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Malezi Basketball Shine In Seasons Opener

Zack Okong'o - Most Promising Player
Malezi School edged out Alliance B 23-17 to set up a shock defeat of favorites, UNICEF-sponsored Upperhill “A” 28-15 in the semi-finals, at the season’s Nairobi Secondary Schools Sports Association’s Basketball Season Opener held on the 21st and 22nd of January 2012 at Upperhill School. Although losing against Upperhill “B” in the finals 34-48, Malezi showed that they will be a serious team to reckon with, as schools prepare to compete to reach the finals of the national ball games this term. Malezi Captain, Zack Okong’o Basil, was voted Most Promising Player, with 13 points to his credit
DATE:            21st -22nd January`2012
VENUE:             Upper Hill School & Railway Club
FORMAT:     -    Four Pools, Two proceed to Quarter Finals
-        Winners in the Quarters proceed to the semis
-        Winners in semis, plays in the Final
POOL A                                             POOL B
1. Upper Hill ‘A’                                1. Sunshine Secondary
2. Shimba Hills                                   2. Queen of Apostles
3. Mang`u `B’                                     3. Upper Hill `B’
4. Our Lay of Fatma                           4. Malezi School
5. Blue Hills Academy                       5. Eastleigh High
6. Kayole South

POOL C                                                         POOL D
1.     Mang`u `A’                                       1. Thika High
2.     Makini                                               2. Kenya Muslim
3.     Muhuri Muchiri                                  3. St. Marys School
4.     St. Marys Educational Centre             4. Lenana School
5.     Alliance`A’                                         5. Alliance `B’

RESULTS:     For Pool B, Quarters, Semis And Involving Malezi School.
TEAMS                                                          DATE
Game 1           Upper Hill `B’ vs Malezi                               21st /1/2012
                        09/09               06/08
                        Final Score     28-14
Game 2           Queen of Apostles vs Malezi                         21st /1/2012
                        00/08                           12/10
                        Final Score:                08-22
Game 3           Sunshine         vs Malezi                                21st /1/2012
                        01/02               04/09
                        Final Score     03- 13
Game 4           Malezi vs Eastleigh                                        22nd / 1/2012
                        16/17               02/10
Game 5           Quarters Finals
                        Alliance `B’ vs Malezi                                   22nd /1/2012
                        08/09               13/10
                        Final Score 17-23
Game 6           Semi Finals
                        Upper Hill `A’ vs Malezi                               22nd /1/2012
                        02/11                           13/15
                        Final Score 15 – 28
Game 7           Finals
                        Upper Hill `B’ vs Malezi                               22nd /1/2012
                        15/09/14/10                09/12/07/06
                        Final Score: 48           -           34
            Our scores in the Finals.
            Zack Okong`o - 13 points
            Lino Manyiel – 6 points
            Emmanuel Atega – 2 points
Individual Awards
            Zack Okong`o – voted the most promising player
Awards: Winners & Runner up were given Trophies and Medals.


Joseph AMOKO

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