Friday, August 23, 2019

Vitalis Akora leading the meeting

Stakeholders that we have worked with from year 1 to year 3 were sent for invitations to attend the validation meeting which was held at Sadili Oval Sports Academy from 10:00am to 1:00pm on the 15th of August 2019.The meeting was led by Vitalis Akora who did most of the talking as Beryl Akinyi assisted in taking notes. The meeting had 23 participants inclusive of Sadili oval staff members and the two evaluators.
Executive Summary
The main agenda for holding the meeting was to get feedback from the stakeholders on how the project has been so far. Some of the issues discussed include:
·         Involvement of the girl child in tennis
·         How to improve the girl child’s participation in tennis
·         Challenges faced during hand washing in schools
·         Likelihood of  continuity of the program after Sadili’s withdrawal
·         Possibility of the teachers training in September
·         Attendance and dropout of children
·         How Sadili can help reduce drop out
·         Support received from the Children’s department
·         How the project has impacted on child safeguarding
·         Areas that Sadili need to improve on
The activity started with all members introducing themselves, where they come from and how they are related to Sadili Oval sports Academy. Later the evaluator started the discussion by asking the member’s questions and they would respond with different opinions. Some of the issues discussed include:
Ø  Involvement of girls in tennis
      A question on why the is a low turnout of girls during the tennis sessions was posed and the parents and teachers were able to contribute on the issue the main reason coming up being;
a)      Girls are usually left with responsibilities of taking care of their young ones and doing house chores thus them coming for the training becomes impossible
b)      Tennis is usually considered a boys game there by parents do not allow their girls to get involved in it
c)      Sadili is usually far there by parents wouldn’t allow their children to walk all the way alone stating that there might be risk involved on the way i.e.  boys chasing them, crossing the road
The members suggested that to ensure maximum participation of the girls, the parents and teachers need to be sensitized on the importance of tennis to both boys and girls.
Parents and teachers during the meeting

Ø  Challenges faced during Hand Washing
      The teachers took an active part in this question citing several issues that have occurred in their respective schools which include;
a)      Lack of time to practice Hand Washing as the WASH committee members might be willing to teach others during their break time but you find that the teachers usually take up that free time to cover up their lessons thus no time for them to practice
b)      Younger ones get influenced when they do not see the older ones practicing hand washing as they always learn from their older ones thereby they also stop practicing hand washing
c)      The management that is the directors of the schools are not involved thus making running the activity a challenge as they do not provide the hand washing materials which the teachers don’t have.
The teachers suggested that repetition should be encouraged and also monitoring as the children tend to forget. Also school directors should be involved to enable them support the activity to the latter.
Parents and teachers during the meeting
Ø  Likelihood of continuity of the project after Sadili’s withdrawal
Some of the teachers said that the probability of the continuity of the project in their schools would be half .Giving the reason that if the staff we trained on hand washing and safeguarding issues leave they will leave with the knowledge thus the new ones will not continue with what they have no idea on thus extinction of the project.
Most of the teachers promised to continue with the project even after Sadili leaves.
Ø  Possibility of teachers training in September
Most of the teachers disagreed to this suggestion reasons being;
a)      Third term is a short term as  most of the teachers will be busy trying to cover the syllabus thus the training cannot be fixed in the busy schedule
b)      There will be grade 3 preparations that most of the teachers are going to be involved in.
However a few of the teachers suggested that it might be possible with proper planning, communication and co-ordination with the required parties.
Ø  Attendance and Drop out of children
Both parents and teachers agreed that attendance is an issue amongst the schools and a question was posed on how Sadili can help reduce dropout and increase attendance and the suggestions included;
a)      By encouraging the children who have been constantly attending classes by awarding them
b)      Sensitizing parents on the importance school to a child’s future
c)      By creating an interactive activity that the child can do and not forget easily
Ø  Support received from the department of child service
Some of the schools reported that they have been working with several child welfare services closely in issues regarding their children some of those organizations mentioned include; Carolina for Kibera(CFK) and Edmond Rice Camp
Other schools stated that the children department has been distant with them citing that being overwhelmed with many issues might be one of the reasons why
Ø  How the project has impacted on child safeguarding
Most of the parents and teachers who came in for the safeguarding training and meetings attested that the training has had a great impact in them and their respective schools listing the following;
a)      Corporal punishment that they were giving to the children stopped and they are using positive reinforcement
b)      Teachers accepted that not all learners are good in class there by focusing on what they are good in
c)      Teachers are going deep to check on the root causes of a certain behavior in a child
d)     Teachers and parents are having a good relationship with the pupils there by enabling them to open up to them in case they have a problem.
Ø  Areas that Sadili need to improve on
The parents and teachers were asked to state some of the areas that they would like to see changes in regards to Sadili and how the project was run and the following were some of the suggestions;
a)      Sadili should increase contact time with the children as the sessions were so short and when they were just enjoying the session had to be cut short due to time
b)      Introducing other co-curricular activities as not all the children love tennis
c)      Introduce competitions where by schools meet up and compete and the winners are awarded
d)     Safety of the kids should be looked at when they are coming to Sadili for tennis a van should be bought to pick them up and drop them in Sadili hence ensuring no risks in terms of accidents while crossing the road and also personal safety
e)      Several patrons should be trained at schools as there are many transfers thus no continuity of the program.
f)       Sadili should work more closely with the owners of the schools are they are the yes Sayers in all the activities that should be carried out in schools
g)      School meetings should be attended by Sadili Staff members where they can share more about the activities carried out and their importance
h)      Participants in the training's that happen at Sadili should be given certificates to show that they have participated as a motivation
i)        Children coming to Sadili for training be provided for branded Sadili uniforms
j)        The program should also involve the upper primary kids and all staff members including the subordinate staff ,as they are the ones most of the young kids look up to
k)      Sadili should at least supply tanks which will be permanent to schools that they have worked with to promote WASH
l)        Sadili should create awareness of the activities that they are going to carry out before starting them.
Later the meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Joy Akim who later gave all participants a bucket and a bar of soap as a token of appreciation for taking their time to come and also to continue promoting WASH
Participants with their buckets
Special thanks to Sadili Oval sports Academy for the approval and support given in this activity, Vitalis Akora and Beryl Akinyi for taking their time to listen to our stakeholders views, all the stakeholders for taking their time to attend and lastly all the Sadili Oval Sports academy staff members for their support from planning to the conclusion of the activity.
The day ran smoothly with all the activities carried out as planned. The participants were active in their participation leaving no stone upturned. The participants had lunch and left at their own pleasure.

Report compiled by: Flora Khisa

Friday, August 16, 2019


Bean bag toss
The Joy of the children could be seen as they came in one by one reminiscing about how the previous Undokai festivals have been and how this one is even going to be better most of the children who had not come in during the previous Undokai activities were being fed with sneak peeks of some of the activities that are usually carried out during this
specific day.
The children surpassed our target number as 139 showed up exceeding the 100 that we had anticipated which was amazing as it goes the more the merrier. Children were divided into two teams team red and team white and they had to compete against each other in whatever competition that would come up, each team was given a headband of their color to show which team they represented.
Centipede race
The day kicked off by a tree planting activity where by children were given different trees which they planted to promote environmental conservation as Undokai is all about sports and environmental conservation, 62 trees were planted each child planting the trees with love tender and care. Later the sports activity started, there were a series of activities which the children were to participate in including :Bean bag toss, Run away bean bag toss, Sack race, Rope skipping, Three legged race, Centipede race,Relay,Big ball relay, Tug of war,100 meters race and finally clean up race. The competition was tough as no team wanted to be on the losing end, each team picking some of the best people to represent them and those remaining cheering their representatives and encouraging them when they seemed to lose hope before finishing, however at the end there was a tie as both teams gave their best in all the activities they were chosen to engage in making it a win win for both.
Coach Katsuya Otsu with the squad
Later the children had lunch and left happy carrying stories to tell those who missed. The squad group who usually come in for tennis training sessions remained behind and had a nice time playing tennis with our guest Katsuya Otsu from Tokai University who has always been coming to Sadili Oval sports Academy and spending time with our children playing and promoting WASH and Environmental conservation.
Three legged race

Big ball relay
Tug of war

Runway bean bag toss

I planted this
Tug of war

Finishing the relay with style

The food was yummy

It was a tie!

Tennis was awesome