Monday, October 3, 2016

HURRY - Register Today for Gym/Aerobics, PE, Manager & Sports Coach Level 1 & 2 Online Courses!

Malezi College has announced recognized Gym & Aerobics, PE, Sports Level I and II Courses beginning on 7th November 2016.  Online learning is on offer, with practicals covered at convenient hours, at Sadili Oval Sports Academy.. Courses are recognized by the Government of Kenya.
Courses run at flexible times, payment plans and range from short cumulative tracks to the full 3-week track. Interested applicants should or call +254-729-062-087 or the application form and payment details. Malezi College has an excellent track record of certifying more than 3,000 coaches and managers of sports in Africa.

2016 Sports Coaching Level 1 & 2
A. Sports Coach Level 1 (cumulative)
This is for an athlete who is beginning his/her coaching and sports management career. The Level 1 Course includes Level 1(d), which gives a good base to sports science, coaching models, front office, event management, First Aid and legal issues in sports. This theory section runs for 1 month and may be followed or preceded by professional certification for a desired sport in Levels 1 (a), 1(b), 1(c), according to the specific specialization selected in one of: Gym, fitness, soccer, aerobics, swimming and basketball. A candidate may receive a certificate on completion of each level. These courses are well recognized and offer a coach a chance to work at international and national levels.
Sports Coach Level 1(a): all sports
Coaching Beginner Players of 6 and under level
Ability to play your chosen, and adequate literacy.
8 hours (1 day) practical
3 Nov
Sports Coach Level 1(b): All sports Coaching Players of 8/10 and Under Level
Sports Coach Level 1(a) or equivalent
8 hours (1 day) practical
4 Nov
Sports Coach Level 1(c): All sports
Coaching Beginner Players to advanced beginners and includes:
Code of conduct, Developing Strategy and Tactics, Understanding the needs and expectations of the player, session planning, Progressions, strategy and tactics, Physical conditioning, Early diagnosis and correction and Managing change, Competitions and rules
Sports Coach Level 1(a) and (c), its equivalent or higher
8 hours (1 day) practical
5 Nov
Sports Coach Level 1 (d) – all sports Sports Science and Pegadagogy
At least 2 years playing a chosen sport, fluent in writing and reading. It completes the scientific background for the Level 1 Certification
3 weeks online, Written exams
7 Nov
B. Sports Unit Manager (Complete Course): managing and marketing programs, educating athletes, coaches, and parents. Leadership, management, administration, wellness, awareness, anti-­‐doping, Injuries and prevention, budgeting, using the computer to make your job easier.
Must have a recommendation letter from a sports facility that proves leadership and management ability.
3 weeks online, 12 hours practical
7 Nov
C. Sports Coach Level 1 (Complete Course) – Certificate in PE
KCSE/IGCSE &/or 2 years experience in any Sport
3 weeks online with 12 hours practical
 7 Nov
D. Sports Coaching Level 1 (Complete Course) -­‐ Gym and Aerobics Instructor Basketball, Soccer, Handball, Netball, Volleyball, Athletics, Swimming
KCSE/IGCSE &/or 2 years experience in any Sport. This is the complete course for Level 1 Certification
3 weeks online with 12 hours practical
,7 Nov
E. Sports Coaching Level 2 (Complete Course): all sports
Certificate in Level 1 or equivalent. This is the complete course for Level 2 Certification.
3 weeks online 18 hours practical
7 Nov
1 Day
 19 Nov

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