Sunday, February 19, 2012

Malezi Bball Qualify For Quarterfinals

Malezi School today mauled over Muhuri Muchiri 58 - 24, Light Academy 60-19 and Moi Forces Academy 58-25, to qualify for the Provincial Schools Sports Association quarterfinals. This will be the third time in the last 3 years to for the team to qualify. Hopefully this year, Malezi will make the next step to semi-finals as she had done four years ago. Kudos Boys!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Amadi/Iradukunda In ITF Finals

3rd seeded Sadili's Amadi Kagoma partnered with Guy Orly Iradukunda (BUR) to power their way through to the finals, in the ITF U18-ranked 4th Kenya International Junior Championships in Nairobi, beating Ginzburg/Kukharenko (RUS), Migliano (ITA)/Savio (IND) and Slobodkins (LAT)/Turosienski(Pol). The finals set them up against to seeds Abohabaga (EGY)/Pervolarakis (CYP), losing 5-7, 2-6. 
Guy and Amadi
IRADUKUNDA (BDI) / KAGOMA (BDI) (3) defeated MIGLIANO (ITA) / SAVIO (IND) 1-6 6-1 [10-6] 
In the Boys Singles, Amadi, who was seeded 13th, beat Aakash Goyal (IND) 6-1, 6-1, in the second round, losing to 7th seed Pascal Klos in a narrow match 4-6, 6-4, 2-6 in the 3rd round, while Guy Orly (8) defeated Gibrael Teja (KEN) 7-5 6-1.
Amadi KAGOMA (BDI) (12) defeated Aakash GOYAL (IND) 6-1 6-1 
Pascal KLOS (POL) (7) defeated Amadi KAGOMA (BDI) (12) 6-4 4-6 6-2 
Guy Orly IRADUKUNDA (BDI) (8) defeated Gibra'el TEJA (KEN) (3) 7-5 6-1 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Malezi Performs At Buruburu Basketball Open

Malezi School beat all opposition to reach the finals of the Nairobi Secondary Schools Sports Association's (NSSA) Buruburu Open 2012. Once again, they showed that they will fight to reach the final four in this year's provincial games, when they pipped former national champions, Aquinas, 42-29 and tournaments favourites Upperhill A 25 - 14, on their way to meeting their nemesis, the UNICEF-sponsored and well-heeled Upperhill B, where they lost 31-39 in a close encounter. Says Lino Manyuel for the team, "We have almost nothing, but we showed that basketball is the game that makes all equal, if you believe in yourself, you can make a difference". Zack Okong'o won the MVP Award.

1.     Upper Hill `A’
2.     Upper Hill `B’
3.     Aquinas High
4.     Pumwani
5.     Moi Forces Academy
6.     Hospital Hill
7.     Malezi
8.     St. Teresa’s
9.     Friend Of Basketball(FOB)- CLUB
       POOL A                           POOL B
1.     Upper Hill`A’                1. Pumwani
2.     Malezi                          2. Moi Forces Academy
3.     F O B                           3. Upper Hill`B’
4.     St. Teresa’s                 4. Aquinas
5.     Hospital Hill
FORMAT: Two pools
                              .Top two proceed to the semis
                        .Winners of semis plays in the finals

RESULTS: Preliminaries
Game1.           Malezi             vs         Hospital Hill
                        1st Half 19       -             04
                        2nd Half 11      –         02
                        Final score      30 – 06

Game 2.          St. Teresa’s   vs           Malezi
                        1st Half 10       -          16
                        2nd Half 08      –         12
                        Final score      18 – 28

Game 3.          Upper Hill `A’ vs         Malezi
                        1st Half 07       -          18
                        2nd Half 07      –         17
                        Final score      14 – 25

Game 4.          Malezi             vs                     FOB
                        1st Half 16       -          19
                        2nd Half 11      –         4
                        Final score      27 – 23

Game 5.          SEMI FINALS
                              Malezi             vs                     Aquinas
                          1st Half 09     _         07
                        2nd Half 13      –         12
                            3rd Qtr-10    _          06
                        Final score      42 – 29

Game 6.          FINALS
                              Malezi             vs         UpperHill`B’
                        1ST Qtr – 06                 09
                        2nd Qtr- 07                   07
                        3rd Qtr-09                    14
                        4th Qtr-09                    09
                          Final score 31 – 39 

Awards: winner and Runner up, given trophies.

Prepared by
Joseph AMOKO

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Malezi Basketball Team Dominate Lenana

Malezi School boys continued with their march to top in the group stages of the Nairobi Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSA) Schools League, taking advantage of mistakes in ball handling by national school Lenana, to win 69 - 11.  Malezi coach Amoko stated his disappointment with the management of the match, where the referee arrived an hour late, and only got to officiate in the final quarter, thereby leaving his substitute to carry the bulk of the work, and as a result, many fouls were allowed to take place. The top scorers were Zack Okongo and Lino Manyuel (both 15 points each)

Malezi                  Vs           Lenana
1st Qtr-09                     1st Qtr-00
2nd Qtr-16                    2nd Qtr-05
3rd Qtr-19                    3rd Qtr-03
4th Qtr-25                    4th Qtr-03
Final score: 69 - 11