Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Despite the bad weather throughout the week it just decided to be favourable during this particular day the 13th of March. Pupils turned up in large numbers for the long awaited day different schools which participate In the squad were well represented, the boys and girls summing up to 57, In attendance were pupils from Nazarene, Cana Junior, St Catherine and Kid star Academy aged 6 to 12 years.

The boys and girls started up with registration and warm up which was done by the coaches then assumed the day’s activity that was playing tennis. The matches were well carried out with the children taking lead in being referees and guiding the others in counting scores and watching out for the mistakes made during the matches.

The girls played against fellow girls from different schools and Salipto Achieng who is 9years old from Kid star Academy exhibited exemplary results as she led in the girls team and for the boys Aldon Juma who is 10 years from St Catherine shone as the Golden boy from the matches played with good skills in ‘forehand and backhand’. I am glad that the lessons I have been teaching the kids were not in vain as they are putting them into practise I will put more effort in training them so that they can participate in tournaments with other kids where they can win and be given uniforms as that’s one of the resource the team lacks said Asha Adongo one of the coaches. The winners were as follows:

Nicholas Omondi during the match
Under 10 boys.

Red.                                              Yellow.
John Kidziri. Winner.                  Rooney omondi-Winner
Bonface Odemo Runners up.        Vincent Okemwa Runners up
Blue.                                             Green.
Brighton Omondi Winner           Aldon Juma Winner.

Charlie Omondi Runners up        Brandley Omondi-Runners up

Under 12 boys.

Red                                               Yellow.

Dickens Okello. Winner                           Clinton Onyango.Winner

Moses Mwakio Runners up.                      Rooney Omondi.Runners up

Blue.                                              Green.

John Wafula Winner                                 Nicholas Omondi.Winner. 

Bonface Odembo Runners up                   Jeremiah Onyango.Runners up

Girls under 10

Red.                                               Yellow.

Salimpto Achieng Winner                      Mary Inviolata Winner

Idah Achieng. Runers up                           Mishel Atieno.Runners up

Blue.                                              Green.

Cheryl Chivaluma. Winner                       Marion Adhiambo Winner

Claudia Cheryl. Runners up                       Yvonne Atieno.Runners up

Under 12 girls.

Faith Akinyi Winner

Elizabeth Onganga Runners up.
kids greeting each other before the match.

The coaches were impressed as this was a new group of the squad and they were really quick learners, had the zeal to learn the game, had teamwork and they positively accepted corrections when they went wrong. The children finished by having a meal and later departed to their specific schools with a promise to do better.

Coach Wycliffe confirming Scores from the referees.

Boys enjoying lunch.

Monday, March 26, 2018


Here the saying goes that the early bird catches the worm and the for the Sharks, it was an early start of victory that made them carry the day being the best out of the three teams that participated in the Rugby match last Saturday at Sadili Oval Sports Academy.

The day was indeed a unique one as the boys turned in good numbers to grace the occasion, the Ushindi Sports day. The day was unique in so many ways: this was the first sports day of the year 2018 and also the very first one for our new entrant Kidstar Academy. We also decided to kill the monotony of having male facilitators and decided to have the boys listen to their elder sisters too. Victoria who is Sadili’s Volunteer from Sweden did not mind starting off the day with Brief talk on leadership. Recounting her words, Victoria did not mince with words but set the record straight by giving the boys a true image of leadership. Her talk was very reflective as she emphasized that a leader must walk side by side with the people, feel with the people and be with the people. She gave very practical examples of leadership at the grass root levels beginning from the family and the school in which the boys belong climbing the ladder slowly to the national level. She challenged the boys to begin living leadership roles in the little responsibilities they have been given both at school and at home. Elizabeth, one of Sadili’s Social educators took chance to share about talent driven leadership that culminated in the boys showcasing their giftedness through a rap presentation.
The Ushindi boys during the football match.

We wrapped the talk by briefly looking at the qualities of good leadership and immediately set foot on the playground for another exciting moment, the moment of sports. Rugby was the first game to be played with Coach Amos explaining the rules of the game and triggering the boys’ zeal for participation. The first game occurred between the Sharks and the Rhino with Sharks taking the lead and bracing for Cheetah’s who before the game appeared “tough” and well psyched up. The shark’s maintaining their momentum braced hard and took the win.

Football was equally competitive and while the Cheetah’s took the lead the Sharks followed so closely making them best performers of the day. The day was so colorful and after the meals one could not fail to see joy beaming in the faces of all the 58 children who turned up. As the children left Sadili grounds accompanied by some Sadili’s staff, they could hesitate to ask when the next Sports day will be held. Many thanks for our boys from St. Catherine, Nazarene and Kidstar Academy for showing up and making the day a success! Nothing else could best describe the day other than fun!
Posing for a photo after the days activities.



The day was unusually bright for the better part of the morning. The Heavens must have known that the boys would come for the sports event and unlike the other days in the week, the showers had been put on hold. The boys were prompt and by 8.30am some of them were already within Sadili Oval compound looking excited and with radiant faces eager to participate. Kidstar and St Catherine did not lose the mark of being punctual for indeed effective time management is one of the skills we try to impart on them so that they are adults they do not get into the easy temptation of using common slogan of “African time”. Nazarene on the other hand could not miss out on the event. Despite tuition classes they came in their large numbers to have a feel of the day for themselves for indeed it was Ushindi Sports day.
After the warm up by Coach Wycliffe, the boys were now ready for the event. In their respective groups they psyched up for the sports with the student captains taking up their various roles by playing the referee and others keenly writing down the scores. Capture the flag which is played typically like rugby was the game to be played and after the three teams battling it out the Rhino’s were able to take the lead. Football was then played and here there seemed to be much enthusiasm as the competition became very stiff. Fair play as one of the skills was again put to realistic test as the struggle to win had preoccupied most of the participants. Playing was more captivating and this time round the Leopards showed their brevity by taking the lead. The sporting activities culminated in fun games where the boys took turns to run with their legs tied up together and later on they were to run through some tyres that had been placed in strategic positions.

Peer pressure was the next item on the program. The boys gathered together on the grass and our Social educators were able to explore with them the different areas in peer pressure.  As part of their learning was the discovery that there can be positive peer pressure. To crown the day the boys were served with a meal in which each person ate to their fill and departed back home with select social educators seeing them off through the busy highway. The day was a great success and we are certain the experience the boys received will go a long way in building their personality.