Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sadili Oval Sports Academy Celebrates the 2017 Day of the African Child

Sadili Oval Sports Academy on 16th June 2017 joined the rest of the continent in celebrating this year’s edition of the Day of the African Child. This event was carried out in partnership with various organizations in Nairobi including Green Card Mtaani, Kibera Vision Achievers, Children International among others. Commemoration of the day was conducted under the theme ‘accelerating protection, empowerment and equal opportunities for children in Africa by 2030’, a reminder of the linkages between the regional and global agendas on development, and the importance of promoting child rights.

Hundreds of children marched through the streets of Kibera Slums, carrying hand-painted posters and placards calling on grown-ups in the country to take lead in creating a fair society that ensures they are protected from abuse and are given equal opportunities to succeed. After marching alongside a children’s band, they settled at Undugu grounds to take part in workshops, poetry and plays geared towards the theme of the event.

Sadili staff took it upon themselves to create awareness on the importance of practicing proper hygiene habits like hand washing and menstrual hygiene management. Both of these play a big role in the lives of children and adolescent girls, both biologically and culturally. Gender equity becomes an issue when girls lack appropriate menstrual hygiene education, affecting their health, dignity and education. Sadili through its Court of Dreams (WASH) programme is keen on improving the lives of young people  by promoting good hygiene habits, which are vital for their health and development.

Fidelis Pendo
“It has been a great day. This is the first time I am participating in such an event, and I didn’t even know there is a day set aside to celebrate us!” commented Fidelis Pendo, a std.3 pupil at Blessed Children’s centre in Kibera. “I enjoyed marching alongside the band and watching the plays,” he added. “I have also learnt that washing hands without soap after play does not kill all germs and we can still fall sick, unless we use soap.”

The Day of the African Child is celebrated every year to honour those who participated in South Africa’s Soweto Uprising when 10,000 black school children marched on June 16, 1976 in protest of the poor quality of their education. Hundreds were shot that day and many killed. On June 16th every year since 1991, governments, NGOs, international organisations and other stakeholders gather to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the full realization of the rights of children Africa. The day also raises awareness on the need for improvement of the education provided to African children.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Huge Turnout at Sadili 8-Series Challenge 4

Saturday 3rd June 2017 saw a record 96 children from various parts of Nairobi, mainly Kibera, gather at Sadili Oval grounds for the Sadili 8-series challenge 4. The weather was perfect, and it was quite evident that the kids had put their best foot forward and were all determined to win.

The results were as follows:

U-6 Boys

Green Team
Moses Mkoa Vs Clinton Onyango 7/5
Winner: Moses Mkoa

Red Team
Eugene Michael vs Moses Ekisa 7/4
Eugene Michael vs Joseph Odhiambo 7/5
Victor Aswa vs Eugene Michael 4/7
Victor Aswa vs Joseph Odhiambo 7/6
Moses Ekisa vs Joseph Odhiambo 5/7
Victor Aswa vs Moses Ekisa 7/1
Joseph Odhiambo vs Brandon Mlama 4/6
Brandon Mlama vs Victor Aswa 7/6
Brandon Mlama vs Eugene Michael 2/7
Moses Ekisa vs Brandon Mlama 4/7

Winner: Eugene Michael
Runner up: Victor Mlama

U-6 Girls
Red Team
Gladys Kaimbi Vs Marion Melvin 2/7
Gladys Kaimbi vs Britney Osodo 7/4
Gladys Kaimbi vs Tracy Njeri 5/7
Marion Melvin vs Tracy Njeri 7/4
Marion Melvin vs Britney Osodo 7/4
Britney Osodo vs Tracy Njeri 3/7
Winner: Marion Melvin
Runner up: Tracy Njeri

U-8 Boys
Red Team
David Shaka vs James Mbuthia 5/7
David Shaka vs John Omondi 6/7
James Mbuthia vs John Omondi 6/7

Winner: John Omondi
Runner up: James Mbuthia

U-8 Girls
Green Team
Michelle Chakuza vs Emmaculate Akinyi 7/4
Winner: Michelle Chakuza

Red Team
Ruth Viyaki vs Jessica Olesi 7/4
Yvonne Atieno vs Ruth Viyaki 3/7
Ruth Viyaki vs Sallypto Amuma 7/6
Yvonne Atieno vs Jessica Olesi 7/3
Yvonne Atieno vs Sallypto Amuma 3/7
Sallypto Amuma vs Jessica Olesi 7/6

Winner: Ruth Viyaki
Runner up: Sallypto Amuma

Blue Team
Eunice Akiro vs Michelle Akinyi 6/11
Eunice Akiro vs Brigit Osongo 11/5
Eunice Akiro vs Susan Kanini 6/11
Michelle Akinyi vs Susan Kanini 10/11
Michelle Akinyi vs Brigit Osongo 8/11
Brigit Osongo vs Susan Kanini 8/11

Winner: Susan Kanini
Runner up: Brigit Osongo

Yellow Team
Evelyne Akinyi vs Daisy Atieno 5/7
Evelyne Akinyi vs Marion Adhiambo 7/3
Evelyne Akinyi vs Sharon Candy 7/6
Daisy Atieno vs Sharon Candy 7/5
Daisy Atieno vs Marion Adhiambo 7/5
Marion Adhiambo vs Sharon Candy 7/6

Winner: Daisy Atieno
Runner up: Evelyne Akinyi

U-10 Boys
Red Team
Bellamy Ochieng vs Benedict Omondi 11/5
Bellamy Ochieng vs Jeremiah Onyiego 5/11
Bellamy Ochieng vs Cecil Omondi 8/11
Jeremiah Onyiego vs Cecil Omondi 11/9
Jeremiah Onyiego vs Benedict Omondi  7/11
Benedict Omondi vs Cecil Omondi 8/11

Winner: Cecil Omondi
Runner up: Jeremiah Onyiego

Green Team
Eugene Odhiambo vs Aldonne Juma 11/8
Eugene Odhiambo vs Joshua Otieno 11/6
Eugene Odhiambo vs Vincent Okemwa 11/7
Joshua Otieno vs Vincent Okemwa 7/11
Joshua Otieno vs Aldonne Juma 11/8
Aldonne Juma vs Vincent Okemwa 11/10

Winner: Eugene Odhiambo
Runner up: Aldonne Juma

Blue Team
Solomon Ouma vs Victor Omondi 7/11
Solomon Ouma vs Samuel Oduor 11/7
Solomon Ouma vs Fredrick Omondi 10/11
Samuel Oduor vs Fredrick Omondi 8/11
Samuel Oduor vs Victor Omondi 11/9
Victor Omondi vs Fredrick Omondi 11/8

Winner: Victor Omondi
Runner up: Fredrick Omondi

Yellow Team
Michael Owino vs Nicholas Omondi 11/9
Michael Owino vs John Kadziri 11/5
Michael Owino vs Brian Otieno 11/9
John Kadziri vs Brian Otieno 11/10
John Kadziri vs Nicholas Omondi 10/11
Nicholas Omondi vs Brian Otieno 11/9

Winner: Michael Owino
Runner up: Nicholas Omondi

White Team
Brian Odhiambo vs Simon Oduor 11/10
Brian Odhiambo vs Peter Wilson 9/11
Brian Odhiambo vs Kevin Shui 11/5
Peter Wilson vs Kevin Shui 11/9
Peter Wilson vs Simon Oduor 11/9
Simon Oduor vs Kevin Shui 11/9

Winner: Simon Oduor
Runner up: Brian Odhiambo

Orange Team
Lennox Odhiambo vs Elia Obaa 8/11
Lennox Odhiambo vs Stephen Gichora 11/7
Lennox Odhiambo vs Calvin Mbima 6/11
Stephen Gichora vs Calvin Mbima 11/4
Stephen Gichora vs Elia Obaa 11/10
Elia Obaa vs Calvin Mbima 6/11

Winner: Stephen Gichora
Runner up: Elia Obaa

U-10 Girls
Red Team
Gertrude Mulonja vs EmilyAkinyi 3/11
Gertrude Mulonja vs Maureen Achieng 11/8
Velma Ida vs
Gertrude Mulonja 10/11
Maureen Achieng vs Velma Ida 11/7
Emily Akinyi vs Velma Ida 5/11
Maureen Achieng vs Emily Akinyi 11/5

Winner: Maureen Achieng
Runner up: Velma Ida

Green Team
Shirleen Chivaluma vs Angela Alwanga 4/11
Shirleen Chivaluma vs Abigael Asiro 2/11
Vash Skyline vs 
Shirleen Chivaluma 11/6
Angela Alwanga vs Vash Skyline 11/3
Abigael Asiro vs Vash Skyline 11/4
Angela Alwanga vs Abigael Asiro 11/7
Winner: Angela Alwanga
Runner up: Abigael Asiro

Blue Team
Shantel Atieno vs Whitney Anyango 10/11
Shantel Atieno vs Ashley Fortune 11/10
Esther Adhiambo vs
Shantel Atieno 8/11
Whitney Anyango vs Esther Adhiambo 7/11
Ashley Fortune vs Esther Adhiambo7/11
Whitney Anyango vs Ashley Fortune 10/11
Winner: Shantel Atieno
Runner up: Esther Adhiambo

U-12 Boys
Red Team
Patel Ambecha vs Austine Katiech 6/11
Austine Katiech vs Samuel Olando 11/4
Samuel Olando vs Patel Ambecha 8/11
Patel Ambecha vs Van Vicker Otieno 10/11
Samuel Olando vs Van Vicker Otieno 8/11
Austine Katiech vs Van Vicker Otieno 11/9

Winner: Austine Katiech
Runner up: Van Vicker Otieno

Green Team
Maxwell Ikolomani vs Henry Otieno 11/9
Maxwell Ikolomani vs Wycliffe Odhiambo 11/5
Maxwell Ikolomani vs Eddy Ochieng 4/11
Wycliffe Odhiambo vs Eddy Ochieng 2/11
Eddy Ochieng vs Henry Otieno 11/3
Wycliffe Odhiambo vs Henry Otieno 9/11

Winner: Eddy Ochieng
Runner up: Maxwell Ikolomani

U-12 Girls
Red Team
Scovia Nafula vs Fanice Asengo 7/11
Scovia Nafula vs Diana Atieno 11/7
Scovia Nafula vs Anne Katile 11/1
Diana Atieno vs Anne Katile 11/4
Anne Katile vs Fanice Asengo 4/11
Diana Atieno vs Fanice Asengo 6/11

Winner: Fanice Asengo
Runner up: Scovia Nafula

Green Team
Maryanne Anyango Vs Rosemeline Akinyi 10/11
Winner: Rosemeline Akinyi

Congratulations to all the winners. We are all looking forward to the next tournament.

The Sadili 8- Series is a tournament for U6, U8, U10 & U12 kids (all levels), with Tennis Africa Cup ranking. It is free and open to all children, and encourages beginner-intermediate juniors to play competitions and was initiated by Tennis professional, Dr. Liz Odera.