Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sadili Soccer In Oure Performance Partnership

 Johnny Johansen, Liz Odera and Bjørn Holm

Sadili Oval Sports Academy will soon be launching a new program with Danish top Performance School, Oure, which will see Sadili Soccer Academy become one of the best in the region. In the partnership, Oure will provide technical support to the academy students, providing the structure for age development. Talented soccer youth will also benefit from a specialized training regime, that can open them to interest by Premier league teams. They will also train and jointly certify soccer coaches in partnership with Malezi College.

Denmark has a very vibrant and competitive football league. Since 1983, the national football team has continuously been visible as a solidly competitive side, with the triumph in the 1992 European Championships in Sweden as its most prominent victory, beating the European champions from Netherlands in the semifinal, and the World champions from Germany in the final. They also managed to win the 1995 Confederations Cup, defeating Argentina in the final. Their best FIFA World Cup result was achieved in 1998, where they narrowly lost 3–2 in a quarter-final against Brazil.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sadili Under 14 Juniors Dominate ISK

Sadili juniors today played against International School of Kenya, in a return match at Sadili Oval Sports Academy in Langata, Nairobi, winning 12 out of 13 matches. Well done!

Frank Tayebwa v/s Alex Jenings 6/0

Ibrahim Hakimana v/s Martin Habas 6/0
Rhys Tooth v/s Elizabeth Aluoch 6/3
Charles Ochieng v/s Omar Gulam 1/6
Hoziana Kitambala v/s Aiden Michelle 6/3
Winnie Birungi v/s Gabriel Michelle 6/4
Davis Matanda v/s Anchit Jain 6/0


Hoziana Kitambala / Charles Ochieng v/s Aiden Zari/ Rhys Tooth  6/3
Belinda Awino/ Nigel Odhiambo v/s Anchit Jain/ Shab Teneja 7/6,11/8
Winnie Birungi/ Davis Matanda v/s Omar Gulam/ Gabriel Michelle 6/4
Winnie Birungi/ Aziza Manirkiza  v/s Alex Jennings/ Michael Zanda  6/2
Faith Mueni/ Sauda Akimana v/s Amar Kamis/ Aiden Michelle 7/6,7/0
Belinda Awino/ Sauda Akimana v/s Micheal Zanda/ Martin Habas 2/4