Friday, November 23, 2012

East Africa ITF Tennis Circuit Day 5

Isaac Stoute
Joshua Luck kept the South African flag flying when he started the day with his singles semi-final match, in the searing heat of Mombasa, a match which was very tough, and which he won 6-4 6-1 against top seed J. Lock (ZIM). The second singles semi-final went to Sadili's special friend, Isaac Stoute (UK), who beat I. Mzai (KEN) 6-4 7-6(6)

Thereafter, the doubles semi-finals came on, with Joshua Luck and our own Amadi Kagoma and though they fought valiantly, they faced a very fresh team of second seeds, L. Harris/B. Scheepbouwer, who won 6-2 6-4. They live to fight another day.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

East Africa ITF Tennis Circuit Day Four

Amadi Kagoma and Joshua Luck are in the semis!
They have just beaten J. Ubon (NGR) and I. Kibet Yego (KEN) 7-5 4-6 10-3. Well done boys!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

East Africa ITF Tennis Circuit Day 3

Today, our favorites and third seeded, Amadi Kagoma (BUR) and Joshua Luck (RSA) with shaky start today, as they grabbled with a new partnership against a well-oiled machine, on F. Migliano (ITA) and A. Ovechkin (RUS). Both Joshua and Amadi hang onto the tail, losing the first set 5-7, before relaxing and grabbing the second set 6-3, setting up for a nail-biting super tie-break, which they took 10-8. This win takes them to the Boys doubles quarterfinals.

Eric Kipkoech (left) with Henry Ayesiga
Rookies, G. Alansi (YEM) partnered with our own Olivier Kigotho (KEN), losing in a well-fought match against 6th seeds, E. Harwood/I. Stoute (UK) 2-6 6-7(4). J. Esikumo (KEN)/J. Lutaaya (UGA) fought bravely, losing to 8th seeds D. Dowson (AUS)/H. Xu (CHIN) of Sanchez Casale, 3-6 3-6. Our other rookies, H. Ayesiga/E. Kipkoech (KEN) lost to S Merkling/N. Pondigas (RSA) 6-3, 6-0.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

East Africa ITF Under 18 Tennis Circuit Day Two

Amadi Kagoma
Morning: Amadi Raises The Bar
The day has begun with a revitalised Amadi, ready to do battle with the best of them. After a quick warmup, he took the first game with flawless serves for which there were not answers, then the games evened out until both Sias Merkling (RSA) and Amadi got to 3-3. Amadi then moved to net at every provocation, grabbing the set at 6-3. The third set was different. Both boys began to circle, breaking each other for 6 games in a row. At 3-3, Amadi broke his opponent, and completed the set with ease, moving to the quarters at 5-7, 6-3, 6-3. 

Issac Stoute

Quarters: Isaac Prevails

Oh what an afternoon..!

In what was a close repeat of the match two years ago on the same court, Amadi met his nemesis, Isaac Stoute (UK), in the Boys Singles Under 18 Quarterfinals, a match that lasted a little over three hours, which each player grabbing a set each, and, in the fierce heat, Amadi capitulated losing 0-6, 6-3, 2-6.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

East Africa ITF Under 18 Circuit Day One

John Lutaaya
Chizi Mutsumi
There were mixed results on our first day at the Circuit: Amadi had a tough second round match with Merkling Sias (RSA). Amadi was leading 5-4, then it got dark and he couldn't see well, though they insisted on playing on, and lost first set 5-7. They continue tomorrow. Jamin won first round, then fought very hard in the second - rallies were averaging 29 per point. Very impressive. He lost, but is proving himself, finally. The same goes for Lutaaya with an honorable loss aaainst Shekarizz Ashkan (IRI), in the final set, after a tough 3.37 hours, making it the longest match of the day!
The tournament has a large contingent of Spanish, Italian and Polish academies, with Sanchez Cassale being one of the toughest (coach, trainer, physio!). Only one person fainted - damn!
Little Chizi Mutsumi took too long to start, was really terrified, and picked up in the tail part of the match: she said "now I know how to play next time, just watch me."
Olivier Kigotho was amazing, he showed all the elements of a big player. Unfortunately, experience got him in the end.
The footnote today belongs to little Henry, for whom the match against  Merkling Sias, ended before he even began to play, had a permanent puzzled look on his face for the rest of the day.
Keeping you posted.....

Friday, November 2, 2012

Karen Tennis for Kibera

Karen Country Club will be holding a tennis tournament in aid of the construction of the Kibera tennis play space. The event is scheduled for tomorrow, 3rd Nov 2012 from 1.30  pm at the prestigious Karen Country Club, along Karen Rd. 
The funds raised are aimed at grading the ground where the kids train in the first phase of the establishment of the Kibera Tennis Center. Together with the Local community, Sadili Oval will be coordinating the project. At the moment this is just a sloping piece of land that needs a retaining wall and levelling.  Players will also bring any racquets, sports clothing etc that they no longer need.

Why Kibera?Over the years, Sadili Oval Sports Academy has been working to promote tennis as sport to the local people. Through these efforts, Kibera slums has continuously boasted talent to reckon with, especially in the under 18 yrs players. This project will therefore create a more convenient space for more children to develop their talent on the game, as well as source of recreation to keep them away from other social injustices.The surface will be used for tennis, basketball, and volleyball. 

Want to watch the kids play? 
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