Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Sep 2011: No Surprises At 8 Series Event

Sascha Taylor goes for a win

The 6th edition of the 8-Series tennis tournament (the level D tourney for beginner and intermediate level players) took place at Sadili Oval this weekend, with a strong showing from 35 juniors from around the city. In the Under 8 Girls, Lourdel Adera beat Faith Mueni and Belinda Awino 11/4 and 11/4 respectively, to take the winners prize. In the Girls U14, Sasha Taylor overcame initial nervousness which saw her lose 2/4 to Tottie Ball, but acquiring enough points from Carmine Muinde 4/1 and Natasha Tsimininsky 4/0 to lift the winner’s prize. Tottie Ball took second place after just dropping 1 point aggregate. Mary Monari lifted Pool B, after winning 4/1 and 4/0 against Elizabeth Adhiambo and Mary Appalyne, respectively.
Nigel Odhiambo won the Boys Under 10, beating Clyde Adera 11/7 in the finals. Cylde had to go past Hilary Atsango 11/9 to reach the finals. The Boys Under 12 was a tough match, which saw Billy Douglas fight it out with David Mukhwana in the finals, eventually succumbing ¾ to runner up position. The Boys Under 14, Ronex Otieno beat Sylvester Juma 4/1 lift the trophy, while Amon Muinde had to battle it out with Robert Kasomombo to win 4/2, 4/0. Final results were as follows:
Girls Under 8
Winner – Lourdel Adera
Runner-up: Faith Mueni
Boys Under 10
Winner: Nigel Odhiambo
Runner-up: Clyde Adera
2nd runner-up: Hilary Atsango
Girl Under 12 Group 1
Sasha Taylor
Runner-up: Tottie Ball
Girls Under 12 Group 2
Winner: Mary Monari
Runner-up: Elizabeth Adhiambo
Boys Under 12
Winner: David Mukhwana
Runner-up: Billy Douglas
Boys Under 14
Winner: Ronex Otieno
Runner-up: Sylvester Juma
Boys Over 14:
Winner: Amon Muinde
Runner-up: Robert Kasombo


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