Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Empower My Life Training of Trainers Workshop Held at Sadili Oval

Sadili Oval Sports Academy in partnership with Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) held a 5-day training of trainers (ToT) workshop at Sadili Oval from 21st to 25th March 2017. The workshop brought together a total of 21 participants including students from Olympic High School, Nazarene Primary School and St. Catherine Primary School; 2 teachers each from Nazarene and St. Catherine Primary Schools and Sadili staff. It was facilitated by Marc Probst and Sarah Vogtli, both of SAD. 

The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize trainers with the new Empower My Life programme and train them on how they will help with its implementation in April 2017.

The discussions during the workshop were focused on Sexual Violence, HIV/AIDS, Health & Hygiene, Gender Equality, Bystander intervention and Life skills. Each of these discussions was accompanied by several games that were practiced in the field. Some of the games in the toolkit were also modified by participants after discussions to better suit the programme’s target group.

The schedule of the workshop was as follows:

Day 1: Introduction and presentation of Sadili and SAD; Brainstorming, Problem mapping, Sport and play based approach, Bystander approach; Applying learning cycle to the games (testing one of the games)
Day 2: Training on the coaching process; Designing and modifying games, presentation of Child Protection policy by Sadili
Day 3: Bystander intervention training, modifying games, testing of games in the field
Day 4: Presentation of training sequence, preparation of the timetable to be used in April during the implementation of the programme.
Day 5: Reviewing of topics and contents of the training, award of certificates 

Empower My Life is a sport and play-based, innovative and holistic 16-months prevention program contributing to the fight against sexual violence against girls and boys in Kenyan schools. It contributes to enforce the right for education and health for girls and boys.

Empower My Life works with three topical components: 1) Knowledge-transfer about sexual violence, HIV/AIDS and relevant health topics (e.g. hygiene); 2) the adequate perception of gender and construction of protection mechanisms as well as 3) supporting the increase of civil courage. Thus, the project aims to build support-mechanism for boys and girls (to improve the sense of community) as well as to make schools safer.

Through a partnership between the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) based in Biel, Switzerland and Sadili Oval Sports Academy based in Nairobi, Kenya, the project will be implemented Kibera. It targets 200 girls and 200 boys from underprivileged backgrounds, 40 teachers and about 800 family members.

The project is in line with objectives of the Kenyan government to prevent sexual violence and HIV/AIDS and integrates relevant government institutions.

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