Friday, November 16, 2018

Warm up activities from the coach.

Tennis is the sport that the children learn at Sadili Oval Sports Academy taught by ‘coach’ Asha Adongo as the children call her. She not only teaches tennis but also incorporates life skill sessions in her tennis sessions which helps in educating the kids on personal health there by having a better future.
Despite the far areas which the children stay they are disciplined as the arrive on time and they always follow instructions given to them by the coach they  make sure that they do not miss training as they all know consistency is the key to success. The coach is impressed with their performance as they are gradually improving. Through the generous donation of rackets and tennis balls from well-wishers and friends of Sadili, most children are able to have rackets and balls for practise.
Faith Akinyi a pupil from St Catherine is among the best tennis players at the moment she even helps in teaching the young ones when the coach is busy. “I would like to be a worldwide  known tennis player as tennis has been my passion since  I was 10years old and am grateful to Sadili for giving me an opportunity to sharpen my skill” she said. On Saturdays after tennis the kids get porridge and later have a one on one chat with the coach to tell her the challenges which they face in tennis and how they can do better which is a session that helps the coach know more about the kids.
Mary Sophy from old Kibera with her racket and tennis ball.

Tennis tournaments are what the coach is aiming at once the children have perfected their skills in tennis and she is super excited on the progress of children at the moment compared to when they started, their consistency, urge to learn and discipline are what motivates her the most .Lets build our future through our children by nurturing their talents at a young age.
Rolling the ball down the court.
Children  learning how to bounce  the ball using the racket.

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