Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Great Weekend for Kids at Sadili 8-Series Challenge 5

Saturday 15th July 2017 saw a record of 81 children gather at Sadili Oval for Sadili 8-series challenge 5, a tournament that has become a favorite sporting event for many children under age 12 in Kibera and parts of Lang’ata, Nairobi.
The weather was perfect, and the kids, some as young as 4 years old and experiencing competitive tennis for the first time, kept everyone entertained by showing off their talents and determination to win. Seeing a lot of them try hard even if they could not quite get the serving or hitting exercises right, and just enjoying it all even if they got a bit embarrassed was such a good reminder for all of us to be less conscious of what others might think when we are doing something new or challenging, and to just get into it and do it.
Run under a Sadili/International Inspiration partnership, this tournament was proudly sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods, Sadili Oval and Comic Relief among others.


U-6 Boys
Red Team
Solo Otieno vs Ramsey Fred 4/7
Solo Otieno vs Fred Otieno 4/7
Solo Otieno vs Zackstone  Itoyera 5/7
Fred Otieno vs Zackstone Itoyera 7/5
Fred Otieno vs Ramsey Fred  7/6
Ramsey Fred vs Zackstone Itoyera 7/5
Winner: Fred Otieno
Runner up: Solo Otieno

U-6 Girls
Red Team
Precious Rachel vs Gladys Kayumbi 7/4
Precious Rachel vs  Pretty Akinyi 7/3
Precious Rachel vs  Tracy Njeri 7/2
Pretty Akinyi vs Gladys Kayumbi 0/7
Pretty Akinyi vsTracy Njeri 3/7
Gladys Kayumbi vsTracy Njeri 7/3
Winner: Precious Rachel
Runner up: Gladys Kayumbi

U-8 Boys
Red Team
Brandon Mulama vs Fidel Odhiambo 9/11
Brandon Mulama vs Newton Otieno 11/8
Brandon Mulama vs Voster Hillary 5/11
Newton Otieno vs Voster Hillary 4/11
Newton Otienovs Fidel Odhiambo 8/11
Fidel Odhiambo vs Voster Hillary 10/11
Winner: Voster Hillary
Runner up: Fidel Odhiambo
Green Team
Jesse Owino vs Simon Baraza 11/9
Jesse Owino vs Dennis Odhiambo 11/6
Jesse Owino vsTeddy Omondi 9/11
Dennis Odhiambo vsTeddy Omondi 5/11
Dennis Odhiambo vs Simon Baraza 6/11
Simon Baraza vs Teddy Omondi 7/11
Winner: Dennis Odhiambo
Runner up: Teddy Omondi
Blue Team
David Shaka vs Rogan Owino 11/6
David Shaka vs Livingstone Ogonda 11/5
David Shaka vs Emmanuel Otieno 11/10
Livingstone Ogonda vs Emmanuel Otieno 11/5
Livingstone Ogonda vs Rogan Owino 11/8
Emmanuel Otieno vs Rogan Owino 5/11
Winner: David Shaka
Runner up: Livingstone Ogonda
Yellow Team
Joshua Omondi vs Richard Kakaya 7/11
Winner: Richard Kakaya
Runner up: Joshua Omondi

U-8 Girls
Red Team
Margaret Akinyi vs Marion Adhiambo 11/11
Margaret Akinyi vs Sallaypto Amhuma 5/11
Margaret Akinyi vs Velma Atieno11/5
Marion Adhiambo vs Sallaypto Amhuma0/11
Marion Adhiambo vs Velma Atieno11/4
Velma Atieno Sallaypto Amhuma 3/11
Winner: Sallaypto Amhuma
Runner up: Margaret Akinyi
Green Team
Yvonne Atieno vs Daisy Atieno 11/5
Yvonne Atieno vs Jessica Olesi 11/3
Yvonne Atieno vs Evelyn Akinyi 11/3
Daisy Atieno vs Jessica Olesi 6/11
Daisy Atieno vs Evelyn Akinyi 11/4
Evelyn Akinyi Jessica Olesi 11/6
Winner: Yvonne Atieno
Runner up: Evelyn Akinyi
Blue Team
Beryl Anyango vs Michelle Chakuza 7/11
Beryl Anyango vs Susan Akinyi  6/11
Beryl Anyango vs Eunice Akiru 9/11
Susan Akinyi vs Eunice Akiru10/11
Susan Akinyi vs Michelle Chakuza11/6
Michelle Chakuza vs Eunice Akiru 11/7
Winner: Susan Akinyi
Runner up: Eunice Akiru

U-10 Boys
Red Team
John Kidziri vs Aldon Juma 11/6
John Kidziri vs Victor Omondi 6/11
John Kidziri vs Joshua Otieno 7/11
Victor Omondi vs Joshua Otieno 11/6
Victor Omondi vs Aldon Juma 11/7
Aldon Juma vs Joshua Otieno 11/9
Winner: Victor Omondi
Runner up: Joshua Otieno
Green Team
Kevin Omondi vs Nelson Gichora 11/8
Kevin Omondi vs Cecil Omondi 9/11
Kevin Omondi vs Elan Ochieng 11/8
Cecil Omondi vs Elan Ochieng 11/9
Cecil Omondi vs Nelson Gichora 8/11
Nelson Gichora vs Elan Ochieng 7/11
Winner: Kevin Omondi
Runner up: Elan Ochieng
Blue Team
Calvin Mbima vs Simon Oduor 10/11
Calvin Mbima vs Tofiq Ibrahim 9/11
Calvin Mbima vs Stephen Gichora 11/5
Tofiq Ibrahim vs Stephen Gichora11/6
Tofiq Ibrahim vs Simon Oduor11/9
Stephen Gichora vs Simon Oduor 11/10
Winner: Tofiq Ibrahim
Runner up: Simon Oduor
Yellow Team
Nicholas Omondi vs Jeremiah Onyegu 9/11
Nicholas Omondi vs  Eugene Ochieng 10/11
Nicholas Omondi vs Lennox Odhiambo 11/5
Eugene Ochieng vs Lennox Odhiambo 7/11
Eugene Ochieng vs Jeremiah Onyegu 11/10
Jeremiah Onyegu vs Lennox Odhiambo 7/11
Winner: Nicholas Omondi
Runner up: Jeremiah Onyegu
Orange Team
Brian Otieno vs John Kidziri 9/11
Brian Otieno vs Beavan Carlos 10/11
Brian Otieno vs Nicodemus Ambale 11/6
Beavan Carlos vs Nicodemus Ambale 7/11
Beavan Carlos vs John Kidziri 10/11
John Kidziri vs Nicodemus Ambale 11/6
Winner: John Kidziri
Runner up: Brian Otieno
U-10 Girls
Red Team
Ida Adhiambo vs Maureen Achieng 3/11
Ida Adhiambo vs Faith Akinyi 1/11
Ida Adhiambo vs Melvin Achieng 11/6
Faith Akinyi vs Melvin Achieng 3/11
Faith Akinyi vs Maureen Achieng 5/11
Melvin Achieng vs Maureen Achieng 8/11
Winner: Maureen Achieng
Runner up: Melvin Achieng
Blue Team
Naomi Moraa vs Shantel Atieno 6/11
Naomi Moraa v sMarion Achieng 5/11
Naomi Moraa vs Davin Moraa 11/8
Marion Achieng vs Davin Moraa 11/4
Marion Achieng vs Shantel Atieno 11/6
Davin Moraa vs Shantel Atieno 9 /11
Winner: Marion Achieng
Runner up: Shantel Atieno

U-12 Boys
Red Team
Elvis Odhiambo vs Erick Angima 11/6
Joshua Labani vs Elvis Odhiambo 11/7
Elvis Odhiambo vsVinnyOkoth 4/11
Joshua Labani vs VinnyOkoth 3/11
Vinny Okoth vs Erick Angima 11/5
Joshua Labani vs Erick Angima 11/10
Winner: Vinny Okoth
Runner up: Elvis Odhiambo
Green Team
James Mutia vs Ian Duncan Otieno 11/8
James Mutia vs Eugene Otieno 10/7
James Mutia vs Samuel Otieno 11/7
Eugene Otieno vs Samuel Otieno 11/10
Samuel Otieno vs Ian Duncan Otieno 11/6
Eugene Otieno vs Ian Duncan Otieno 6/11
Winner: James Mutia
Runner up: Ian Duncan Otieno
Blue Team
Anne Katile vs Brian Ochieng 10/11
Anne Katile vs Daniel Mulinge 11/6
Anne Katile vs Isaac Ndambuki 11/2
Daniel Mulinge vs Isaac Ndambuki 11/8
Isaac Ndambuki vs Brian Ochieng 8/11
Daniel Mulinge vs Brian Ochieng 8/11
Winner: Brian Ochieng
Runner up: Anne Katile

U-12 Girls
Red Team
Valery Mbithe vs Florence Akinyi 11/7
Valery Mbithe vs Purity Mutindi 8/11
Valery Mbithe vs Faith Muthoni 11/10
Florence Akinyi vs Faith Muthoni 11/10
Faith Muthoni vs Purity Mutindi 6/11
Purity Mutindi vs Florence Akinyi 11/6
Winner: Purity Mutindi
Runner up: Valery Mbithe

The day, as is the norm, was then topped off with lunch for all the kids and some refreshing beverages.
The Sadili 8- Series is a tournament for U6, U8, U10 & U12 kids (all levels), with Tennis Africa Cup ranking. Its aim is to encourage beginner-intermediate juniors to play competitions, and was initiated by Tennis professional, Dr. Liz Odera.

Thanks to every child who took part in the tournament, and congratulations to all the winners!  Thanks also to our sponsors and those who helped organise and run the event – Sadili Oval Staff.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Second Empower My Life ToT workshop Held at Sadili Oval

Sadili Oval Sports Academy in partnership with Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) held a 5-day training of trainers (ToT) workshop at Sadili Oval from 3rd to 8th July 2017, the second of its kind since a similar workshop was first held in March 2017. The workshop was also supported by AMREF’s department of Children and Adolescents & Gender Based violence and it brought together a total of 18 participants including pupils from Kid Star Primary School, Nazarene Primary School and St. Catherine Primary School; 2 teachers each from Nazarene and Kid Star Primary Schools and Sadili staff. It was facilitated by Sarah Vogtli of SAD.
The purpose of the workshop was to train trainers on the implementation of Empower My Life programme that has been running in various schools in Kibera since the first camp held in April 2017 at Sadili Oval.

The week-long training covered areas including Sexual Violence, HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Bystander intervention and Life skills. Each of these discussions was accompanied by several games that were practised in the field. Participants discussed their experiences from the camp held in April and made changes on areas that would make easier the implementation of another camp scheduled for August 2017.

On the third day of workshop, Ms. Monica Naliaka, a nurse from AMREF who is also a specialist in gender based violence gave an insight on sexual violence particularly in the following areas: How to identify an abused child, how to handle an abused child and how to deal with cases of child abuse.
Empower My Life is a sport and play-based, innovative and holistic 16-months prevention program contributing to the fight against sexual violence against girls and boys in Kenyan schools. It promotes the right for education and health for girls and boys.
Through a partnership between the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) based in Biel, Switzerland and Sadili Oval Sports Academy based in Nairobi, Kenya, the project runs in Kibera. It targets 200 girls and 200 boys from underprivileged backgrounds, 40 teachers and about 800 family members.
The project is in line with objectives of the Kenyan government to prevent sexual violence and HIV / AIDS and integrates relevant government institutions.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sadili Oval Sports Academy Celebrates the 2017 Day of the African Child

Sadili Oval Sports Academy on 16th June 2017 joined the rest of the continent in celebrating this year’s edition of the Day of the African Child. This event was carried out in partnership with various organizations in Nairobi including Green Card Mtaani, Kibera Vision Achievers, Children International among others. Commemoration of the day was conducted under the theme ‘accelerating protection, empowerment and equal opportunities for children in Africa by 2030’, a reminder of the linkages between the regional and global agendas on development, and the importance of promoting child rights.

Hundreds of children marched through the streets of Kibera Slums, carrying hand-painted posters and placards calling on grown-ups in the country to take lead in creating a fair society that ensures they are protected from abuse and are given equal opportunities to succeed. After marching alongside a children’s band, they settled at Undugu grounds to take part in workshops, poetry and plays geared towards the theme of the event.

Sadili staff took it upon themselves to create awareness on the importance of practicing proper hygiene habits like hand washing and menstrual hygiene management. Both of these play a big role in the lives of children and adolescent girls, both biologically and culturally. Gender equity becomes an issue when girls lack appropriate menstrual hygiene education, affecting their health, dignity and education. Sadili through its Court of Dreams (WASH) programme is keen on improving the lives of young people  by promoting good hygiene habits, which are vital for their health and development.

Fidelis Pendo
“It has been a great day. This is the first time I am participating in such an event, and I didn’t even know there is a day set aside to celebrate us!” commented Fidelis Pendo, a std.3 pupil at Blessed Children’s centre in Kibera. “I enjoyed marching alongside the band and watching the plays,” he added. “I have also learnt that washing hands without soap after play does not kill all germs and we can still fall sick, unless we use soap.”

The Day of the African Child is celebrated every year to honour those who participated in South Africa’s Soweto Uprising when 10,000 black school children marched on June 16, 1976 in protest of the poor quality of their education. Hundreds were shot that day and many killed. On June 16th every year since 1991, governments, NGOs, international organisations and other stakeholders gather to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the full realization of the rights of children Africa. The day also raises awareness on the need for improvement of the education provided to African children.