Friday, June 21, 2019

My Love for Tennis

Nicholas with Coach Adongo
“My journey in tennis started when I first saw Coach Asha Adongo at our school picking new members to join her squad group. She used come in the evening pick us at school and head to the Kibera Tennis Court where we would do our tennis practice sessions. At first I was afraid as I didn’t know how to play tennis leave alone holding a racket but after realizing that most members didn’t know either gave me some sort of comfort though I vowed to learn as much as I can and become one of the best players. I always look forward to evenings, Saturdays and Holiday camps so that I could play tennis”, said Nicholas.
Nicholas with other squad members during training.
Nicholas Omondi is a 12 year old class 5 boy at Nazarene Primary school in Kibera he started playing tennis when he was in class 3 after the introduction of the Court of dreams program in their school and since then he has become a constant never missing tennis practice. “Nicholas is one of the most determined players I have, great at smashing and back hand. He is also disciplined and makes the team lively and active with his comical aspect. He also has a determined spirit losing a game to him is not an option and when he does he seriously cries and will make sure the next time he wins. Through Nicholas there are several other good players who have joined the team”, said coach Adongo
In a short interview with Nicholas he was able to inform us that tennis has so far become his favorite sport, his parent’s support him as his class work has improved so has his manners. Even though he wants to become a pilot when he grows up, he will still play tennis his favorite sport.