Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sadili 8-Series Challenge No. 8 Succesfully Held Despite Chilly Weather

On Saturday 26th November 2016, 50 young boys and girls braved the chilly Nairobi weather to participate in the Sadili 8-series challenge no. 8. The kids, mainly drawn from Sadili’s Court of Dreams programme, had a chance to test their tennis skills in a competitive environment after a month long tennis training by volunteer coach Vimal Kirthi and Sadili’s coaches. The tournament was held both at Sadili’s Kibera Tennis Court where the younger ones (Under 6s and Under 8s) played and at Sadili Oval where the older ones (Under10s and under 12s) played.

Run under a Sadili/International Inspiration partnership, this tournament was sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods, Sadili Oval and Comic Relief among others.


U-6 Boys
Red Team
Padre Ouma Vs Marco Onyango 7/6

Winner: Padre Ouma

Blue Team
Eugene Michael vs Lawrence Opiyo 6/7
Eugene Michael vs Brighton Otieno7/2
Lawrence Opiyo vs Brighton Otieno7/5
Brighton Otieno vs Sammy Bahati7/4
Sammy Bahati vs Eugene Michael 7/3
Lawrence Opiyo vs Sammy Bahati 7/6

Winner: Lawrence Opiyo
Runner up: Sammy Bahati

U-6 Girls
Green Team
Khadija Mbone Vs Linet Akoth 7/5
Khadija Mbone vs Sheila Awuor 3/7
Khadija Mbone vs Yvonne Anyango 7/3
Linet Akoth vs Yvonne Anyango7/5
Linet Akoth vs Sheila Awuor 6/7
Sheila Awuor vs Yvonne Anyango 7/3

Winner: Sheila Awuor
Runner up: Linet  Akoth

Yellow Team
Brenda Atieno vs Michelle Adongo 7/5
Winner: Brenda Atieno

U-8 Boys
Red Team
Barack Ochieng vs Sammy Otieno 5/11
Barack Ochieng vs Fidel Ochieng 11/5
Barack Ochieng vs Steve Otieno 4/11
Sammy Otieno vs Fidel Ochieng 11/10
Sammy Otieno vs Steve Otieno 10/11
Fidel Ochieng vs Steve Otieno 4/11

Winner: Steve Otieno
Runner up: Sammy Otieno

Blue Team
Samuel Ofuyo vs Emmanuel Otieno 7/11
Rooney Otieno vs Samuel Ofuyo 11/5
Brian Odhiambo vs Samuel Ofuyo 8/11
Emmanuel Otieno vs Brian Odhiambo 11/10
Emmanuel Otieno vs Rooney Otieno 11/4
Rooney Otieno vs Brian Odhiambo 8/11

Winner: Emmanuel Otieno
Runner up: Brian Odhiambo

U-8 Girls
Red Team
Zeituni Leeney vs Condoleezza Atieno 11/8

Winner: Zeituni Leeney

Yellow Team
Stella Achieng vs Cynthia Atieno 8/11
Catherine Ambutu vs Stella Achieng 5/11
Stella Achieng vs Fatuma Katunge 11/9
Catherine Ambutu vs Cynthia Atieno 8/11
Catherine Ambutu vs Fatuma Katunge 3/11
Fatuma Katunge vs Cynthia Atieno 9/11

Winner: Cynthia Atieno
Runner up: Stella Achieng

Green Team
Miriam Mutheu vs Elizabeth Mwende 6/11
Miriam Mutheu vs Happy Atieno 11/5
Miriam Mutheu vs Pamphy Achieng 6/11
Elizabeth Mwende vs Pamphy Achieng 10/11
Elizabeth Mwende vs Happy Atieno 8/11
Happy Atieno vs Pamphy Achieng 8/11

Winner: Pamphy Achieng
Runner up: Elizabeth Mwende

U-10 Boys
Red Team
Michael Oduor vs Ismail Abdul 11/10
Michael Oduor vs Wycliffe Otieno 5/11
Michael Oduor vs Byron Otieno 11/10
Wycliffe Otieno vs Byron Otieno 11/6
Wycliffe Otieno vs Ismail Abdul11/10
Ismail Abdul vs Byron Otieno 11/10

Winner: Wycliffe Otieno
Runner up: Byron Otieno

Green Team
Givonce Tenny vs Clinton Oduor 6/11

Winner: Clinton Oduor
Runner up: Givonce Tenny

U-10 Girls
Red Team
Phelina Vaga vs Margaret Atieno 10/11
Margaret Atieno vs Angela Alwanga 2/11
Angela Alwanga vs Phelina Vaga 11/2

Winner: Angela Alwanga
Runner up: Margaret Atieno

U-12 Boys
Red Team
Patel Ambecha vs Austine Katiech 6/11
Austine Katiech vs Samuel Olando 11/4
Samuel Olando vs Patel Ambecha 8/11
Patel Ambecha vs Van Vicker Otieno 10/11
Samuel Olando vs Van Vicker Otieno 8/11
Austine Katiech vs Van Vicker Otieno 11/9

Winner: Austine Katiech
Runner up: Van Vicker Otieno

Green Team
Maxwell Ikolomani vs Henry Otieno 11/9
Maxwell Ikolomani vs Wycliffe Odhiambo 11/5
Maxwell Ikolomani vs Eddy Ochieng 4/11
Wycliffe Odhiambo vs Eddy Ochieng 2/11
Eddy Ochieng vs Henry Otieno 11/3
Wycliffe Odhiambo vs Henry Otieno 9/11

Winner: Eddy Ochieng
Runner up: Maxwell Ikolomani

U-12 Girls
Red Team
Scovia Nafula vs Fanice Asengo 7/11
Scovia Nafula vs Diana Atieno 11/7
Scovia Nafula vs Anne Katile 11/1
Diana Atieno vs Anne Katile 11/4
Anne Katile vs Fanice Asengo 4/11
Diana Atieno vs Fanice Asengo 6/11

Winner: Fanice Asengo
Runner up: Scovia Nafula

Green Team
Maryanne Anyango Vs Rosemeline Akinyi 10/11

Winner: Rosemeline Akinyi

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all of our sponsors!

The Sadili 8- Series is a tournament for U6, U8, U10 & U12 kids (all levels), with Tennis Africa Cup ranking. It is free and open to all children, and encourages beginner-intermediate juniors to play competitions It was initiated by Tennis professional, Dr. Liz Odera.