Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Kids Show of Skills at Sadili 8-Series Challenge 6

Sadili Oval on Saturday 2nd September 2017 hosted the Sadili 8-Series Challenge 6, a free-entry event that has become a cherished monthly staple for many kids under age 12 in Kibera, as well as Kijiji- a small informal settlement in Lang’ata. The 40 kids were excited to play at Sadili and the tournament went on as planned.

On arrival at Sadili, the kids were first divided according to their ages and the matches swiftly followed. The kids, many of them new tennis learners, kept everyone entertained as they relentlessly tried their best to show their skills in the game.

The tournament organizers, Sadili staff, were satisfied with the games played even though many children didn’t show up for the event. To them, it was fulfilling that the children that participated had a platform to show their talents as they enjoyed themselves.

The Sadili 8- Series Junior Tennis Challenge is a tournament for U6, U8, U10 & U12 kids (all levels), with Tennis Africa Cup ranking. It is great for kids who want to test their games, get out on the court and make new friends along the way. It was initiated by Tennis professional, Dr. Liz Odera.

Run under a Sadili/International Inspiration partnership, this tournament was sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods, Sadili Oval and Comic Relief among others.

U-6 Boys
Red Team
Aaron Manyonka vs Alfred Otieno 3/7
Stanley Muli vs Aaron Manyonka 1/7
Aaron Manyonka vs Joseph Odhiambo 7/5
Stanley Muli vs Joseph Odhiambo 7/5
Alfred Otieno vs Joseph Odhiambo 7/5
Stanley Muli vs Alfred Otieno 7/2
Joseph Odhiambo vs Moses Ekisa 4/7
Stanley Muli vs Moses Ekisa 7/4
Moses Ekisa vs Aaron Manyonka 2/7
Alfred Otieno vs Moses Ekisa 5/7

Winner: Aaron Manyonka
Runner up: Stanley Muli

U-6 Girls
Red Team
Eunice Ekiru Vs Shantel Adatia 7/4

Winner: Eunice Ekiru
Runner up: Shantel Adatia

U-8 Boys
Red Team
Richard Isaiah vs Tofique Ibrahim 5/7
Richard Isaiah vs Jesse Owino 6/7
Richard Isaiah vs Mike Owino 4/7
Tofique Ibrahim vs Jesse Owino 7/3
Tofique Ibrahim vs Mike Owino 5/7
Jesse Owino vs Mike Owino 7/6

Winner: Mike Owino
Runner up: Tofique Ibrahim

U-8 Girls
Red Team
Everline Akinyi vs Abigail Asiro 5/7
Irene Natalia vs Everline Akinyi 7/5
Everline Akinyi vs Yvonne Nadia 7/4
Irene Natalia vs Abigail Asiro 7/3
Irene Natalia vs Yvonne Nadia 7/4
Yvonne Nadia vs Abigail Asiro 7/6
Winner: Irene Natalia
Runner up: Everline Akinyi

U-10 Boys
Red Team
Victor Omondi vs Samuel Oduor 4/7
Victor Omondi  vs Franklin Matata 7/6
Victor Omondi  vs Bravin Oduor 7/2
Franklin Matata vs Bravin Oduor 7/6
Franklin Matata vs Samuel Oduor 4/7
Samuel Oduor vs Bravin Oduor 7/4

Winner: Samuel Oduor
Runner up: Victor Matata

U-10 Girls
Red Team

Angela Alwanga vs Rose Daniella 7/3

Winner: Angela Alwanga
Runner up: Rose Daniella

U-12 Boys
Red Team
Joshua Abiutu vs Cecil Omondi 2/0
Cecil Omondi vs Brian Kangethe 2/0
Brian Kangethe vs Joshua Abiutu 1/2
Joshua Abiutu  vs Abdi Rashid 2/0
Brian Kangethe vs Abdi Rashid 0/2
Cecil Omondi vs Abdi Rashid 2/1

Winner: Joshua Abiutu
Runner-Up: Cecil Omondi

Green Team
Collins Mwirigi vs Ali Matano 2/0
Collins Mwirigi vs Simon Kabiru 2/0
Collins Mwirigi vs Kennedy Kanywira 2/0
Kennedy Kanywira vs 
Ali Matano 1/2
Simon Kabiru vs Ali Matano 1/2

Winner: Collins Mwirigi
Runner up: Ali Matano

Blue Team
Tom Agumba vs John Omondi 2/1

Winner: Tom Agumba
Runner up: John Omondi

U-12 Girls
Red Team
Scovia Nafula vs Sarah Nyanchama 2/0
Scovia Nafula vs Gloria Kakai 2/0
Scovia Nafula vs Anne Katile 2/0
Gloria Kakai vs Anne Katile1/2
Anne Katile vs Sarah Nyanchama 2/0
Gloria Kakai vs Sarah Nyanchama 1/2

Winner: Scovia Nafula
Runner up: Scovia Nafula

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all of our sponsors!

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