Wednesday, March 27, 2019


fun !
All activities conducted are coupled with games just so to break the monotony of listening all through,this helps increase the concentration span of the children and also help in better understanding a mastery of lessons learnt. This is actually the most fun moment for all the kids. You can vividly tell this since as soon as a game is introduced, they all jump in ecstasy and sing joyfully. It has been so fascinating playing with the kids, and may sound interesting that I get excited about the games too. Anyway, who would not like to engage in a fun activity?
Talking of games does not absolutely mean the very widely known ones like volleyball, hockey or even football. The games played are unique and can be adjusted to suit all, including the physically challenged. And not just that, they are brief and are easily understood by the children. They include the Newcombe game, rally around, beat the bucket, find the goal line, keep the ball, boccia and activity card, to mention just a few.

It is quite interesting meeting the children and their greeting goes “Coach, leo tunacheza game gani?” or rather they sing one of the most common phrases in the play songs they had previously learnt like,"omondi,ndii…ndiii…"
"I feel this is a good and unique means to help drive lessons home, especially when dealing with the children because they increase their social knowledge and have fun at the same time. Besides, it helps maintain physical fitness. Well, this is one way anyone wondering how to teach kids and see positive results should emulate"says Lorein Odhiambo who is currently on attachment at Sadili.

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