Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Malezi Top National Secondary School Games!!

Yasin & Henry
Yasin Lila once again dominated in the national leaving an undefeated mark for Malezi School this year. The finals that were held yesterday in Mombasa ended in a short but furious defeat of Emmanuel Orwa from Rift Valley. Yasin who was representing Nairobi province met fellow teammate Henry Ayesiga in the semifinals after what he describes as a disappointing loss for him in the group category to Emmanuel Orwa (4-1). His loss meant that would have to battle it out with Yasin in the Semi-finals rather than the finals. Henry came in an honorable 3rd. But all is not lost as Nairobi (and Malezi School) maintains its name as the defending champions for almost a decade until next year. There was no love lost between both competitors having played against each other the year before. Malezi boys remains undefeated for the 9th year running, as Jamin Luvembe partnered with John Lutaaya, dropping only 6 games in total trounce Central, North Eastern and Eastern Provinces in the group stages, setting up a finals against Western to win 6-0 6-2.
This year for the first time since the program was started 2 years ago the table tennis players made to the Nationals after heartbreaking loss at the provincials last year, ending the hopes and dreams of the last years team. 

Tennis Results
Nairobi boys Singles 1 - Yasin Shabani
1. 4-0 vs central 22. 4-0 vs coast 13. 4-0 vs nyanza 14. 4-1 vs eastern 15. 4-0 vs rift valley 26. 4-0 vs north eastern 17. 4-0 vs western 2 semi finals- 6-2 vs nairobi 2 finals- 6-0,6-0 vs central 1
Nairobi Boys Singles 2  - Henry Ayesiga 

1.  2-4 vs central 12. 4-0 vs coast 23. 4-0 vs nyanza 24. 4-0 vs eastern 25. 4-0 vs rift valley 16. 4-0 vs north eastern 27. 4-0 vs western 1semi finals- 2-6 vs nairobi 3rd place 6-2 vs central 2
Nairobi Boys Doubles - Jamin Luvembe/John Lutaaya

1. 4-0 vs central 
2. 4-1 vs north eastern
3. 4-0 vs eatern
semi final- 6-3 vs western
finals- 6-0, 6-2 Central

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