Friday, June 21, 2019

My Love for Tennis

Nicholas with Coach Adongo
“My journey in tennis started when I first saw Coach Asha Adongo at our school picking new members to join her squad group. She used come in the evening pick us at school and head to the Kibera Tennis Court where we would do our tennis practice sessions. At first I was afraid as I didn’t know how to play tennis leave alone holding a racket but after realizing that most members didn’t know either gave me some sort of comfort though I vowed to learn as much as I can and become one of the best players. I always look forward to evenings, Saturdays and Holiday camps so that I could play tennis”, said Nicholas.
Nicholas with other squad members during training.
Nicholas Omondi is a 12 year old class 5 boy at Nazarene Primary school in Kibera he started playing tennis when he was in class 3 after the introduction of the Court of dreams program in their school and since then he has become a constant never missing tennis practice. “Nicholas is one of the most determined players I have, great at smashing and back hand. He is also disciplined and makes the team lively and active with his comical aspect. He also has a determined spirit losing a game to him is not an option and when he does he seriously cries and will make sure the next time he wins. Through Nicholas there are several other good players who have joined the team”, said coach Adongo
In a short interview with Nicholas he was able to inform us that tennis has so far become his favorite sport, his parent’s support him as his class work has improved so has his manners. Even though he wants to become a pilot when he grows up, he will still play tennis his favorite sport.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Impact Realization

Did you know the most expensive gift one can offer to anyone is time? The wise people said “time is money”. I am not well versed with how one can convert time to money if you are not employed or trading, but if someone lends you their time, serving you and expecting nothing in return, respect the person since they have offered you a gift that can’t be quantified. Sadili Oval Sports Academy was incorporated with one vision, “To empower children and youth to improve their wealth, reduce poverty and improve learning for a better future.” Working round the clock to see improvement in the less privileged society. With this in mind, a number of programs and projects have been launched to see to it that this has been achieved and slowly but surely its happening. The Sadili staffs who are working under Court of Dreams Project have really created a lot of impact among the children in the program as well as the community at large. The self motivation towards keeping the environment clean, the toilets and also their self hygiene is something so remarkable and can confirm that there is  impact of the lessons taught under Court of Dreams."I participated during the Community Clean up which took place on the 11th March 2019, I was tasked with assisting the participants in hand washing and after closely observing how the children were doing it, and I realized most of them were able to follow all the steps in hand washing which was so impressive. The kind of satisfaction on realizing the impact the lessons by the social educator was enough to mean the time they always give in teaching life skills does not go to waste.

I am optimistic that this impact will be sustained for a long time and with support from every stakeholder i.e Sadili Oval Sports Academy Board members, Staff Members, donors and the target community at large, a complete transformation will be realized"