Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yasin Lila lifts Under 18 at the Smashers Challenge Cup at Sadli Oval

Yasin Lila (Tanzania) today won the boys Under 18 category, beating the defending champion and East Africa’s number 2 player, Amadi Kagoma on Burundi 6/4 3/6 7/4 in a closely contested match, today, at the finals of the Smashers Challenge Cup No. 2 tournament held at Sadili Oval Sports Academy. Other surprises included David Matanda, who beat all opposition, winning his final match against Sylvester Juma 6/4 6/3 to lift the boys Under 14 crown. Kenya Open semi-finalist David Matanda, grabbed the bys Under 12, beating Anttony Owita 6/2 6/4, while 2011 Confederation of Africa number 1 ranked Under 14s Henry Ayesiga (Uganda) beat team mate John Lutaaya 6/1 6/2 to take the boys Under 16s. Smashers Challenge Cup is recognized by Tennis Africa Cup, an international ranking platform.

David Mukhwana



Antony Owita v/s Davis Matanda 2/6,4/6
Davis Matanda v/s Antony Owita 6/2,6/4

Winner:Davis Matanda
Runner up:Antony Owita

Byron Omondi v/s Sylvester Juma 1/6,0/6
Byron Omondi v/s David Mukhwana 1/6,1/6
Byron Omondi v/s Charles Ochieng 6/7(6) 6/0,6/3
Byron Omondi v/s Ronald Omondi 6/1,6/0
Sylvester Juma v/s Byron Omondi 6/1,6/0
Sylvester Juma v/s David Mukhwana 4/6,3/6
Sylvester Juma v/s Charles Ochieng 6/1,6/0
Sylvester Juma v/s Ronald Omondi 6/1,6/0
David Mukhwana v/s Sylvester Juma 6/4,6/3
David Mukhwana v/s Charles Ochieng 6/0,6/0
David Mukhwana v/s Ronald Omondi 6/1,6/0
Charles Ochieng v/sByron Omondi 7/6(6) 0/6,3/6
Charles Ochieng v/s Sylvester Juma 1/6,0/6
Charles Ochieng v/s David Mukhwana 0/6,0/6
Charles Ochieng v/s Ronald Omondi 7/5,7/5
Ronald Omondi v/s Byron Omondi 1/6,0/6
Ronald Omondi v/s Sylvester Juma 1/6,0/6
Ronald Omondi v/s David Mukhwana 1/6,0/6
Ronald Omondi v/s Ronald Omondi  5/7,5/7

Winner: David Mukwana
Runner up: Sylvester Juma

Ian Guandai v/s Henry Ayesiga 0/6,0/6
Ian Guandai v/s John Lutaya 0/6,0/6
Henry Ayesiga v/s Ian Guandai  6/0,6/0
Henry Ayesiga v/s John Lutaya 6/2,6/1
John Lutaya v/s Ian Guandai 6/0,6/0
John Lutaya v/s Henry Ayesiga 2/6,1/6

Winner:Henry Ayesiga
Runner up:John Lutaya

Lonah Bhwenje v/s Melisa Brown 5/7(2) 0/6 5/7
Melisa Brown v/s Lonah Bhwenje 7/5(2) 6/0 7/5

Winner:Melisa Brown
Runner up: Lonah Bhwenje

Yasin Lila v/s John Lutaya 6/2 6/2
Yasin Lila v/s Henry Ayesiga 6/0 6/1
John Lutaya v/s Yasin Lila 2/6 2/6
Henry Ayesiga v/s Yasin Lila 0/6 1/6
Yasin Lila v/s Amadi Kagoma 6/4 3/6 7/4
Yasin Lila v/s Jamin Luvembe 6/3 6/3
Amadi Kagoma v/s Yasin Lila 4/6 6/3 4/7
Amadi Kagoma v/s John Lutaya 6/1 6/0
Amadi Kagoma v/s Henry Ayesiga 6/0 6/0
Amadi Kagoma v/s Jamin Luvembe 6/3 6/2
John Lutaya v/s Amadi Kagoma 1/6 0/6
John Lutaya v/s Henry Ayesiga 1/6 1/6
John Lutaya v/s Jamin Luvembe 6/2 7/5
Henry Ayesiga v/s Amadi Kagoma 0/6 0/6
Henry Ayesiga v/s John Lutaya 6/1 6/1
Henry Ayesiga v/s Jamin Luvembe 6/4 4/6 7/4
Jamin Luvembe v/s Yasin Lila 3/6 3/6
Jamin Luvembe v/s Amadi Kagoma 3/6 2/6
Jamin Luvembe v/s  John Lutaya 2/6 5/7
Jamin Luvembe v/s  Henry Ayesiga 4/6 6/4 4/7

Winner:Yasin Lila
Runner up: Amadi Kagoma

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