Saturday, May 26, 2012

Malezi Attend French Rugby Tournament

On Saturday 26th of May 2012,the Malezi School and Rugby Academy were invited at the ASTERIX n OBELIX 7s tournament that was held at Jamhuri park's main arena which also doubles up as the home ground of Nondescript Rugby Club.
We arrived at the venue at 9 and had 45min of registration of the team and rules and regulations of the tournament since it was a unique type of game.the rules and regulations of the game are attached.
We were pooled against Rift Valley Academy, the red buffaloes, Gaulous and The Romans
                       Red buffaloes 1-0 Malezi
                       RVA              2-0 Malezi
                       Gaulous          2-1 Malezi
                       Romans          1-4 Malezi

With 1 win and a point difference of -1at the pool stage we finished the pool as the 3rd team and therefore out of 5 teams,we qualified for the plate semifinals against Bquinz.After 2 halves of 14min, Bqinz won the match 2-1 and went ahead to win the plate final against The French School

   CUP FINAL        RVA 2-4Gaulorus

   PLATE FINALE  Bqinz 5-4 the French School

   SHIELD FINAL  Romans 5-1 the French School (ii) 


The are that the boys are really getting to understand the the game better and better and all they need is more exposure to such tournaments and we shall definitely be a force to recon with.
On behalf of the team I want to give thanks for the opportunity an pleasure to were the Malezi jersey.

Youth Coach Davie

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Virgin Tour is a Success

2012 Emerging Players: Zack Okong'o Basil (Cptn), Henry Ayesiga, Ignatius Ouma, Olivier Kigotho, Chizi Mutsumi, Shebani Kabura, Annie Lord, Emily Stonewigg and Sascha Taylor

Sadili Oval Tennis Academy select team has jetted back to Nairobi from a successful Emerging Players Virgin Atlantic UK Tour 2012,touring Somerset in England. The team, comprising of tennis and basketball players, received intense technical and tactical training and match play with Millfield and Taunton. Basketball saw two players, Zack Okong’o Basil and Ignatius Ouma, Captain and team member, respectively, of Malezi School basketball team, first time semi-finalists at the Nairobi Provincial playoffs in March this year. This year, a young ladies formed part of the emerging players team: Chizi Mutsumi (15 years, Malezi School), Emily Stonewigg (13 years, Banda School), Sasha Taylor (12 years, Banda School) and recent ITF/CAT tournament semi-finalist, Annie Lord (12 years, Banda), who received first time experience on tour to prepare them for coming tournaments through tough practice matches against more experienced and well-heeled Millfield Tennis Academy Girls Team, who are ranked third in UK.

Malezi Boys Second Team won their meet against Millfield School with a trouncing of Millfield School Second Team under grey skies in Somerset. Third singles, Olivier Kigotho, beat C. Martin 6/0 7/6 (4) in a power game that lasted only 38 minutes, while Shebani Kabura and Henry Ayesiga were pushed to play their best, winning against 2nd singles Ross Price and 3rd singles Giles, 6/4 7/5 and 7/5 4/6 (8), to grab all three matches within 2 hours of play.  Malezi also won both doubles matches, winning 6/2 and 6/0.

The Emerging Players UK Tour, a partnership between Virgin Atlantic and Sadili Oval, enteres its 4th year and offers special training and matchplay exposure opportunity to young talented players from Malezi School to play at some of UK's top tennis schools. Malezi School has been reigning champion in tennis in the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association Ball Games for the last 12 years. Millfield School, who hosted the players this tour, is amongst the top three tennis schools in the UK. "With these results, we are hoping to be considered for the senior team that will play for Malezi School at the next ball games", says Henry.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top Seed Downed As Kenyan Proceeds To Semis

Alosha Chikanda
Top seed Mariam Mujawimana (Burundi) today stumbled, losing her lead to unseeded Kenyan Cherryl Fuasso 4/6 6/1 2/6 today, at Sadili Oval's Court 1, opening the quarter to an exciting Kenya-Mauritius semi-final match tomorrow between Cherryl and Chan Tam Neng Mael in the Girls Under 14s, at the 2nd leg of the ITF/CAT East Africa tournament, Cherryl becomes the first Kenyan to reach a semi-finals in the tournament, 1st leg runner-up, Rotimi Adetunji (Congo B), has reached the semi-finals, and awaits the result of a tough quarterfinal battle between unseeded Tonia Kubai (Kenya) and 1st leg winner, Amelie Boy (Mauritius),

In the Boys Under 14s, seeds continued as expected, with Burundi taking three out of the 4 semi-final spots. Second seed and 1st leg champion, Shebani Kabura, easily dipatched of Chikanda Alosha (Zimbabwe) 6/1 6/4; 3rd seed Shabani Kassalo and first seed Saidi Nkurunziza were pushed, but did not collapse, winning against Jules Ndimwami (Rwanda) 7/5 6/2 and Ntaba Rajabu (Burundi) 6/3 6/4, respectively. Talented 4th seed Erneste Habyambere (Rwanda) took the final semi-final berth, winning in a tough encounter against favoured Dean Dulthummon (Mauritius) 6/1 6/7 (6) 7/6 (1).

In the boys Under 12, Damien Laporte (Seychelles) made short work of Ryan Randiek 6/1 6/1, setting up an interesting semi-final match against Dennis Moses (Zimbabwe), who won easily against Albert Njogu (Kenya) 6/1 6/0, Second seed Albert Mugisha (Burundi) also made short work of Shaun Andriamaro (Seychelles) 6/0 6/0 to reach the semi-finals, awaiting the results of the quarterfinal match between Kenyans Keean Shah and Geoffrey Ogega.

The Girls under 12s, have seeds unbeaten, with top seed Aisha Niyonkuru (Burundi) dispatching with Esther Wahome (Kenya) 6/1 6/2, and 2nd seed Tayo Adetunji (Congo B) sweeping away 4th seed Mwamini Bitungwa (Burundi) 6/0 6/0, to set up yet another exciting finals. tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kenyans Tennis Proceed To Second Round in Girls Under 14 at Sadili Oval

Tonia Kubai
Two Kenyan girls, Cherryl Fuasso and Tonia Kubai succeeded in fighting their way to the second round of the ITF/CAT Under 14 Girls singles being held at Sadili Oval Sports Club in Langata, today. Cherryl beat Zara Lennon (Mauritius) 6/3 6/3, while Tonia Kubai over-powered Sada Nahimana 7/6 (4) 6/4. In the boys Under 14s, the seeded players continued to win as expected, with top seed Saidi Nkurunziza (Burundi) beating Nicodemus Mallya (Tanzania) 6/4 7/5, second seeded Shebani Kabura troucing Shivam Shah (Kenya) 6/1 6/3, third seed Shabani Kassalo (Burundi) beating Frank Menard (Tanzania) 6/2 6/3 and Erneste Habyambere (Rwanda) winning against Mohamed Omar (6/3 6/2).

 The girls singles under 12 has reached the semi-final stage, with top seed Aisha Niyonkrur (Burundi) beating Kenya's Esther Wahome 6/1 6/2, while Tayo Adetunji (Congo B), over-powered Natalya Mburu (Kenya) 6/0 6/0 to set up a match against Bitugwa Mwamini (Burundi) who beat Faith Nyabera (Kenya) in the quarters 6/1 6/2, The fourth semi-final olace has been taken by Takalami Molaoa (South Africa), after beating Waruguru Kabuta (Kenya) 6/3 6/2 in the quarters today.
In the boys Under 12, top seed Damien Laporte (Sechelles) and seond seed Jonathan Mugisha (Burundi) comfortably won over Cliff Otieno (Kenya) 6/0 6/1 and Ben Stonewigg (Kenya) 6/0 6/0, respectively.

Play continues tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Leg of ITF/CAT Regional Tennis Tournament Ends Successfully At Sadili


Shebani Kabura today grabbed the boys under 14 title from team mate Saidi Nkurunziza 6/1 6/3, in the finals of the first leg of the International Tennis Federation/Confederation of Africa Tennis ranked 14 and 12 and Under Tournament, currently being held at Sadili Oval Sports Academy in Langata, Nairobi, under auspices of the Kenya Lawn Tennis Association. Shebani, who has been a student of Malezi School and trains at Sadili Oval for the last 5 years, also partnered with Saidi to reach an all-Burundi Boys Under 14 final, where they lost narrowly in a tie break to Omari Mohammed and Shabani Kassalo 4/1 04 (9). Saidi had to fight past Kenyan Sheil Kotecha 7/5 2/6 7/5 in a closely contested quarterfinal, and team mate Shabani Kassalo (Burundi) 1/6 6/4 6/3 in the semi-finals to qualify for the final berth, while Shebani Kabura eased past Egill Sirgudsson (Iceland) 6/1 6/1 in the quarters, before meeting 6th seed Ernest Habiyambere (Rwanda and ITF Center Burundi), playing a tough semi-final match, where he floundered after a quick first set, eventually rallying to win 6/3 0/6 6/4.
Seychelles became the team to watch in the Boys Under 12 taking all top places. New sensation and newcomer, 10 year old Laporte Damien (Seychelles) thunder his way past all opposition to lift the Boys Under 12 category. Damien beat Geoffrey Ogega (Kenya) 6/0 6/4, and Emile Teja (Kenya) 7/5 6/3 to meet 1st seed Jonathan Mugisha (Burundi), beating him 6/4 6/3 in the final. Damien partnered with Sahun Adriamaro to give Seychelles the boys under 12 doubles , gold medal when they beat Emile Teja/Jonathan Mugisha 5/4 (5) 3/5 (3). In the Girls Under 12 final, Sneha Kotecha beat Aisha Niyonkuru 4/6 6/2 6/2 to give the first gold medal. Sneha then partnered with Aisha to take the girls doubles 5/4 (1) 4/0 against Saada Nahimana and Bitungwa Mwamini. The most unexpected development was when unseeded Annie Lord (Kenya) upset 4th seed Prudence Theuri (Kenya) 6/1 6/4 and Natalia Mburu (Kenya) 6/0 6/2 to reach the semifinals. The girls Under 14 singles had many more surprises, with seeds tumbling, including top seed Mariam Mujawimana (ITF Centre Burundi) who fell to third seed Amelie Boy (Mauritius) 3/6 3/6 in the semi-finals, and Adetunji Rotimi (Congo), who brought down second seed Chan Tam Neng Maelyn (Mauritius) 6/4 7/5 in the second semi-finals, setting up an exciting finals that saw Amelie take the Gold Medal 4/6 6/2 6/4 for Mauritius. Neng/Amelie also won the girls Under 14 finals beat Tonia Kubai/Cherryl Fuasso (Kenya) 4/1 4/5 (2). Kubai/Fuasso casued a major upset when they downed top seeds Mariam Mujawimana/Abigael Tate-Harte (ITF Centre) 4/2 5/3.
The second tournament also runs at Sadili Oval and is expected to end on Saturday 5th May 2012. A total of 114 participants from 9 countries are represented at the event and include Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, ITF East Africa Centre, Rwanda, Congo, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Republic of South Africa. Other entries who are also residents on Kenya include UK, Iceland and Ireland. Participants earn crucial CAT points and ranking.
So Far the Top Ten Rankings From The First Leg Are As Follows:
Boys Under 14: 1. Shebani Kabura (BUR) 2. Sadili Nkurunziza (BUR) 3. Shabani Kassalo (BUR) 4. Erneste Nabyambere (BUR) 5. Alosha Chikanda (ZIM) 6. Kassalo Omar (BDI) 7. Egil Sirgudsson (ICE) 8. Sheil Kotecha (KEN) 9. Jules Ndimwami (BUR) 10. Dean Dulthummon (MRI)
Girls Under 14: 1. Amelie Boy (MRI) 2. Adetunji Rotimi (Congo B) 3. Mariam Mujawimana (BUR) 4. Saada Nahimana (BDI) 5. Zara Lennon (MRI) 6. Cherryl Fuasso (KEN) 7. Chan Tam Neng Maelyn (MRI) 8. Sascha Taylor (KEN) 9. Abigail Tate Harte (KEN) 10. Tonia Kubai (KEN)
Boys Under 12: 1. Laporte Damien (SEY) 2. Jonathan Mugisha (BUR) 3. Keean Shah (KEN) 4. Emile Teja (KEN) 5. Geoffrey Ogega (KEN) 6. Ryan Randiek (KEN) 7. Jairus Olwanga (KEN) 8. Arjun Popat (KEN) 9. Shaun Andriamano (SEY) 10. David Matanda (KEN).
Girls Under 12: 1. Sneha Kotecha (KEN) 2. Aisha Niyonkuru (BUR) 3. Tayo Adetunji (CONGO B) 4. Annie Lord (KEN) 5. Esther Wahome (KEN) 6. Natalya Mburu 7. Tatiana Szapary (KEN) 8. Bianca Oyoo (KEN) 9. Takalani Moloao (RSA) 10. Alice Mbithe (KEN)