Friday, August 19, 2011

19 August 2011 Malezi Are Unstoppable at Sadili Teen Basketball Event

The Sadili Teen Tournament ended today with Malezi Boys showing why they are the upwardly mobile school team to watch in Nairobi, beating Mennonites 51-39 to lift the Under 18 Boys. Malezi defended well, with Rogers Ochieng making a couple of important steals, and, by half-time they were leading 37 to 19 points. The post-players Lino Manyuel assisted by Emmanuel Atega 15 and 12 points, respectively. Assists from Point Guards Zack Okong'o made free throws to grab 7 points, and John Madol who came off the bench to score four vital points. A disappointed Mennonites Captain, Abdi Hakim Omar, said that they accepted defeat, but hoped to revenge this game again in the near future.

The Boys Under 14 was a round robin event:
Tom Munyama vs, Sadili 30 - 29
Mennonites vs. Sadili 20 - 19. Sadili came from down at half -time 14 -9, playing from defence and making use of their post player Isiah Ater, to score 12 points for the team.
Mennonites vs. Tom Mnyama 18 - 16
Tom Munyama fought hard but lost. By half-time it was 12-5 to Mennonites. Neville Ochieng of TM made 9 points for his team, but due to time, the game ended with them trailing by 2 points, giving Mennonites a win.

Under 12s:
Mennonites vs. Tom Munyama
Mennonites won 11-2, with top scorer Liban Hussein, tying with Abdi Rahman, 4 points each for their team, while Ian Otieno of TM scores 2 points for the losing team.

Overall results:
Under 18
Winner - Malezi School
R-up: Mennonites
Under 14
Winner - Mennonites
R/UP: Sadili Juniors
Under 12
Winner - Mennonites
R-up: Tom Munyama
The tournament marked the end of a one-week youth basketball camp, at Sadili Oval Sports Academy

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