Saturday, June 11, 2016

St. Peters school parents give their kids green light to WASH program

Thursday the 2nd, June, 2016 is the day that St. Peters Primary School pupils were introduced into WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) program by our coaches at Sadili Oval, Ms. Juliet Cherono,  Asha  Adongo and Trizah Mboya with the help of Sadili social educators.

The school administration allowed our coaches to have a session with the kids from 10 in the morning way till noon at Kibera tennis court where 42 children under 10 years of age from nursery school to class 3 were trained life skills and sporting activities including fun games. 

Some of the activities included; lawn tennis, bounce and catch and hygiene where the social educators showed the children how best to wash their hands highlighting on when and why washing of hands is important.

Sadili Oval coaches introduce tennis to St. Peters primary pupils for the first time.


“Through this we can avoid hygiene – related diseases. “Our social educator, Ms Sigilai said.

It was an interactive session in which the children were taken through our program activities before they are fully registered through taking their parents’ consent. The day turned out to be very busy for the kids since it was a new initiative in the school and most of them actively participated throughout the one-hour session full of various activities.

Mr. Kevin Ochieng during dance game with the kids at the Kibera tennis court.

 “They really had a great and wonderful time with us, they have been attentive as well both to the social educators and coaches. This is a great platform that the school through Sadili Oval has given to them,” stated Trizah.

She added that the parents should consider registering their children into the program by filling in an agreement form that the children in attendance were given to take home to their parents or guardians.

St. Peters pupils during life skill session.

When our coaches returned to the school this week to collect back the forms, they found most parents had filled in and returned the forms. Out of the 42 forms, all parents except one approved their children to join our program. The parent who did not fill in the form requested that her child is allowed into the program as she finishes the form.

It is a clear indication that the parents have given their kids the green light to a lifetime opportunity and a new experience to learn life skills that are intended to improve their life style, identify and nurture individual talents.

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