Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 October 2011 Smashers Challenge Cup Ends On A High Note

Egill Sirgudson

Despite the challenge of continuous rain throughout the weekend, The 5th edition of the Smashers Challenge Cup ended today at Sadili Oval Sports Academy, with new champions in all categories, a sign of new and exciting 2012 season. 
In the Boys singles U-12, Nigel Odhiambo beat Davis Matanda and Ronald Omondi 6/2 and 6/2, respectively, to set up a final against Antony Owita, winning  6/2 to take the crown.
The boys U-14 singles saw tight matches at the group stages, with David Mukhwana, Olivier Kigotho, Ricky Omondi and Egill Sigurdson reaching the semi-finals. In the semis:  Olivier Kigotho beat Ricky Omondi narrowly  2/6,7/6 7/2, while Egill Sirgurdson won against David Mukhwana 6/3,7/5
In the finals: Egill Sirgurdson commanded the match, punishing Olivier Kigotho  6/4,6/2 to win.
Boys U-16 singles finals saw Amon Muinde  beat his twin bother,  Robert Kasombo  6/4,6/3, after an easy semi-final win against Egill Sirgudson, who retired early in their match. 
The boys under 18 singles was dominated by upcoming player Frank Kinyanjui, who beat  Dennis Gakuro  6/4,6/0 and Joseph  Ooko   6/1,6/1. Dennis Gakuro beat Joseph  Ooko  7/6, 5/7, 10/2 to take second place.
The girls Under-14/16 saw winner Melisa Brown bt Sada Nahimana  6/3,6/3 and Matseka Kithinji  6/1,6/1, while Sada Nahimana bt Matseka Kithinji 6/3,6/1 to take second place.
The Smashers challenge is a Tennis Africa Cup ranking tournament which focuses purely on players who are of intermediate level B. It is recognised by partners UNEP, Professional Tennis Registry and Global Sports Alliance.                     
Summary of results:
BU-12:1.Nigel Odhiambo    BU-14:1.Egill Sirgurdson
          2.Antony Owita                  2.Olivier Kigotho
          3.Davis Matanda                3.Ricky Omondi
BU-16:1.Amon Muinde         BU-18:1.Frank Kinyanjui
          2.Robert Kasombo               2.Dennis Gakuro
          3.Olivier  Kigotho                  3.Joseph Ooko
GU-14/16:1.Melisa Brown
               2.Sada Nahimana
               3.Matseka Kithinji

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