Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The community clean up activity

The second clean up activity was held on the 5th of July 2019 led by Sadili oval staff members with Kevin Ayuko as the organizer. The event started at 10:00 am at Stara Rescue Center and School where all the three schools that were participating had assembled that is St Catherine, Nazarene and Stara Rescue center. Close to 100 members participated in the activity that is inclusive of teachers and students from the three schools plus Sadili Oval Staff members. The area to be covered was between Darajani where Stara Rescue Center is located via Gatwekera to Nazarene in Soweto area. The purpose for the cleanup was to create awareness to the community on the importance of environmental conservation.
Members participating in the clean up activity were given a short brief by Kevin Ayuko on the program that is areas to be covered and what is needed. All members were given Sadili branded T-shirts, caps, dust masks, gloves and equipment's to be used during the clean up that is rakes, spades and sacks for collecting garbage. The Participants actively participated in collecting rubbish and cleaning all the areas that we passed in the community to the last area which was Nazarene located in Soweto.
The clean up activity ended at 12:00 pm and all members assembled at the hall in Nazarene where introduction of the schools present, teachers present and Sadili Oval staff members was done with the teachers and pupils emphasizing that clean ups should always be done and that it should not be the last one they thanked Sadili Oval sports Academy for the great job being done in the community and encouraged us to keep up. Vote of thanks was also done to thank all members who participated in the activity and later all members enjoyed a snack and left for their respective schools promising to always keep the environment clean.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Using play based approach to address WASH

Pupils of Stara during a life skills session on Hand Washing
Tuesdays and Thursdays are always packed days for WASH implementers to execute life skills and sports sessions at Stara Rescue Center and School. The new term and new games for tennis came with a clearer implication of the strength of using play to reach out to children with lessons around WASH, Literacy and numeracy.
One Tuesday, when coach Asha was held up and wouldn't make it for a session at Stara school became my center of interest to unearth how much the children from Stara School loved sport in comparison to WASH sessions. Together with my colleague, we studied the behavior of children in the absence of coach Asha and decided to further  the research
Normally, Sadili’s staff arrival at the school will attract the attention of all the children either in their class rooms or outside playing. The children would shout, and scream in joy as they chant songs because they know its play time with "coach tennis" as they had named Asha.
We decide that one day  coach Asha would be left behind so as to see the difference in our arrival at the school.As we entered the compound of Stara School, there were some normal excitements from the children, shouting the name Sadili and P.E congruently. We thereafter alerted the coach who was standing just outside the gate to join us. This made us dissolve into laughter as the children already organized in groups screamed in  excitement calling out the name coach, tennis and others shouting ‘game yetu’-our game.
Children during play session with coach Adongo
In conclusion, play based approach to address the situation of WASH and reaching out to out of school children is the best choice made by the court of dreams project that suits well the different categories in ages of the targeted groups. Children of Stara as a sample here give a clearer message that when play is involved the interest of children to learn is attained hence driving home the message of WASH, Literacy and Education.