Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Dorcas taking staff members through a presentation.
"For the 3 months I have been in Sadili, the lessons I have learnt, the places I have visited, the people I have interacted with, the exposure I have experienced and the amount of personal confidence I have gained could only be achieved in years if not a decade elsewhere. If you want to equip your child with basic as well as advanced knowledge in WASH among other life skills, Sadili is where your child should be.

Having worked with a dedicated team who never wait to be pushed to do what they are supposed to do, who are passionate about the work they do and result oriented, I must say the experience is simply amazing. As far as my role of an accountant is concerned, I have pulled together every bit of my experience to ensure I am able to present records of the donor funds records and that the figures reflect the true measure of our organization’s performance.
I look forward to more exposure to our different activities and come back with a more exciting story. I can’t wait to see Sadili scale the heights of excellence and Success that can only be geared by every stake holder pulling together their very efforts to attaining the organization’s objectives” says Dorcas Mwanu the Programs Accountant.

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