Friday, March 15, 2019


The day started on a good note with children coming in on time anxious to tackle each other and showcase some of the techniques taught to them by Coach Asha Adongo in their regular Saturday Tennis sessions. After the first tournament held at Sadili Oval sports Academy, the children were able to identify their areas of weakness and ought to become better in the next tournament.
The tournament started at 9.00 am and ended at 12:00 pm with most of the children coming from Kibera. The tournament was held at our court in Kibera for the young ones mostly under the age of 6 as they couldn't come to Lang'ata considering their age and the distance to Sadili and the other was held at Sadili for the older ones mostly and children from Lang'ata.
The children were organized in different a category that is under 6 years, 8 years, 10 years and 12 years. They were then registered and later went to their different pools and the competitions started this being the second competition the children showed remarkable results as most of them had improved from the previous results. The game was intense as each player didn't want to lose the ball you could actually follow with yours eyes to see where the ball falls next
''Their is a lot of improvement from the children who constantly come for practice during Saturday squad sessions this being a new group that was started in January ,am glad as most of the children understand the basics of tennis and are consistent in their training session observing discipline so that they can excel. I would also like to thank Dr Elizabeth Oder our director for providing sports uniforms for our children the uniformity was amazing. My objective is to get my team to play tournaments outside Sadili and also participate in major championships "said coach Asha Adongo during a short interview.
In every game there has to be a winner and in this competition the winners were as follows under 6 boys and girls Moses Ekisa and Shantel Jasmine, Under 8-Shelton Omondi and Joy Atieno, Under 10-James Collo and Irene Natalia Under 12-Patel Ambache and Angela Alwanga. After the children had lunch and later left to their respective homes full of smiles, hope and determination about the next tournament

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