Monday, October 24, 2011

22 October 2011 RVA Meet Sadili "C" Strike Team

Rift Valley Academy was once again, hosted at Sadili Oval Sports Academy on Saturday 22nd October, a fresh crisp morning, with the courts bsuy with eager boys and one girl (Kira) getting ready for both singles and doubles. This time round Sadili fielded their C team, which is composed of upcoming Under  11, 12 and 13 year old talented boys from the Kibera slums. The teams were well-matched, though Sadili had the edge, just barely taking a couple of matches more than RVA, while dominating the singles.

 Results were as follows:
Wycliffe/Ronex (Sadili) vs. Andrew/Jitton 2/4
 Byron/Victor (Sadili) vs. James Hamut (RVA) 4/2
Davis/Antony (Sadili) vs. Ryan/Andrew (RVA) 1/4
David/Sylvester (Sadili) vs. Mathew/Sky (RVA) 4/3
Wycliffe/Ronex (Sadili) vs. Luke/James (RVA) 4/3
Ronex/Antony (Sadili) vs. Mathew/Ryan (RVA) 4/2
Victor/Wycliffe (sadili) vs. Hamut/James (RVA) 4/0

Ateka (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/3
Ronex (Sadili ) vs. Luke (RVA) 4/2
David (Sadili) vs. Luke (RVA) 4/0
Sylvester (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/2
Victor (Sadili) vs. Jihoon (RVA) 4/3
Byron (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/2

Overal Wins: Sadili 11 RVA 2

Congratulations to both teams for the hard work and for staying positive and supportive all morning!

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