About Us

The atmosphere at Sadili Oval is like a second home. It is the great getaway from a hectic day, and a perfect way to spend your weekend, between the action-packed aerobics studio, the jam-packed swimming pool, and the quiet and relaxing reading room: whatever your taste, we have something for you. For those who like playing to win, or just playing, Sadili Oval has conjured up a whole host of experiences that will make your time here special. The rich diversity of activities, from tennis to swimming from chess to rugby, lends unique exhilaration to your day. Or maybe more leisurely pursuits such as a cup of tea, a walk round the track, or quiet contemplation in the Lounge. That's the beauty of Sadili Oval.... you're really spoiled for choice. Well, this is our dream come true, us guys who love ourselves and others. A community center that cares for your needs, what could be better? We are even able to reach out to the less fortunate, and learn to appreciate each other’s right to be on the same planet.
Our Mission
Sadili Oval comes from a Kiswahili term, meaning all round health and fitness ("well-being").
Sadili Oval is a new health and fitness centre targeting the health needs of the whole family – mother, father and children. Sadili is a not-for-profit health and fitness center that doesn't just cater for the discerning health fanatic. Our professional coaches will help you find a fitness programme that suits you. We include a rigorous social calendar, which ensures that everyone benefits from working out together. The membership is currently limited to 4000 families. We are able to cater for all these people because we have adequate facilities and dedicated staff.
Our Offer
  • A one-to-one advice on exercise routines to suit each member.
  • A full range of exercises that will not only burn fat and firm your body in minimum time, but also maintain its condition thereafter.
  • Ensuring your energy level is high each day to suit your kind of occupation. We all want to enjoy life and fitness is there to help us.
  • Health education programmes to make you more self-aware.
  • An exciting sports and social calendar
  • Quality performance training for competition in all sports.
A 5 acre ground in Langata, about 10 kilometres from the Nairobi City Centre. Exposed to a fresh, strong breeze regime all day. Nairobi City lies in easy view with evening lights reflected in all their colours.

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