: Irene Natalia/ Melvin Munyasa

U-10 Boys
Red Team
John Kidziri vs Lennox Odhiambo 11/6
John Kidziri vs Victor Omondi 6/11
Lennox Odhiambo vs Victor Omondi 7/11

Winner: Victor Omondi
Runner up: John Kidziri

Green Team
Stephen Gichora vs Calvin Odino 11/0, 11/3
Stephen Gichora vs Brian Otieno 11/10, 11/8
Stephen Gichora vs Fred Omondi 11/5, 2/11
Brian Otieno vs Fred Omondi 11/5, 11/6
Brian Otieno vs Calvin Odino 11/4, 11/2
Calvin Odino vs Fred Omondi 6/11, 2/11

Winner: Brian Otieno
Runner up: Stephen Gichora

Blue Team
Nelson Gichora vs Junior Ochieng 11/6
Nelson Gichora vs David Odhiambo 6/11
Junior Ochieng vs David Odhiambo 7/11

Winner: Nelson Gichora
Runner up: Junior Ochieng

U-10 Girls
Red Team
Shirleen Anyango vs Marion Adhiambo 5/11, 6/11
Shirleen Anyango vs Esther Adhiambo 7/11, 4/11
Shirleen Anyango vs Maureen Achieng 9/11, 6/11
Esther Adhiambo vs Maureen Achieng 11/6, 11/6
Esther Adhiambo vs Marion Adhiambo 11/4, 8/11
Maureen Achieng vs Marion Adhiambo 11/8, 6/11

Winner: Esther Adhiambo
Runner up: Marion Adhiambo

Green Team
Blessing Rose vs Ida Adhiambo 11/4, 5/11
Blessing Rose vs Maureen Achieng 8/11, 7/11
Ida Adhiambo vs Maureen Achieng 11/2, 10/11

Winner: Ida Adhiambo
Runner up: Maureen Achieng

U-12 Boys
Red Team
Ali Matano vs Joseph Kaboi 1/2
Cecil Omondi vs Ali Matano 0/2
Ali Matano vs Alex Kandie 0/2
Cecil Omondi vs Alex Kandie 0/2
Alex Kandie vs Joseph Kaboi 0/2
Cecil Omondi vs Joseph Kaboi 0/2

Winner: Joseph Kaboi
Runner up: Alex Kandie

Green Team
Tom Agumba vs Kevin Mutia 2/0
Tom Agumba vs Brian Ochieng 0/2
Tom Agumba vs Austin Omondi 1/2
Brian Ochieng vs Austin Omondi 2/1
Austin Omondi vs Kevin Mutia 2/0
Brian Ochieng vs Kevin Mutia 2/1

Winner: Brian Ochieng
Runner up: Austin Omondi

Blue Team
Simon Kabiru vs Brian Amara 10/11
Simon Kabiru vs Brian Kangethe 11/6
Simon Kabiru vs Collins Mwirigi 11/2
Brian Kangethe vs Collins Mwirigi 11/8
Collins Mwirigi vs Brian Amara 8/11
Brian Kangethe vs Brian Amara 8/11

Winner: Collins Mwirigi

U-12 Girls
Red Team
Lorna Mbone vs Consolata Atieno 2/0
Lorna Mbone vs Sharon Atieno 0/2
Consolata Atieno vs Sharon Atieno 0/2

Winner: Sharon Atieno
Runner up: Lorna Mbone

Green Team
Mary Sophy vs Anne Katile 2/0
Mary Sophy vs Fanice Natalia 0/2
Anne Katile vs Fanice Natalia 0/2

Winner: Sharon Atieno
Runner up: Lorna Mbone

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