Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sadili’s Girl Power Clubs Africa holds a great Sports Day despite cold weather

On 18th June 2016 Sadili’s Girl Power Clubs Africa held its Sports Day. Despite the bitterly cold weather, the day turned out to be great fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A total of 67 girls from three schools i.e. Nazarene Primary, Karama Primary and St. Catherine Primary participated in the event.

Being the end of the week that saw the Day of the African Child being celebrated, the day started with the girls having a life skills session on Child Rights where they discussed both among themselves and with our social educators various aspects of children’s rights and child abuse. To keep the session interesting and interactive, songs and fun games were integrated into it. This made the atmosphere in the room lively and cheerful the entire time.

After the life skills session, the sports began. Everyone threw themselves into the field where various games including soccer, rugby and basketball were played.The girls were divided into 3 groups i.e. Tausi, Lion and Tiger and they were so organized that by the end of the event, everyone had played each game. This was followed by a fitness session led by one of our coaches, Ms. Adongo. 

The day culminated with a delicious lunch that we all enjoyed! 

As Sadili staff, we had as much fun as the girls did playing the games and interacting with each other. It's so important for us to be involved in the community and in young people's lives because it influences us to see the rewards and the excitement behind playing sports.

Thanks to all the participants and everyone who worked hard to see this day successful. We are all looking forward to the next Sports Day.

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