Friday, August 24, 2012

Sadili hosts African Future Stars Soccer Camp

47 selected boys and girls from various communities graduated from this year's summer Future Stars Soccer Camp, which took place at Sadili Oval Sports Academy. The camp, which was run by experienced Sadili coaches, Ladino, Florence and Karis, offered youth between 12 and 16 years with training of international standards. Individual and group performance were taken into account, including specialized training for defenders and goal keepers. The camp is the platform for the formal registration of Sadili Oval Soccer Academy as a member of Football Kenya Federation, and will finally see off a number of soccer players to leagues and abroad. A few select players will gain scholarships to attend the academy partner school, Malezi School in 2013. The names will be announced at the end of the year.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Shebani Kabura

Sadili Oval Sports Academy’s upcoming Juniors Shebani Kabura (Bdi), Josephat Garo (Ken), Olivier Kigotho (Ken) and Sada Nahimana (Bdi), will today return following a three-week stint of continental tournaments, in which they showed stellar performance, at the ITF/CAT Junior Tennis Circuit that began in Bujumbura, Burundi and concluded today in Kigali, Rwanda.

In the First leg of the Boys 14 and Under, Olivier Kigotho beat Nzeyimana Karim (Bdi) 6/0 6/1, before losing to Alosha Chikanda (Zim) 2/6 4/6 in the pre-quarters. He then beat Sullemani Omari (Tan) 6/3 6/1 and Ibrahim Sadiki (Tan) 7/5 7/6 (4) to earn an honorable 11th place, the best position of any Kenyan in the tournament. Newcomer Josephat Garo (Ken) lost his first round match to experienced Hazikimana Mupenda 3/6 4/6, before rallying to beat Reuben Njuguna Kimani (Ken) to earn 18th place out of 36.  Shebani Kabura (Bdi), beat Hakizimana Mupendwa (Bdi) 6/4 2/6 6/1, Rajabu Ntamba (Bdi) 3/6 6/4 6/4, and Shabani Kasalo (Bdi) 6/4 6/3 to reach the finals, losing to Erneste Habyambere 3/6 6/3 2/6 in a closely contested match, earning a final 2nd place out of 32 players.

Sada Nahimana
In the First leg of the Girls 14 and Under, 10 year old Sada Nahimana beat Abigael Tate-Harte (Ken) 6/1 5/7 6/0, Prudence Theuri (Ken) 6/0 6/1, and Aisha Niyonkuru (Bdi) 6/2 6/3 topping group B and qualifying for the play-offs, where she trounced Oliva Tuyisenge (Rwa) 6/0 6/0 and finally losing in the finals to take second place against 14 year old Mariam Mujawimana (Bdi) 7/5 3/6 0/6. In the 2nd Leg of the Girls 14 and Under Nahimana, once again, dispensed confidently with all opposition before losing in the finals to Mariam, and earning second place. Her final leg in Rwanda, was her biggest test, and an exhausted but determined fight ensued, with Sada beating Oliva Tuyisenge (Rwa) 6/2 6/3, Alida Bella Mugisha (Bdi) 6/4 6/3, and July Nkatha (Ken) 6/1 6/3 in the group stages, she then beat Aisha Niyonkuru (Bdi) 6/0 3/6 6/1 in the semis, then lost, once again in the finals, to Mariam Mujawimana (Bdi) 3/6 3/6 to earn an overall second place in the tournament.

Olivier Kigotho
In the 2nd leg of the Boys 14 and Under, Olivier Kigotho dispensed with Billy Nkingi (Bdi) 61/ 6/2 to prepare for a marathon match against his team mate and second seeded Shebani Kabura, losing closely 6/7 (4) 1/6. He then rallied to beat Kimani (Ken) 6/0 6/4, before losing to Hakizimana Mupenda 4/6 2/6 to take 14th place out of 32 players. He later improved in confidence on the hot clay courts on Rwanda during the third and final leg, earning tenth place after beating Jonathan Giru Mugisha 6/1 6/2 and Sadick Ibrahim Shabani (Tan) 6/1 3/6 10/6. His team mate, Josephat Garo, also fought hard and long but was unable to dispense with Hakizimana, losing in three close sets 6/4 6/7 (4) 5/7, finally beating Abdoul Nzeyimana (Bdi) 6/0 6/0 to take position 21 out of 32 in the second tournament in Burundi. In Rwanda, Garo improved to 19th place. Shebani beat Alosha Chikanda (Zim) 6/4 6/3 in the quarters, losing closely to Shebani Kasalo (Bdi) 5/7 6/4 6/7 (2) in a well-fought semi-finals. He then beat Nicodemus Mallya (Tan) 6/3 6/1 to earn third place overall. He struck out in the final tournament in Rwanda to determined to improve his scores, dispensing with Tanzanians Sadick Ibrahim and Emmanuel Mallya 6/62 and 6/3 6/1, respectively, only to meet a retiring Shabani Kasalo in the semis, and walking into a tough final against Saidi Nkurunzinza 4/6 6/4 4/6 to take second place, and earn a big chance to the Masters Tournament scheduled for later this year.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surprise Wins At East Africa Junior Tennis Open

2012 National Schools Doubles Champion, Jamin Luvembe (Kenya) today defeated Amadi Kagoma (Burundi) 6/4 6/3 in at outstanding display of swift returns and amazing angles, breaking the Burundian's long reign to become the reigning Champion, at the annual East Africa Junior Tennis Open held at Sadili Oval Sports Academy in Langata, Nairobi. Henry Ayesiga came third after beating Richard Ooko 6.2. In the girls Under 18s, 15 year old Chizi Mutsumi (Kenya) beat Lorna Bhwenjje (Kenya) 6/1 6/4 to lift the crown. The girls Under 16 saw Chizi once again grab the trophy, after beating Melissa Brown (Tanzania) 6/3 6/2. Antonia Szapary (Austria) was third. In the Boys 16s, Henry Ayesiga (Uganda) played a long and difficult match against Robert Kasombo (Kenya), slipping through 4-6 6-2 12-10 too finals, where he beat John Lutaaya (Uganda) 6/2 6/1. Amon Muinde was third. Fourth seed Shivam Shah made short work of his opponents Byron Omondi (Kenya) 6/1 6/0, upset 2nd seed Wycliffe Okenye (Kenya) 6/2 6/4, and beat top seed Ronex Otieno (Kenya) 6/1 6/2 to take the Boys Under 14s. Wycliffe Okenye was third. The girls Under 12s was an exciting array for matches in a 16-draw that saw Alissa Thakker meet Tatiana Szapary (Austria) in the finals, winning 4/1 4/0. Little known Elizabeth Aluoch was third, after beating favourite Prisha Shah 5-3. The Boys 10s discovered new talent, with Kael Shah winning all matches, and closely followed by Hilary Atsango who lost to him 4-11 in their final. Ian Okungu was third.

The four-day event which attracted 74 entries, displayed major talent from some of the best children from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, UK and Austria. The Kenya Lawn Tennis Association (KLTA) Chairman, Mrs. Paurvi Rawal, was on hand to give prizes at the closing event and encouraged players to continue to play tournaments, confirming that this tournament will receive recognition and ranking by the association. Th tournament concludes this year's East Africa Safari Junior Tennis Camp, which was sponsored by Sadili val's partners, who included Tamarind Group, Sarova Group, Millfield School, and Virgin Atlantic, amongst others.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anne Guerrant World No. 11 Volunteers at Sadili

Former World Number 11 Anne Guerrant, was in Kenya recently on official duty for her Foundation that funds low income generating households, and took time to run a tennis clinic at Sadili Oval, also donating tennis equipment to Sadili's Kibera Programme. Anne was impressed by the work that the centre does in developing youth, and promised to etur again in the near future.



Kael Shah bt Hillary Atsango 11/4
Kael Shah  bt Ian Okungu 11/1
Kael Shah  bt Peter Kiama 11/2
Kael Shah  bt Evans Juma 11/0
Hillary Atsango bt Ian Okungu 11/4
Hillary Atsango bt Peter Kiama 11/9
Hillary Atsango bt Evans Juma 11/3
Ian Okungu bt Peter Kiama 11/10
Ian Okungu bt Evans Juma 11/4
Peter Kiama  bt Evans Juma 11/4

Winne:Kael Shah
Runner up: Hillary Atsango

Alice Ayoma bt Sharon Anyango 11/3
Alice Ayoma bt Faith Mueni 11/3
Prisha Shah bt Faith Mueni 11/3
Prisha Shah bt Alice Ayoma 11/7
Faith Mueni bt Sharon Anyango 11/4
Prrsha Shah bt Sharon Anyango 11/0

Winner: Prisha Shah
Runner up: Alice Ayoma

Keean Shah v/s Kevin Kageche 4/0,4/0
Keean Shah v/s Antony Owita 4/0,5/4(4)
Keean Shah v/s Davis Matanda 6/4,4/0
Keean Shah v/s Kael Shah 4/2, 0/4,10/6
Kevin Gageche v/s Antony Owita 3/5,0/4
Kevin Gageche v/s Davis Matanda(Not yet)
Kevin Gageche v/s Kael Shah ¼,0/4
Antony Owita v/s Davis Matanda(Not yet)
Antony Owita v/s Kael Shah 4/2,5/3
Davis Matanda v/s Kael Shah 4/0,5/4(2)

Quarter Finals
Tatiana Szapary v/s Cassia Seth-smith 4/0,4/0
Elizabeth Sheila v/s Elizabeth Aluoch 4/0,4/0
Alissa Thakker v/s Mary Sophie 4/0,4/0
Prisha Shah v/s Michelle Wambui 4/0,4/2

Semi Finals
Tatiana Szapary v/s Elizabeth Aluoch 4/3,4/1
Alissa Thakker v/s Prisha Shah 4/0,4/0
Elizabeth Aluoch v/s Prisha Shah(Not yet)

Tatiana Szapary v/s Alissa Thakker (Not yet)

Quarter Finals
Ronex Otieno v/s Charles Ochieng 6/0,6/1
Sebastian Szapary v/s Sylvester Juma 2/6,1/6
Shivan Shah v/s Byron Omondi 6/1,6/0
David Mukhwana v/s Wycliffe Okenye 2/6,4/6

Semi Finals
Ronex Otieno v/s Sylvester Juma (Not yet)
Wcliffe Okenye v/s Shivan Shah (Not yet)

Quarter Finals
Ayesiga Henry v/s David Mukwana 6/4,7/5
Ronex Otieno v/s Robert Kasombo 0/6,6/7(1)
Amon Muinde v/s Wycliffe Okenye 6/0,6/3
Shivan Shah v/s John Lutaaya 3/6,5/7

Semi Finals
Henry Ayesiga v/s Robert Kasombo (Not yet)
Amon Muinde v/s John Lutaaya(Not yet)

GSU-16 Round Robin
Chizi Mutsumi v/s Melisa Brown (Not yet)
Chizi Mutsumi v/s Antonia Szapary 6/4,6/1
Melisa Brown v/s Antonia Szapary (Not yet)

Quarter Finals
Amadi Kagoma v/s Sebastian Szapary 6/0,6/2
Amon Muinde v/s Henry Ayesiga 4/6,7/6,10/12
Richard Ooko v/s John Lutaaya 4/6,6/0,15/13
Robert Kasombo v/s Jamin Luvembe 1/6,3/6

Semi Finals
Richard Ooko v/s Jamin Luvembe (Not yet)
Amadi Kagoma v/s Henry Ayesiga (Not yet)

Melisa Brown v/s Lorna Bhwenje 3/6,6/7(4)
Melisa Brown v/s Chizi Mutsumi (Not yet)
Melisa Brown v/s Evelyn Ngoli (Not yet)
Lorna Bhwenje v/s Chizi Mutsumi (Not yet)
Lorna Bhwenje v/s Evelyn Ngoli (Not yet)
Chizi Mutsumi v/s Evelyn Ngoli 6/2,6/0



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Malezi Top National Secondary School Games!!

Yasin & Henry
Yasin Lila once again dominated in the national leaving an undefeated mark for Malezi School this year. The finals that were held yesterday in Mombasa ended in a short but furious defeat of Emmanuel Orwa from Rift Valley. Yasin who was representing Nairobi province met fellow teammate Henry Ayesiga in the semifinals after what he describes as a disappointing loss for him in the group category to Emmanuel Orwa (4-1). His loss meant that would have to battle it out with Yasin in the Semi-finals rather than the finals. Henry came in an honorable 3rd. But all is not lost as Nairobi (and Malezi School) maintains its name as the defending champions for almost a decade until next year. There was no love lost between both competitors having played against each other the year before. Malezi boys remains undefeated for the 9th year running, as Jamin Luvembe partnered with John Lutaaya, dropping only 6 games in total trounce Central, North Eastern and Eastern Provinces in the group stages, setting up a finals against Western to win 6-0 6-2.
This year for the first time since the program was started 2 years ago the table tennis players made to the Nationals after heartbreaking loss at the provincials last year, ending the hopes and dreams of the last years team. 

Tennis Results
Nairobi boys Singles 1 - Yasin Shabani
1. 4-0 vs central 22. 4-0 vs coast 13. 4-0 vs nyanza 14. 4-1 vs eastern 15. 4-0 vs rift valley 26. 4-0 vs north eastern 17. 4-0 vs western 2 semi finals- 6-2 vs nairobi 2 finals- 6-0,6-0 vs central 1
Nairobi Boys Singles 2  - Henry Ayesiga 

1.  2-4 vs central 12. 4-0 vs coast 23. 4-0 vs nyanza 24. 4-0 vs eastern 25. 4-0 vs rift valley 16. 4-0 vs north eastern 27. 4-0 vs western 1semi finals- 2-6 vs nairobi 3rd place 6-2 vs central 2
Nairobi Boys Doubles - Jamin Luvembe/John Lutaaya

1. 4-0 vs central 
2. 4-1 vs north eastern
3. 4-0 vs eatern
semi final- 6-3 vs western
finals- 6-0, 6-2 Central

Julie Simkins At Safari Junior Tennis Camp

Julie Simkins, Tennis Professional is in Kenya, for the East Africa Safari Junior Tennis Camp, courtesy of Virgin Atlantic Airways, Sarova Group and Tamarind Group and powered by Dartfish. The camp, which has attracted 67 talented boys and girls from various communities, for three days, ending on Thursday, and will be followed by the East Africa Junior Open.

 Julie has been coaching at Millfield for fourteen years and in that time there have been many highlights. Most notably, coaching 2 national champions, winning several national schools age group titles and representing Great Britain at the World Student Games in 2007, as women's team coach. She is a former World ranked player in both singles and doubles (1995-96) and have won 2 conference titles whilst representing Arkansas State and Northeast Louisiana Universities. She now competes in veterans competitions and have had the privilege of representing my country (Great Britain) in the over 35's World Team Championships in 2009. 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Millfield Coaches Introduce Rugby

Safari Rugby Camp came light when Paul Reed arrived on the 13th August and took to the pitch for an exciting week of introducing rugby to young children from Sadili's programs. Paul to trains the extraordinarily successful U15 rugby teams at Millfield School, UK, quickly got onto Sadili Oval Sports Academy's pitch and introduced rugby to a group of Under 12 boys for the first time, and within one day, got them really keen and excited to play. He was joined by Millfield School's Sports Director, Dr. Graeme Maw. 
Both coaches are in Kenya as part of a partnership with Sadili Oval to develop sports, in partnership with Virgin Atlantic, Embassy of France, Tamarind, and Sarova Hotels Group, amongst others. Special mention must be made of the Embassy of France for supporting the start of a rugby school at Sadili, from which the program began.

Paul played rugby for Saracens, Cambridge University, England Students and Hong Kong. He has coached Cranleigh school 1st XV and 7's sides and Surrey county U15's -U18's but now focuses on developing U15 rugby players at Millfield and teaching Accounting and Economics. 

Graeme is Sports Director at Millfield School. Graeme attained Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in sports science, physiology and management. He progressed to positions of performance manager or director with Queensland Swimming, British Triathlon and the Welsh Rugby Union, playing leading roles at multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games along the way, and leading British Triathlon to the forefront of the world.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Smashers Challenge Cup Ends On A High Note

Amadi Kagoma
The 3rd edition of the annual Safari Junior Tennis Camp concluded run by Sadili Oval at Karen Country Club, with Amadi Kagoma (Bur) beating Barakamfitiye Yusuf (Bur) in a closely contested final, 6-3 3-6 11-9, in the Boys 18s and Melissa Brown downing Chizi Mutsumi 6-3 6-7(4) 1—6 to lift the Girls Under 18s.
Gemma Gauntlett beat Alice Ayoma 6/3, while Emma Trent cleared Sheila Elizabeth our of the way 6/1 to set up a finalin which Gaunlett won 6-1 to take the girls Under 12 title.
In the boys under 14, favourite Sneha Kotecha beat Wycliffe Okenye 6-2 6-2 in the group stages before losing to Sylvester Juma 0-6 0-6 in the semis. Ronex Otieno was made to work and only just slipped through in his semi-final match against Wycliff Okenye, 6-2 2-6 10-8, then again meeting tough challenge in the finals, to beat Sylvester Juma 6-7(3) 6-6 10-8. The round robin tournament, which is a warm-up for the East Africa Junior Open, was well attended, with a total of 37 players between 12 and 18 years.

Other results were as follows:
BS 12  Round Robin
Rishi Patel
Antony Owiti- Davis Matanda                                           6-4 ;
Davis Matanda - Nigel Odhiambo                                     6-3 ;
Antony Owiti - Nigel Odhiambo                                        7-6(4) ;
Davis Matanda - Kageche Kevin                                       6-1 ;
Antony Owiti -Kageche Kevin                                           6-1 ;
Nigel Odhiambo - Kageche Kevin                                     6-1 ;
            GS 12 - Group A Round Robin
Gauntlett Gemma  - Baraka Riziki                                      6-1 ;
Gauntlett Gemma - Sheila Elizabeth                                    6-0 ;                                                                   
Sheila Elizabeth - Baraka Riziki                                          6-1 ;
Trent Emma - Ayoma Alice                                               6-1 ;
Trent Emma - Trent Kayle                                                 6-2 ;
Ayoma Alice - Trent Kayle                                                6-1 ;
Gauntlett Gemma - Ayoma Alice                                      6-3 ;
Trent Emma - Sheila Elizabeth                                          6-1 ;
Gauntlett Gemma - Trent Emma                                       6-1 ;

Friday, August 10, 2012

Making The African Stars Part I: Basketball and Tennis Talent Tell Their Story

A few of the players share their stories, hopes and dreams for the future!! Some of them have graduated and made it, while others continue to work towards their goals.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Virgin to Jet In Top Coaches For East Africa’s Top Junior Events

Virgin Atlantic Airways, will be jetting in 3 top coaches on Monday 13th August to provide expertise at a one week training camp in partnership with Sadili Oval. Millfield School the top UK sports school will be bringing in three professional coaches, who will be working with local talent in tennis, fitness and rugby, in what will be one of the best sports camps in the region. In addition Kenya's own International Basketball Proessional Coach, Ronnie Owino, will be heading an excellent local team in running a top performance basketball camp. The camps, which run at Sadili Oval and in Kibera, is expected to bring in about 100 youth aged between 8 and 18 years and will run from 11th to the 19th August 2012. Scholarships have been granted to children from around the region. Other sponsors include Sarova Group, Carnivore, Professional Tennis Registry and Dartfish.
Meet the Coaches:
Julie Simkins, Tennis Professional
Julie has been coaching at Millfield for fourteen years and in that time there have been many highlights. Most notably, coaching 2 national champions, winning several national schools age group titles and representing Great Britain at the World Student Games in 2007, as women's team coach. She is a former World ranked player in both singles and doubles (1995-96) and have won 2 conference titles whilst representing Arkansas State and Northeast Louisiana Universities. She now competes in veterans competitions and has had the privilege of representing  Great Britain in the over 35's World Team Championships in 2009. We came fourth.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Why Serena Williams Visited Sadili

See why Sadili is so important to African Tennis!!

Safari Junior Tennis Camp Kicks off!!!

On Monday 6 2012 The Safari Junior Tennis Camp kicked off once again. It is the largest tennis camp in east and central Africa having hosted many children of different ages from 6 to 18 years. The camp is held at Sadili Oval Sports Club and has been going on for the last twelve years and has had many famous coaches come to volunteer including Paul Holbach former coach to Lindsay Davenport, William Murray former coach to the Williams Sisters, Former Cornell University Coach David Geatz, Dan James USTA national wheelchair tennis manager and many others.
Fabrizio Caldarone
Ann Guerrant 

This years expected top  players are; Fabrizio Caldarone and former world number 11 Ann Guerrant who has played against and beat players like Billie Jean King and Maria Navratilova. Mr. Caldarone has worked with famous players like Maria Sharapova, Ivan Ljubicic, David Ferrer, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Albert Costa, Guillermo Coria, Patrick Rafter, Nicolas Kiefer, Olivier Rochus, Dudi Sela, Davide Sanguinetti, Maria Sharapova,  and Nadia Petrova among others.

Mr. Caldarone is expected to jet in at 1220 on the 7th August, and will spend the first week of the camp working with Kenya’s own, Dr. Liz Odera and her team, on developing young local and regional talent

The East Africa Safari Junior Tennis Camp remains the regions premier platform for showcasing 80 of the region’s talent, and will, this year, have representation from Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi. The Camp, sponsored by Virgin Atlantic, Carnivore, Professional Tennis Registry, Dartfish and Head, amongst others  and shall include the following activities:

6 – 10 August 2012: Camp 1 at Sadili Oval Sports Academy
11 – 12 August 2012: Smashers Challenge Tournament at Karen Country Club
13 – 17 August 2012: Camp 2 at Sadili Oval Sports Academy
15 – 17 August 2012: East Africa Junior Tennis Tournament at Sadili Oval Sports Academy  

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interviewing Kenya Team Olivier Kigotho

14 year old Olivier Kigotho has made the national team, barely one year after joining Sadili Talent Training Academy in Langata, Nairobi. Olivier will be representing Kenya at the ITF/CAT U14 Circuit in Burundi and Rwanda from the 6th - 17th August 2012. I caught up with Olivier at Sadili as he stepped off the court following a tough evening training session. For a boy so young, he exuded quiet confidence and smiled a lot, so I was able to plunge quickly into my interview:

J - Why did you switch from playing basketball to playing tennis competitively?
O – Well I had initially played tennis and then started playing basketball because it was closer to home, while I was in school in the USA. Then when I came back to Kenya, I started playing tennis again, because I liked it better.

J - How does it feel to be playing for the national team?
O – It feels really good, like my hard work is playing off.

J - When you started playing tennis again was it your goal to be on the National Team?
O - Not exactly but I didn’t think that I would be on the national team so quickly.

J - Do you have any short or long term goals for tennis?
O- For the short term I want to play well for the national team, and get into my academy team too (which is actually quite hard) and just keep playing well. And long term, I guess, get a tennis scholarship for a college.

J - in the USA? Europe?
O- I'm not really sure, still thinking about it! (smile)

J- Is there any area that you feel you improved on the last year? Or things you would like to see improve?
O - Im not really sure... (shrug)

J- So your are going to Burundi and Rwanda, how do you feel about competing there?
O - Quite nervous, actually
J - About anything in particular or just in general?
O - In general, but I also know most of the players, and its going to be tough.
J - Do you have any particular goals for these competitions? Winning the whole thing? Making it to quarters?
O - Not really just play my best I guess....I just want to stay focused on that, so I train hard

J-  What does it feel like being able to travel to other countries doing something you love?
O – It feels good! I have been exposed to different kinds of places and players. I think its the most important part. I have learned a lot.
J- Which are some of the countries you have played tennis competitions in since you joined Sadili?
O - the UK, Uganda, Burundi, Rawanda, and, well Kenya...
J- Is there a country that you would love to visit for a competition?
O- Yes! Spain, I've heard it has good players and its very nice place! (laugh)