Thursday, March 17, 2011

Me and My Constitution: A Stand for School-going Youth

The award wining Girl Power Club programme and the Boys to Men initiative will be holding an important conference on the 19th march 2011, for 120 leaders from 28 selected schools. This conference, to which a number of media houses shall be invited, shall cover the Kenyan constitution and how the youth can take advantage of it.

The event is expected to begin at 8.30am and end at 1.45pm. Lunch and a refreshments break shall be offered to the attending students.

Schools invited have to send 3 students and a teacher to attend the event. The schools invited are from different levels of social class and different locations. The event is supported by the Friedrich Foundation and Women Win and shall be hosted at Sadili Oval Sports Academy; the event shall be run and coordinated by the former PLDP Program graduates, trained young men and women for leadership and political office, and some top notch lawyers in the city.

The event recognizes that Kenya is at a very unique time in history books, and the decisions that we make today will make far reaching effects to our future. it also recognizes that school-going youth must not be left out in decisions regarding the new constitution, they should learn more about the constitution, why they must protect it, and how they can take advantage of it for their future.

Confirmed schools to attend include the following;

  • Sunshine Secondary School
  • Holy unity
  • Mashimoni Squatters Secondary
  • Nazarene Academy
  • Olympic Talented
  • Kenya
  • Loreto Msongari
  • Karen C
  • Malezi School
  • Raila Education
  • Buruburu high school

This promises to be a great opportunity for the attending youths. Please contact Immaculate on 0721 518 331 for further information

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