Saturday, August 10, 2013

Malezi Team Lift The National Tennis Award 2013!

Defending Champions, Malezi School, partner of Sadili Talent Training Academy, led by captain, Jamin Luvembe, once again lifted the National Schools Secondary Sports Association trophy, after trouncing
all opposition to reach the finals of the boys singles, boys doubles and girls doubles, as representative team from the Metropolitan Games. In the Boys Singles semi-finals, Henry Ayesiga 
singles, Henry beat Aberdare Player 1 in  2 sets to 0 of 4-2 4-1, then advanced to the finals where he trounced team mate Isiah Etale 4-1 4-0 to complete an undefeated run.

The Girls Doubles saw the first pair of Melissa Brown/Chizi Mutsumi down Lake Region in 2 straight sets 4-0 4-1 in the semifinals, before pushing for a quick finals against Nzoia, which they won 4-0 4-0.
The boys doubles had last year's undefeated pair JaminLuvembe/John Lutaaya, who quickly dispatched of Nakuru 4-1 4-0, and barely broke sweat to down Lake Region 4-0 4-0.

Tennis will, for the first time ever, feature in the East African Ball Games, and the players, who will be undergoing further training at Sadili Oval Sports Academy, will be pleased to represent Kenya and Malezi School there, from 22nd August to 2nd September 2013. Says their coach Dr. Liz Odera, "We will need to stay focused throughout and prepare well, so that we can perform to the best of our ability, and bring the trophy home."

As national champions for over 11 years, why not?

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