Monday, October 24, 2011

23 Oct 2011 Kigotho, Kinyanjui Show Their Talent

Frank Kinyanjui

Frank Kinyanjui, showed signs of things to come when he beat Kevin Mwangi 2/4, 4/0/ (10-8) to reach the semi-finals of the boys U16 in his first tournament in 4 years. Frank, who was busy with school, has made a come-back to tennis and joined the Sadili Talent Training Academy. His team mate and one of Kenya's fastest developing juniors, Olivier Kigotho, showed that he was not going to be cowed, also reaching the semi-finals of the Boys Under 14 after beating Dennis Moses 1/4, 5/4 (6) 11-9 and Emile Teja 4/1, 4/1, before losing in a tie-break to Petty Andanda 1/4, 4/1 (10/4). In the boys U18, Second seed Jamin Luvembe easily beat Peter Ndungu 4/0, 4/1 to reach the semi-finals, where he met and lost to surprisingly unseeded team mate, Yasin Lila 2/4, 4/1 (10-8). Yasin went on to win the category, dispensing with Allan Atole 4/1, 4/0
Yasin Lila

22 October 2011 RVA Meet Sadili "C" Strike Team

Rift Valley Academy was once again, hosted at Sadili Oval Sports Academy on Saturday 22nd October, a fresh crisp morning, with the courts bsuy with eager boys and one girl (Kira) getting ready for both singles and doubles. This time round Sadili fielded their C team, which is composed of upcoming Under  11, 12 and 13 year old talented boys from the Kibera slums. The teams were well-matched, though Sadili had the edge, just barely taking a couple of matches more than RVA, while dominating the singles.

 Results were as follows:
Wycliffe/Ronex (Sadili) vs. Andrew/Jitton 2/4
 Byron/Victor (Sadili) vs. James Hamut (RVA) 4/2
Davis/Antony (Sadili) vs. Ryan/Andrew (RVA) 1/4
David/Sylvester (Sadili) vs. Mathew/Sky (RVA) 4/3
Wycliffe/Ronex (Sadili) vs. Luke/James (RVA) 4/3
Ronex/Antony (Sadili) vs. Mathew/Ryan (RVA) 4/2
Victor/Wycliffe (sadili) vs. Hamut/James (RVA) 4/0

Ateka (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/3
Ronex (Sadili ) vs. Luke (RVA) 4/2
David (Sadili) vs. Luke (RVA) 4/0
Sylvester (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/2
Victor (Sadili) vs. Jihoon (RVA) 4/3
Byron (Sadili) vs. Kira (RVA) 4/2

Overal Wins: Sadili 11 RVA 2

Congratulations to both teams for the hard work and for staying positive and supportive all morning!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

25th September 2011 Strathmore Invitational Basketball Tournament

Venue: Strathmore University Grounds
Teams: 1. Malezi 2. Strathmore University A 3. Usiu 4. Strathmore B 5. Multimedia University 6. Kenyatta University 7. Daystar University 8. Kemu  9. Cuea 10. Kenya Polytechnic University.
Format: Two Pools A&B
                -Top Two Teams Plays In The Semis
                -Winners Of The Semis Plys In The Finals.
Results                 1. Malezi    Vs   Kenya Poly
                   17/19-36               19/14-23
                  2.Malezi    Vs    Strathmore A
                       09/07-16               21/15-36
                  3.Usiu          Vs      Malezi
                     15/10-25                06/10-16
                  4.Dayster    Vs    Malezi
                        15/09-24              14/15-29
                 5.Malezi       Vs    Kemu
                    21/14-35                 09/10-19
Strathmore And Usiu Proeded To The Finals, As The Top Two From Our Pools.

17 September 2011 Malezi Win The Sprite 3 On 3

Venue: Nyayo Stadium
Teams: 1.NIS 2.Malezi.3.Aquinas 4.Laiser B  5. Lenana A 6. Laiser A 7. Lenana B 8. Moi Forces Academy
Format: Two Pools A&B. Top Two Teams, Plays In The Semis, Winners Of Semi Plays In The Finals
Results:1. Malezi -12  Aquinas -06
             2. Laiser  B-07  Malezi  -13
             3. Lenana-A-05 Malezi-17
   Semi: Malezi-15 Nis   07
   Finals: Malezi -11  Aquinas-05
Awards: A Set Of Uniform And 3 Sprite Balls 

16 Oct 2011 Malezi and Loreto Top In Schools Event

Amadi Kagoma, Yasin Lila Shabani, Jamin Luvembe and Dennis Lutaaya overcame Malezi School “B” of Henry Ayesige, Frank Kinyanjui, Shabani Kabura and Dennis Gakuru grabbing the boys’ category while girls’ honours went to Loreto Valley Road School ‘A’ Team comprising Paige Mbugua, Nicole Wandera and Haiyat Shariff.
Dennis Lutaaya
The winning boys teams paraded experienced players who are some of the best in the region.
They include Kagoma, Ayesige, Kabura and Mbugua who are all common figures in regional tennis tournaments. Malezi School, who is trained by the top regional tennis centre, Sadili Oval Sports Academy in Nairobi, have been national KSSA champions for the last 11 years, defending it again in August 2011.
Malezi ‘A’ dominated the group stage, winning all their matches to top their pool with maximum eight points. They beat Oshwal ‘B’, Narok and Lenana with uniform 6-0 scored in first singles round and repeated the same in round two, beating the same opponents with yet another 3-0 point scores. Malezi “B’ lost only one point to top their group and make the finals. Narok Secomdary were third.
The KLTA said they are making efforts to ensure that the championships run annually and involve more schools across the country as a way to spread the sport nationally.
The KLTA officer Neil Mwombe said: "This is the only way to ensure that tennis stands to grow and spread." Participants lauded both the KLTA and Safaricom for organising the event, saying the tournament was important as it comes at a time when there is not much happening in the tennis calendar.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sneha Kotecha
The 4th Smashers Tennis Challenge ended today at Sadili Oval Sports Academy, with newcomer, 9 year old Saada Naeemah (Burundi) reaching the finals in the girls under 12, where she finally lost to Sneha Kotecha (Kenya) 1/6 . In the boys U12, Antony Owita (Kenya) lost to Davis Matanda (Kenya) 4/6 to take second place, Lusweti Kiai (Kenya) was third.
In the boys Under 16, Shabani Kabura (Burundi) beat Shiel Kotecha (Kenya) 5/6,7/6,10/4, while Henry Ayesiga (Uganda) beat John Lutaya (Uganda) in the semis  6/1,6/7,10/4 to set an exciting finals that saw Ayesiga triumph over Kabura 1/6,6/3,10/8. In the boys Under 14, Ricky  Omondi (Kenya) beat Ronex Otieno (Kenya) 6/7,6/2,10/5 in yet another tight match that had spectators glued to their seats. Olivier Kigotho was third. The boys Under 18 saw left-hander Jamin Luvembe (Kenya) play a close match against Richard Ooko (Kenya), winning 6/2,7/6,(3).  In the girls Under 16, Sneha Kotecha surprised Melissa Brown (Tanzania), 6/4, 6/2 before losing to Lorna Mbwejje (Kenya) 2/6,2/6 to take second place.
Other results were as follows:
Charles Ochieng v/s Davis Matanda 1/6
Charles Ochieng v/s  Antony Owita  1/6
Ronald Omondi v/s  Davis Matanda  1/6
Ronald Omondi  v/s Lusueti Kiai   0/6
Antony Owita  v/s Davis Matanda 4/6
Antony Owita  v/s Lusueti Kiai  3/6

Carmine Mindi v/s Sneha Kotecha 6/0
Elizabeth Owuor v/s Carmine Mindi 3/6

Ricky Omondi v/s David Mukhwana 6/3,6/4

Sneha Kotecha v/s Melisa Brown 6/4, 6/2
Sneha Kotecha v/s Lorna Mbwejje 2/6,2/6

Wycliffe Okenye v/s Frank Kinyanjui 3/6,6/4,10/6
Henry Ayesiga v/s Frank Kinyanjui 6/1,6/1
Henry Ayesiga v/s Dennis Gakuro 6/0,6/0
Sheil Kotecha v/s Robert Kasombo 6/3,6/1
Sheil Kotecha v/s John Lutaya 6/6,3/7,6/6,4/7

Jamin Luvembe v/s Richard Ooko 6/2,7/6,(3)

Shabani Kabura beat Shiel Kotecha 5/6,7/6,10/4
Henry Ayesiga beat John Lutaya 6/1,6/7,10/4

Ricky Omondi beat  Olivier Kigotho 8/10,6/3,10/5
Ronex Otieno  W/O Josephat Garo

Sneha Kotecha beat Sada Naeemah 6/1
GU14/16  RoundRobin
Lorna Bweje beat  Matseka Kithinji 6/1,6/1
Lorna Bweje beat Sada Naeemah 6/1,6/1
Sneha Kotecha beat Matseka Kithinji 6/3,6/1
Lorna Bweje beat Melisa Brown 6/1,6/3
Melisa Brown beat Matseka Kithinji 6/2,7/5
Ricky  Omondi beat Ronex Otieno 6/7,6/2,10/5

Henry Ayesiga beat Shabani Kabura 1/6,6/3,10/8
GU-12                                                             BU-12
1.Sneha Kotecha                                  1.Davis Matanda
2.Sada Naeemah                                   2.Antony Owita
3.                                                           3.Lusweti Kiai

1.Ricky Omondi
2.Ronex  Otieno                                                                   
3.Olivier Kigotho

 GU-16                                                          BU-16
1.Lorna Bweje                                             1.Henry Ayesiga
2.Sneha Kotecha                                          2.Shabani Kabura
3.Melisa Brown                                            3.Wycliffe Okenye 

1.Jamin Luvembe
2.Richard Ooko
3.Joseph Ooko