Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Evolve9 Building Tennis & Dreams At Sadili

Ronald Pothuizen, a director of kids tennis company, Evolve9, came to Kenya to run a tennis course for Tennis Tens coaches at Sadili Oval in 2010, and fell in love with the many children in our program, who attempted to play tennis on the side of a hill near Katwekera in Kibera with bats and old tennis balls. He committed immediately committed to building them four mini-courts at Sadili Oval, about 8 minutes away. The courts, when finished, would form a kids & fun centre, giving poor kids and their firends a chance to learn tennis, and learn about life too, by attending the community library nearby. The ground-breaking took place mid this year, and the excavation completed. This has been followed by filling with stone, machine compression, filling with murram and rolling with plenty of water. Then we have been ensuring that the surface is levelled and cared for as we await further fundraising through different ways to have the three final layers done, which will cost another 5,000 euros, and fencing/benches/nets/net posts, that will cost 1500 euros. Thank you to Evolve9 directors and special thanks to Ronald Pothuizen, who carried out a cross-country ski race to raise money to start the project, and continues to work hard talking to companies and friends to keep the fire alive.

If you wish to donate to this project, please do so through Globalgiving on http://globalgiving.org/projects/build-tennis-and-dreams-in-the-kibera-slums-kenya

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