Friday, July 28, 2017

Internship at Sadili Yields Great Professional Experience: Intern Success Story 4

Meet Jemimma Manga. A young, energetic student who has a passion for sports. She recently completed her internship and had a lot of positive things to share. Read her story:

"My name is Manga Jemimmah Mawondo, an Akili Dada Gap year student who is passionate about sport. I recently completed my internship at Sadili Oval Sports Academy, an organization I joined having learnt that it uses sport and education to empower and improve learning. The idea of working at Sadili resonated with my dream of having a magnificent sports club in Maasai land in order to utilize their talents and use sport as an influential medium to stop the bad cultures they have. My aim is making them discover their full potential for them to end up being great and at par with the world standards in everything. I also love working with children and so I felt this was the best place for me.

Being an Akili Dada gap year student, I got trainings on work readiness, computer studies and photography - skills that were very useful to me as they made my work easier at the internship place in Sadili. During my internship, I participated in Court of Dreams (WASH) and Girl Power Clubs Africa programs. Girl Power Clubs Africa is a mentorship program meant for girls at Kibera in five partnering schools. I got to discuss with the girls many issues that they have to deal with as they grow up, including early pregnancies and abortion; menstrual hygiene; early marriage; body image; leadership among other topics. This program was fulfilling for me because I felt I gave myself up to bring out strong, self aware, high esteemed, great and empowered young ladies who indeed reflect a  better image of me while I was at their level.
Visiting schools under the Court of Dreams program such as Mary Rice which is a school meant for kids with special needs changed my perspective of life. The smiles in the kids’ faces, their warm welcome and their ‘thank yous’ at the end of every session made me realize that love makes life beautiful. One thing I loved about the school was the way the people around the kids treated them with love and dignity. They also constantly reminded them that they are great and encouraged them to face their fears. This made the kids realize that despite their conditions they have great capabilities in them.
I must agree that being at Sadili was a life changing journey and a learning platform for me. My role as a social educator and a coach helped me to gain skills such as patience, persistence, good communication skills, class management and all these made me stronger than ever before. Thank you Sadili for giving me this opportunity to maximize my strengths and share my knowledge which served to bring a change in the society."
Congratulations to Jemimmah for a job well done. We wish her all the best.

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