Friday, November 2, 2012

Karen Tennis for Kibera

Karen Country Club will be holding a tennis tournament in aid of the construction of the Kibera tennis play space. The event is scheduled for tomorrow, 3rd Nov 2012 from 1.30  pm at the prestigious Karen Country Club, along Karen Rd. 
The funds raised are aimed at grading the ground where the kids train in the first phase of the establishment of the Kibera Tennis Center. Together with the Local community, Sadili Oval will be coordinating the project. At the moment this is just a sloping piece of land that needs a retaining wall and levelling.  Players will also bring any racquets, sports clothing etc that they no longer need.

Why Kibera?Over the years, Sadili Oval Sports Academy has been working to promote tennis as sport to the local people. Through these efforts, Kibera slums has continuously boasted talent to reckon with, especially in the under 18 yrs players. This project will therefore create a more convenient space for more children to develop their talent on the game, as well as source of recreation to keep them away from other social injustices.The surface will be used for tennis, basketball, and volleyball. 

Want to watch the kids play? 
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